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Published on October 1, 2014

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Don Rabon, CFE shares tips on adjusting your style of communication so that you can conduct better investigation Interviews. View the webinar recording at

Adjust Your Communication Style to Conduct Better Investigation Interviews Don Rabon, CFE

Don Rabon, CFE Don Rabon, CFE, author, speaker, instructor and former investigative director, has more than 35 years of experience conducting training in interviewing techniques, detecting deception and investigative disclosure analysis. He is the author of many books, including Interviewing and Interrogation 2nd Edition and Fraud Related Interviewing. He is retired from the North Carolina Justice Academy, North Carolina Department of Justice, where he served as Deputy Director.

Aristotle on the communication process View slide

Aristotle on the communication process Logic Emotion Characte r View slide


S T I M U L U S O B J E C T Verbal Vocal Non-verbal R E S P O S E

Is my verbal communication as effective as possible? S T I M U L U S O B J E C T Verbal Vocal Non-verbal R E S P O S E

My communication style? WHAT Answer

Can I make an assessment of my own style as well as that of the interviewee? HOW Answer

Focus on less salient elements of the communication process? WHY Answer

Less obvious aspects of communication can make big differences! BECAUSE Answer

… heightened attention leading to increased suggestibility. The suggestion being to the interviewee, cooperate in the conduct of the interview

The three benefits are:  Trust  Help  Understanding

How it is developed?  Confirmation  Formula for development  Verification  Three Options

The Mind as a Computer

The Five Sensory Channels Seeing Hearing Feeling Tasting Smelling

Three Primary Sensory Channels See Hear Feel

Dominant Sensory Channel

When we communicate we want to…


Predicates for the representational systems

Seeing Appear Clear Cockeyed Colors Focus Glance Look Neat Scan Quiet Silence Shriek Squawk Stammer Give a Hoot

Hearing Audible Babble Buzz Discord Echo Grumble Harmony Prattle Scope Tint Vague Watch Blind to Seeing Red Green with Envy

Feeling Bounce Feel Grasp Handle Kiss Lukewarm Press Poke Tender Touch Beside Yourself Breakdown Iron Out Raising Hell

For Example  How Does the inquiry look to you?  How does the inquiry sound to you?  How do you feel about the inquiry?

What if…  What do you think about the inquiry?  How can we answer that?  What sense is the individual using?

Exercise with the Mysterious Dot


12 Present 3 6 9

Changing from one sense to another Seeing Feeling Hearing

On to rapport Relate Relate to Commonality

Match and Pace and the Process of Rapport

Verification of Rapport

Options after rapport – to gain cooperation (confession, etc.)

Now we can examine persuasion options! Story Parable Suggestions

Thank-you for participating If you have any questions, please feel free to email them to: Don Rabon, CFE Joe Gerard, Vice President Marketing and Sales

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