Community College OER Showcases: Scottsdale's OER Math Program and Tacoma's Liberate Project

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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: UnaDaly



Community College OER Showcases: Scottsdale College’s OER Math Program and Tacoma College’s Liberate Project

This webinar starts at 1:00 pm (PDT), 4:00 pm (EDT) and will showcase two innovative OER projects at U.S. community colleges in Arizona and Washington State.

• Dr. Donna Gaudet, Mathematics Department Chair at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona will share the three-year odyssey of developing and adopting OER for all the math curriculum from arithmetic through pre-calculus. Results presented will include the cost savings and feedback from students on using the new materials.

• Quill West, OER Project Director, has lead the Liberate Project at Tacoma Community College in Washington since 2011 promoting OER awareness and adoption among faculty and students. The project saved students an estimated $271,000 in textbook costs in the first nine months and encourages student advocacy in OER selection and adoption.

Donna Gaudet, Scottsdale Community College, AZ Quill West, Tacoma Community College, WA Una Daly, OpenCourseWare Consortium March 12, 2014 Community College Consortium OER Innovations Panel

Welcome!! • Introduction to OER • Scottsdale’s OER Math Program • Tacoma’s Liberate Project • OCW-CCCOER Community of Practice • Q & A

What are Open Educational Resources? U.S. Dept. of Education – Teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use or repurposing by others. 3 cc-by donkyhotey/flickr adapted from Judy Baker cc-by license

What is an Open License? • Free: Free to access online, free to print • Open: Reuse, Revise, Remix, Redistribute • Creative Commons: less restrictions than standard copyright but author retains full rights.

Examples Includes – • Course materials • Lesson Plans • Modules or lessons • OpenCourseWare (OCW) • Open textbooks • Videos • Images • Tests • Software • Any other tools, materials, or techniques used to support ready access to knowledge 5adapted from Judy Baker’s ELI 2011 OER Workshop cc-by license

CCCOER Mission • Promote adoption of OER to enhance teaching and learning –Expand access to education –Support professional development –Voice for open education at community colleges. Funded by the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

240+ Colleges in 16 states & provinces

Open Educational Resources The Village Approach Scottsdale Community College Donna Gaudet

Open Educational Resources The Village Approach Scottsdale Community College Part 1 - Background

SCC Math Department - Transition to Open Educational resources  OER’s were under development for use in our hybrid and online courses  Individual faculty increased their use of OER to facilitate classroom instruction.  New technologies such as LiveScribe Pens, SoftChalk, Screencast, MathAS and many more had been utilized.  In 2011-2012, these efforts resulted in creation of a complete learning environment for our Introductory, Intermediate and College Algebra courses.  Textbook  Interactive Workbook  Online Homework Software  Concept Tutorials  Online Homework Assistance

Open Educational Resources The Village Approach Scottsdale Community College Part 2 - Components

Concept Tutorials Online HW Assistance Interactive Workbook Online Homework Software Textbook Complete Learning Environment

Links provided to students for free downloads of workbooks/textbooks

MiniLesson Support Worked solutions to all examples Answers to You Try Problems Worked solutions to Practice Problems Samples tests and lesson reviews In class activities Calculator tips Instructor Manual

Open Educational Resources The Village Approach Scottsdale Community College Part 3 - Data

Completely open source for Arithmetic through PreCalculus classes (6 classes) 42+ instructors (full time and adjunct) 65+ sections 6550 students have been impacted so far with an estimated savings of $655,000 (F12, Sp13, Su13, F13) Current Status

 SCC/BYU research partnership

What did Students Think about OER? 910 students surveyed during Fall 2012 semester 78.1% feel the open materials support adequately the work that they do outside of class

What did Students Think about OER? 910 students surveyed during Fall 2012 semester 76.2% would recommend the open materials to their classmates

