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Published on December 27, 2016

Author: mohamedhusseny


1. Communication Skills Guidebook

2. MOHAMED ELHUSSENY • Mini MBA ( Swiss e-learning). • Marketing Diploma (AIPS).

3. Let’s Get To Know Each Other • Name • Position At Work • Experience With Communication: 1. Obstacles 2. Some one you like to talk with. 3. Some one you don’t.

4. Ground Rules

5. Agenda 1. Miscommunication Vs Effective communication. 2. Skills to communicate effectively. 3. Communication styles.

6. Miscommunication Vs Effective communication

7. Why do Communication fail? -State some one you always failto communicate with? -Name. -Situation. -Why it fail?.

8. Effective Communication Message Receiver Feedback Sender SENDER intended message = Message understood by RECIEVER

9. Element of Communication • Body Language: -Postures& Gestures. -Physical Movement. -Facial expression. -Eye Contact. • Voice tone: -Clear. -Speed. -Avoid Emm’s, Errrr’s. • Words: -To the point.

10. Skills to Communicate effectively

11. Active Listening • Hearing ,Listening & Active Listening • Do: 1. Eye contact. 2. Physical attention. 3. Paraphrase other words. 4. Show empathy. 5. Show respect. • Don’t: 1. Fake attention. 2. interrupt. 3. Yawn. 4. Judge. 5. Criticize.

12. Self Awareness Know yourself well & what other know. Johari Window Matrix Open : Information shared with others. Blind : Information known to others but not to self. Hidden : Information we choose not to share. Unknown : Sub-conscious or unconscious information.

13. Giving effective feedback 1. Always start with compliment. 2. Immediate in the event. 3. Specific. 4. Consider the receiver personality. 5. Keep it direct. 6. Un emotional. 7. Focus in behavior not personality. 8. Feedback is not criticizing. 9. Make it one to one. 10. Feedback is two way conversation. 11. Summarize & offer your support.

14. Communication styles

15. 1.Personality Style (character) • Analytical: -known for being systematic. -well organized. -These individuals appreciate facts and studies. • Driver: -Focus in results. -Speak with authority. -Talk always to the point. -Decision maker.

16. Personality Style (How to deal with?) • Analytical: -Talk with data , numbers & facts. -Stay away from feelings. -Show +ve & -ve of thing you are offering. • Driver: -Go to the point. -Make direct eye contact. -Focus on result.

17. Personality Style (character) • Amiable: -Dependable ,loyal & relationshiporiented. -Hate dealing with Facts & systematic topics. -Sensitive to feelingof others. -Quick reach decision. -Team player. • Expressive: -Enthusiastic & high level of energy. -Idea generator. -Slow to reach decision. -Overly dramatic.

18. Personality Style (How to deal with?) • Amiable: -Make eye contact but look away periodically. -Ask them how they feel? -Encourage them to share & show active listening. -Avoid pressure filled decision. • Expressive: -Focus in bigger picture instead of details. -Allow time for socialization.

19. 2.According to (NLP) model: The (NLP) Model Nero-Linguisticstheory identifies Four Types of Communicators:

20. Summary

21. Summary 1. Miscommunication Vs Effective communication. 2. Skills to communicate effectively. 3. Communication styles.

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