Community Engagement Approaches for Active Transportation and Equity--Integrating Health Equity into Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning in New Orleans

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Published on October 15, 2014

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Community Engagement Approaches for Active Transportation and Equity

Abstract: This workshop will include lessons learned from local initiatives of Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities and the Active Living Minnesota campaign, with a focus on how to create the partnerships necessary to foster more equitable active transportation solutions.

Presenter: Fay Gibson Active Living By Design
Co-Presenter: Jill Chamberlain Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
Co-Presenter: Naomi Doerner Bike Easy
Co-Presenter: Rosa Soto California Center for Public Health Advocacy

1. Integrating Health Equity into Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning in New Orleans Case Study: KidsWalk Coalition in New Orleans, LA Presented by, Naomi Doerner Executive Director Bike Easy New Orleans, LA ProWalk ProBike ProPlace September 10, 2014 Bike Easy @BikeEasy

2. Partnership for a safer, healthier, more accessible New Orleans The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities funded the KidsWalk Coalition from 2010 to 2014. The partnership initiative was between the Prevention Research Center at Tulane University, the City of New Orleans’ Department of Public Works, and local planning, public health and community-based organizations. Partnerships continue today.

3. 3 P Partnership

4. “To make bicycling easy, safe, and fun in Greater New Orleans.” 4 Partnership Mission “To reverse the childhood obesity epidemic in New Orleans by making walking and bicycling safe for children and families to access schools, healthy eating choices and other neighborhood destinations.”

5. Background 2003-2008: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Steps to a Healthier New Orleans •Louisiana Public Health Institute and New Orleans Health Department •Community-based chronic disease prevention programs •Most burdened people, including low-income residents and people of color 2005: Katrina and the Flood •Catastrophic damage to property and infrastructure 2005-Present: Post-Katrina Recovery •High levels of community engagement •Visioning and planning •Federal funding in-hand for rebuilding •New investments and growth 2010-Present: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities national program •$33 Million (initially); 50 communities •Largest commitment to reverse obesity by 2015 •Implement healthy eating, active living and environmental change policies

6. 6 Source: F as in Fat: How Obesity Policies are Failing in America 2009. (Trust for America’s Health and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation). Context: U.S.

7. Louisiana consistently ranks among the highest in the U.S. for the prevalence of childhood obesity. Source: F as in Fat: How Obesity Policies are Failing in America 2009. (Trust for America’s Health and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation). Context: Louisiana

8. Context: New Orleans Snapshot of Demographics •Population: 369,250 (2012 Estimates from U.S. Census Bureau) Population Percentages by Race and Ethnicity in New Orleans New Orleans Ranked 37th fittest of the U.S.’s 50 Largest Metropolitan Cities. •High Prevalence of Obesity and Chronic Disease Conditions 64% of adults are overweight or obese 34% of high school students are overweight or obese 12.3% of adults have diabetes 39% of adults have high blood pressure 4.9% of adults have heart disease Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, State and County Quickfacts. Data (2012, 2010). Retrieved from:; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey Data (2009, 2010); Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Youth Risk Behavioral Surveillance System Survey Data (2009); University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, County Health Rankings (2012); Chamnes, B. et al ACSM American Fitness Index (2012); Behan, D., et al Obesity and its relation to mortality and morbidity costs (2010).

9. Place Matters: Health Disparities or Health Inequities in New Orleans Sources: Braveman, P. (2006). Health Disparities and Health Equity: Concepts and Measurement. Annual Review of Public Health, 27, 167-194; Table Data: Orleans Parish Place Matters Team. (2012). Place Matters for Health in Orleans Parish: Ensuring Opportunities for Good Health for All. Washington, DC: Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies; Zip Code Map: Greater New Orleans Community Data Center. Published: City of New Orleans Health Department. (2013) Health Disparities in New Orleans Report. Retrieved from: “Potentially avoidable differences in health (or in health risks that policy can influence) between groups of people who are more and less advantaged socially.” 25.5 Year Life Expectancy Difference

10. Partnership Equity-based Goals Through the lens of public health and safety for equity, partnership: •Broaden and strengthen pedestrian and bicycle advocacy •Conduct assessments to define high-priority policy and environmental needs •Influence and implement city policies and programs allowing people to be active •Assist the City with on-going Complete Streets policy implementation •Provide schools with Safe Routes to School technical assistance for applications and program implementation •Co-sponsor public events to promote active living •Create pedestrian safety materials, reports and SRTS curricula

11. Share education and resources with public Create buzz via fun public events Leverage the media to advance message Partnership Process Engage Support Diverse relationships to form coalition Define mission, roles, and responsibilities Develop goals and Shared vision/agenda Provide embedded technical assistance Share best practices for walking and biking Review and draft policies Data collection and analysis Facilitate City, DPW and coalition coordination, education and training. Secure funding for projects. Ensure integration of coalition goals in agency projects and programs. Implement Advocate

12. 12 Partnership Accomplishments Strong Foundation for Health Equity •Grew a diverse partnership (over 25+ active partners) •Held quarterly meetings for 4 years •Published school area neighborhood walkability report of needs, recommendations, scores •Submitted 100+ work orders for school area improvements; 70+ have been implemented to date •Assisted with the development of the City’s Complete Streets policy (adopted in 2011) •Assisted with the development of the City’s American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan •Created pedestrian and bicycle provisions for the city’s Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (finalized in 2014) as part of the Sustainable Transportation Advisory Committee •Partnered with the City to plan and launch first-ever open streets event in 2013 •Secured Safe Routes to School funding (8 projects; $2.25 Million)

13. 13 Lessons Learned •Need for more livable streets engagement and education within the general public •Citizen engagement should be balanced with organization and institution participation •Political and staff turn-over affect work—consistent partner cultivation •Coalition and project sustainability plan are critical •Dedicated City staff is needed to sustain pedestrian and bicycle program •Procure funding for pedestrian and bicycle projects •Data collection and analysis for prioritization of improvements •Ensure Complete Streets implementation process •Develop education and community engagement process •Develop partnership with police enforcement

14. The NEW New Orleans… Photo Credit: Jennifer Ruley, LPHI Pedestrian and Bicycle Engineer. Top Left: Bicycle lane in New Orleans East; Bottom Left: New Orleans’ first Ciclovia in Oct. 2013; Right: N. Peters St. pedestrian safety improvements in the French Quarter of New Orleans, LA.

15. THANK YOU! Naomi Doerner Executive Director Bike Easy PO Box 19371 New Orleans, LA 70179 504-861-4022 Bike Easy @BikeEasy Follow us on:

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