Communication Skills for Lion Leaders

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Information about Communication Skills for Lion Leaders

Published on October 20, 2013

Author: lionnagaraju



a presentation for lions officers on the need for effective communication skills to evolve as a leader.


Leadership Skills Communication 1 mnRAJU

Session Objectives What do your expect to learn from this session?  Identify your communication style  Recognize communication styles of others  Become an active listener  Effectively communicate via email  Use social media to communicate 2 mnRAJU

The Platinum Rule The PlatinumRule Golden Rule Treat people the way they we want to be treated. mnRAJU

Activity 1 Like to direct Like to relate Open & Outgoing D S Open & Outgoing Quiet & Reserved R T Quiet & Reserved Prefer to work in team Prefer to focus on job mnRAJU

Self Assessment Become aware of your style and preferences mnRAJU

Communication Styles D = Driver S = Socializer R = Relater T = Thinker 6 mnRAJU

Driver Style  Who? Result-oriented, demanding, independent, competitive, impatient  What? Task and goal-oriented  Why? Motivated by challenges  How? Insists on action  When interacting with a Driver: Speak quickly and confidently; talk results 7 mnRAJU

Socializer Style   Who? Optimistic, impulsive, charismatic, disorganized What? Focused on relationships, interactions  Why? Social recognition, approval  How? Motivates others to action  When interacting with a socializer: Be enthusiastic; talk about them/their ideas 8 mnRAJU

Relater Style  Who? Team-oriented, supportive, easy-going, loyal, resistant to change  What? Focuses on team harmony  Why? To maintain status quo, to avoid conflict  How? Consistent performance, step by step approach  When interacting with a Relater: Use a friendly, cooperative tone; offer assurances of support 9 mnRAJU

Thinker Style  Who? Quality control experts, perfectionists, factual, orderly, critical  What? Task-oriented  Why? The need for accuracy  How? Slow, methodical – without mistakes  When interacting with a Thinker: Use an organized, thoughtful approach centered on the task 10 mnRAJU

Know the Styles  Ideas don’t change - the way you present ideas changes  “Ideal” teams are made up of all four styles  Be aware of differences – be flexible  Mixing different styles strengthens effectiveness  Have mutual respect and trust; be willing to adapt to situations 11 mnRAJU

How long do you spend? Talking Listening Writing Reading 12 mnRAJU

Communication Activities 13 mnRAJU

Are you listening? The Club President’s Story 14 mnRAJU

Activity 2   Form pairs Role plays Good listening  Poor listening  • Debrief 15 mnRAJU

Active listeners  Actively absorbing information  Showing that you are interested  Providing feedback  Asking questions  Using the right body language 16 mnRAJU

Activity  Recall one EFFECTIVE listener that you know  What does he/she do to become an effective listener?  Note down the skills that make one an effective listener  Cross check with the next slide 17 mnRAJU

Listening Styles 1. Competitive/Combative 2. Passive/Attentive 3. Active/Reflective 18 mnRAJU

Active Listeners  Listens for facts and feelings  Paraphrases  Attends with the entire body  Doesn’t rely on memory  Summarizes  Avoids autobiographical responses 19 mnRAJU

Reasons for NOT Listening  Preconceived notions  Lack of Motivation/attitude  Lack of Time  Poor listening setting  Planning a response during communication 20 mnRAJU

e-mails Do you use e-mail?  Why do you use e-mail?  What problems/conflicts did you experience in using e-mail?  21 mnRAJU

Bad e-mails  Bad Language/tone  Poor spelling/grammar  Unwelcome sarcasm/humor  Small, unreadable font, color  Lack of courtesy  All caps, bad punctuation  Distracting design 22 mnRAJU

Guidelines for e-mails 1. Precise subject line  What is your mail about? Like a book title 2. Use Reply to All, CC & BCC carefully  Only if everybody knows everybody 3. Neat formatting 4. Avoid abbreviations 5. Mention your name 23 mnRAJU

Good e-mails 7. Clear and concise 8. Proper spelling & grammar 9. Courtesy and tone 10. Be timely 11. Consider cultural differences 24 mnRAJU

Social Media 1. Are you active on social media? 2. Which is your favorite medium? Why? 3. How frequently do you use social media? 4. Why do you use social media? (to share information, ideas, news, events and media online; to connect with people anywhere and anytime) 25 mnRAJU

Session Objectives  Identify your communication style  Recognize the communication styles of others  Become an active listener  Effectively communicate via email 26 mnRAJU

Evaluation Identify ONE thing you'll START doing, one thing you’ll STOP doing, and one thing you’ll CONTINUE doing as a result of what you’ve learned in the workshop today. 27 mnRAJU

THANK YOU This slideshow is available at Send your comments to mnRAJU mnRAJU

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