How did Students Do? Percentage of Students Earning a C Grade or Better Fall 2010 Fall 2011 Fall 2012 MAT 09x 62% (n=790) 67% (n=704) 51% (n=643) MAT 12x 60% (n=748) 63% (n=721) 62% (n=764) MAT 15x 65% (n=448) 64% (n=388) 65% (n=461) MAT 182 56% (n=106) 61% (n=109) 58% (n=95) MAT 187 53% (n=72) 48% (n=82) 55% (n=80) OERPre- OER Pre- OER

Survey Question: What additional comments do you have regarding the quality of the open materials used in your class?” (210/255 (82%) positive) What did Students Say? “They were good. Definitely worth not having a massed produced book for.” “I never had an open materials class before. It made work less stressful and learning more enjoyable – didn’t constantly feel frustrated and was able to look through notes when I got stuck.” “The quality was excellent. It really helped my understanding.”

Survey Question: “What additional comments do you have regarding the quality of the open materials used in your class?” (210/255 (82%) positive) What did Students Say? “Buying textbooks is out of date and I think materials should be inexpensive.” “I love saving money, I am poor.” “I like the open materials, textbooks are so expensive that it makes me not want to buy them.”

The Village Approach….  Our effort would not have been successful without the work of many people  Team approach to materials development was critical  Resulting materials were at a higher level than an individual could do alone  Team members participated in areas of strength (i.e. videos, writing materials, editing, etc…)

Thorns and Roses – A massive department OER effort Roses  Cost savings for students  Department community building and support  Energy of the new users  Support of department and administration  Introduction of creative teaching approaches Thorns  Huge amount of development time  Maintenance and updates  Distribution (bookstore!)  Adjunct faculty buy-in

Administrative Commitment Coordinator positions MAT082, MAT09x, MAT12x, MathAS Rotating Development Schedule Only one major workbook revision per year Minor edits only to other workbooks Project Sustainability

Start small Grow slowly Identify faculty champions Involve everyone Gather administrative support Gather data, modify materials, continue to grow and learn and improve OER Implementation Advice

SCC Math Blog Links to Project Materials

The Liberated Project Quill West OER Project Director Faculty Librarian

GROWING AN OER CULTURE Or From Seed to Savings: How to Save Students Half a Million Dollars on Textbooks.

“Tomato seeds in early stages” by SunHappy, CC-BY 3.0 “starting seeds” by ciruculating, CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0 “20070123 seeds 03” by jspatchwork, CC-BY 2.0 OER, a good idea.

“later that spring” by donkeycart, CC-BY-NC 2.0 Find a place to nurture the seedlings.

“tomato plants” by kthread, CC-BY 2.0 Build strong roots, but flaunt the “green.”

“tomato plant flower” by ali graney, CC-BY 2.0 Students will let you know about blossoms.

“tomatoes” by paul goyette, CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0 Even if they aren’t ripe, you can show off the fruit.

“First tomato, June 2010” by theManWhoSurfedTooMuch, CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0 Harvest carefully and at the perfect time.

“Mozzarella Basil Tomato Salad” by elmada, CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0 Blend your fruit with others’ fruits for the best results.

Community College Consortium for OER Una Daly Community College Director OpenCourseWare Consortium James Glapa-Grossklag Dean, College of the Canyons President, CCCOER Advisory

• Find & Adopt open textbook workshops • Understanding open licenses • Open textbook development workflow • Online accessibility • Faculty and student surveys • Access to community of OER practitioners & experts Need Help Getting Started? We can help …

Spring Webinars (Wed, 11:00 PT, 3:00 ET) • 2/5 - Open Textbook and Adoptions • 3/12 - Community College OER Projects • 4/9 – OER Impact Research Findings • 5/14 - Intellectual Property: Open Licensing, Trademarks, Patents, etc. Join our Advisory Group to be notified of upcoming events and participate in our monthly OER chat.

Donna Gaudet Quill West Una Daly: James Glapa-Grossklag: Thank you for coming!! Questions for Panelists

Share IMG_4591 cc-by-sa La belle tzigane cc-by-sa Asian Library Interior 5 cc-by-nc-sa Petru cc-by-nc-sa Opensourceways cc-by-sa Photo credits: Phone: 888-886-3951 Presenter PIN: 8686840 Login:

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