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Published on May 10, 2008

Author: Stan


Communicative Chinese- 3 : Communicative Chinese- 3 Stanley You Food speaks louder than God We will learn: : We will learn: 1. Chinese cuisine 2. Basic food name 3. Ordering your food in a restaurant CHINESE CUISINES : CHINESE CUISINES Some facts… : Some facts… Eight Great Traditions (八大菜系): Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan, and Zhejiang. Cantonese, Sichuan, Shandong, and Huaiyang cuisine (combining Anhui, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang) as the Four Great Traditions (四大菜系). Shandong Cuisine (Lǔ Cài) : Shandong Cuisine (Lǔ Cài) Shandong Cuisine (Lu Cai) : Shandong Cuisine (Lu Cai) One of the oldest cuisines in China, with a history of 2,500 years. Originates from Confucius’ family banquette, then adopted by imperial kitchen. Lu cai has great influence in north China and has become the representative of North China cuisines Shandong Cuisine (Lu Cai) : Shandong Cuisine (Lu Cai) Specializes in seafood like prawns, sea cucumber, flounder Also emphasize on soup gravy Traditional luxury royal banquette SICHUAN CUISINE (CHUĀN CÀI 川菜) : SICHUAN CUISINE (CHUĀN CÀI 川菜) Sichuan Cuisine (Chuān Cài) : Sichuan Cuisine (Chuān Cài) 2000 years of history but gained popularity all over China after 1980’s Characterized in hot and numbing taste because using a lot of peppercorns and spices. Now it is one of the fastest growing cuisines in the world. Learn from other cuisines and cook in its own style. Sichuan Cuisine (Chuān Cài) : Sichuan Cuisine (Chuān Cài) Beef and fish are most popular Now making more and more seafood due to the influence of Cantonese food Most famous one is “hot and spicy crab” CANTONESE CUISINE (YUÈ CÀI 粤菜) : CANTONESE CUISINE (YUÈ CÀI 粤菜) Cantonese Cuisine (Yuè Cài 粤菜) : Cantonese Cuisine (Yuè Cài 粤菜) Long ago, Guangdong has been the farthest end of China and lack of all support from the rulers Cantonese people ate what they could find locally. Wild animals, plants even insects. 18-19th century, immigrants spread over the world and set up many Cantonese restaurants. Nowadays, most Chinese restaurants overseas serve mainly Cantonese food. Cantonese Cuisine (Yuè Cài 粤菜) : Cantonese Cuisine (Yuè Cài 粤菜) Cantonese cuisine incorporates almost all edible meats, including organ meats, chicken feet, duck and duck tongues, snakes, and snails. Freshest and quality ingredients are crucial. Spices should be used in modest amounts to avoid overwhelming the flavors of the primary ingredients. Garlic, chives, ginger and coriander leaves are main spices. HUAIYANG CUISINE (HUÁIYÁNG CÀI淮扬菜) : HUAIYANG CUISINE (HUÁIYÁNG CÀI淮扬菜) Huaiyang Cuisine (Huáiyáng Cài淮扬菜) : Huaiyang Cuisine (Huáiyáng Cài淮扬菜) Capital 1000 years ago, catering industry highly developed. Geographically, between south and north, combining various cooking styles. Strict selection of ingredients according to seasons. Used to be expensive and luxury. Huaiyang Cuisine (Huáiyáng Cài淮扬菜) : Huaiyang Cuisine (Huáiyáng Cài淮扬菜) Sweet is the most prominent feature of Huaiyang Cuisine, nearly not spicy at all. Cutting of the material is the key factor for a good dish Pork, fresh water fish, and other aquatic creatures serve as the meat base to most dishes Basic food names : Basic food names Vegetarian… : Vegetarian… Rice Noodle Soup Vegetable Tea Salt Sugar Water mǐ fàn 米饭 miàn tiáo 面条 tāng 汤 shū cài 蔬菜 chá 茶 yán 盐 táng 糖 shuǐ 水 Non vegetarian… : Non vegetarian… Chicken Pork Beef Mutton/Lamb Fish Beer Red wine Jī 鸡 Zhū ròu 猪肉 Níu ròu 牛肉 Yáng ròu 羊肉 Yú 鱼 Pí jiǔ 啤酒 Hóng jiǔ 红酒 Order your dish : Order your dish Zhè shì shén me?What is this? : Zhè shì shén me?What is this? Nǐ hǎo Qing diǎn cài Wǒ xiǎng yào… Qǐng gěi wǒ… Mǎi dān / jiē zhàng Duō shǎo qián? Zhè shì shén me? Hello Order, please I want … Please give me… Check / Bill How much? What is this? Restaurant… : Restaurant… A: Nǐ hǎo B: Qǐng wèn yào diǎn shén me? A: Qǐng diǎn cài. B: Hǎo de. A: Qǐng gěi wǒ yì wǎn mǐ fàn hé jī. B: Hǎo de. Hái yào qí tā de ma? A: Měi yǒu le. Xiè xiè. B: Hǎo de. Bú kè qì。 Hello. What can I get for you? Order, please. OK. Please give me a bowl of rice and chicken. OK, anything else? No, thank you. OK, you are welcome. In a food stall… : In a food stall… A: Nǐ hǎo. Zhè shì shén me? (What’s this?) B: Yáng ròu tāng. (Mutton soup) A: Wǒ xiǎng yào yì wǎn. (I want one bowl.) B: Hǎo de A: Mǎi dān. Duō shǎo qián? (Bill. How much?) B: Shí kuài. (10 yuan) A: Hǎo de. xiè xiè nǐ. New words: : New words: 1. ròu = meat 肉 2. jiǔ = licor/wine 酒 3. qǐng* = please 请 4. wǎn = bowl 碗 5. gěi = give 给 6. xiǎng = think / want 想 7. qián = money 钱 8. hé = and 和 Time to say goodbye. : Time to say goodbye. Xià huí jiàn! See you next time! 下回见! Slide 26: PPT available at: and public content on If you miss any part of the session, you can see the archive. My email:

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