Community buying - why it's important and how to do it

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Information about Community buying - why it's important and how to do it

Published on February 28, 2014

Author: Locality



Buying goods and services together - like fuel, oil, or gas, can save your community lots of money. This presentation is from Chris Pomfret from his community buying webinar for Locality on 26 Feb 2014.

Can Community Buying change the way we buy stuff in the UK? Chris Pomfret 01993 224111 February 2014

A story in pictures • why it’s important & how to do it • what to buy & how much is saved • how the community benefits • a road map

31,000 people froze to death in their own homes last winter…within touching distance of other people that live in this civilised, industrialised, developed, wealthy country…

Angry or excited? “A different world cannot be built by indifferent people”

Why do we let stuff like energy happen to us? Communities all over the planet choose not to let stuff just happen to them…when a community decides…

Before we get started let’s see where your minds are…

What is Community Buying?

It is…The Power of the Group

Why is it important? “ this time there are people who are destitute and forced, out of hunger, to rely on food banks, and in a country as affluent as ours it’s a disgrace.” Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster

How to do it… …flip archaic thinking & kick at…

It is all about the middle ground First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win – Mohandas Gandhi – You can get organized.

Question – what do you want to cover today?

What can a group GROUP buy?

Questions – what do you want to buy?

How much can Community Buying save?

What about very urban communities?

How much do you think those families saved a week?

Now they are a group…let the magic begin

Lighting a fire…

Exactly the same bag as DIY shop were selling for £13.50, what would you have paid?

How does the money work? • • • • Bought for less than £4 per bag Community group & NEETS shared over £1.50 per bag VAT man got his bit Total £6.50


Community impact?

Community Buying gone extreme… • Homework – this video link: – – – – Win an amazing book as a prize Look at the relationships Think of the positive outcomes And email me the one key phrase in the video • How did this all happen? • Did it work?

One Million Pounds

The challenges?

See that wheel…it works rather well doesn’t it? Communities come together to campaign, run, knit, chat, worship, generate their own energy and, among endless other things, dig the garden… …imagine the potential of every one of those communities harnessing the power of their groups and buying stuff…together! Local activism…global impact!

I know what you’re thinking…


What do you think now? Can Community Buying change the way we buy stuff in the UK?

The possibilities? Infinite…come and join in… I know of two things that are infinite: the Universe and human stupidity…and then he added… But I am not sure about The Universe

Community Buying – did we FLIP your thinking? You were listening to: Chris Pomfret He is Founder of: Community Buying unLimited You can contact him here: •01993 224111 • Follow & visit him here: •Tw: @powerofthegroup •FB: community buying • And email him for a link to the free online launch: Mazitas – The Road Map 11am, Monday 10th March 2014

Our next webinar Diseconomies of Scale 19th March

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