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Published on July 31, 2010

Author: shubhamsharma1988


PRESENTATION ON FORMAL AND INFORMAL COMMUNICATION : PRESENTATION ON FORMAL AND INFORMAL COMMUNICATION BY:- SHUBHAM SHARMA COMMUNICATION : COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION : COMMUNICATION - “Communication is sum of all the things one person does when he wants to create understanding in the mind of another, it involves a systematic and continuous process of telling, listening and understanding.” -ALLEN LOUIS COMMUNICATION PROCESS : COMMUNICATION PROCESS The Role of Communication in Organizations : The Role of Communication in Organizations key purposes: direct action: to get others to behave in desired fashion achieve coordinated action  systematic sharing of information and focus on interpersonal relations between people. CONDITIONS FOR SUCCESSFUL COMMUNICATION : CONDITIONS FOR SUCCESSFUL COMMUNICATION . COMMUNICATION IS SUCCESSFUL WHEN- THE MESSAGE IS PROPERLY UNDERSTOOD. THE PURPOSE OF THE SENDER IS FULFILLED. THE SENDER AND RECEIVER OF THE MESSAGE REMAIN LINKED THROUGH FEEDBACK NEED FOR COMMUNICATION IN MANAGEMENT : NEED FOR COMMUNICATION IN MANAGEMENT THREE ADVANTAGES RE-EMPHASIZE THE NEED FOR COMMUNICATION IN MANAGEMENT- : THREE ADVANTAGES RE-EMPHASIZE THE NEED FOR COMMUNICATION IN MANAGEMENT- CREATES A SENSE OF BELONGING RESOLVES DISPUTES DEVELOPS SENSE OF TOTAL SITUATION Slide 9: Communication In An Organization Whether an organization is large, small or virtual, sharing information among its part and with the outside world is the glue that binds the organization together . When you join an organization, you became a link in its information system. In fact, communication is the lifeblood of an organization. Slide 10: Internal Communication External Communication And Slide 11: Internal Communication Internal communication refers to the exchange of information and ideas within an organization. Internal communication helps employees to do their jobs, develop a clear sense of the organizations mission, and identity and solve the problem. Slide 12: External Communication Same as Internal communication carries information up, down and across the organization, external communication carry information in and outside the organization Slide 13: Benefits of this communication Provide information to consumers about products and services rendered by the organization. Promote the organization. Handle enquiries about the organization and its products and services. Advertise the organization. The advantages of this method are: It can contain diagrams as well as written information. A written record of the message is kept. They can be created in such a way as to attract attention. FORMAL COMMUNICATION : FORMAL COMMUNICATION Follows a chain of command. Flows following the hierarchy level Path of communication is institutionally determined by the organization Channels of formal communication : Channels of formal communication 1.Downward communication 2.Upward communication 3.Horizontal communication 4.Diagonal communication Advantages of formal communication : Advantages of formal communication 1.Proper channel 2.Support to authority 3.Controlling 4.Coordination 5.Authentic Disadvantages of formal communication : Disadvantages of formal communication 1.Slow process 2.Delay in decision making 3.Impersonal Informal Channels of Communication : Informal Channels of Communication Slide 19: Informal Communication Usually used with friends and family Contains shortened version of words Contains slang words Informal Networks : Informal Networks Grapevine : Grapevine Grapevine Characteristics : Grapevine Characteristics oral  mostly undocumented open to change fast (hours instead of days) crossing organizational boundaries inaccuracy: deletion of crucial details Grapevine Figures : Grapevine Figures 70% of all organizational communication occurs at the grapevine level an estimated 80% of grapevine information is oriented toward the individual while 20% concerns the company estimated accuracy rates: 75-90% Factors influencing Grapevine Activity : Factors influencing Grapevine Activity Employees rely on the grapevine when: they feel threatened, insecure, under stress when there is pending change when communication from management is limited “Tapping“ the Grapevine : “Tapping“ the Grapevine identify and make use of key communicators ( bridgers) monitor what is happening in the organization Slide 26: Advantages of Informal Communication It links even those people who do not fall in the official chain of command Its speed is very fast as it is free from all barrier It serves to fill the possible gaps in the formal communication It allows the management to know the attitude and opinion of the workers about management plan and policies Slide 27: It is not authentic .The Message can be distorted because of the involvement of different person It may lead to generation of rumor in the organization It may lead to the leak of the Confidential information which is harmful for the organization Disadvantages of Informal Communication Differences of Formal and Informal Communication : Differences of Formal and Informal Communication Formal Informal It follows Official chain It is slow as it has to follow the path of management It is generally accurate Chances of wrong information is few Based on personal relationship It is very fast as has no particular path It is flexible as it moves freely It may be accurate Chances of Wrong information is very high Slide 29: Conclusion Discussion of Human Behavior Examined the Symbolic Nature Analyses the essential Element Examine the role and responsibility Some universal common element of communication Basic facts about Communication

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