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Information about Communipedia19032008

Published on March 19, 2008

Author: miriamgo



elevator pitch, next08

COMMUNIPEDIA product of ekaabo

communipedia search engine for vertical communities dataportability tool 2

benefit for community members - part 1 search engine structures community jungle with results made by humans -not engines includes profiles products events articles jobs groups locations 3

benefit for community members - part 2 dataportability (microformats) respects every single members privacy enables members to take a long their network with profile data username and password (single sign-on via openID) 4

benefit for community providers communities joining communipedia make their community popular (marketing) obtain a chance to gather new members (sales) offer their members opportunity to find other useful communities (services) 5

ekaabo: the company behind communipedia Investors: Marco Ripanti (CEO & Founder)& Artus Capital GmbH & Co KGaA 6

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