Communication collaboration conflict presentation for medical, dental and nursing students

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Published on March 2, 2014

Author: SharonYounkin1



Presentation for third year medical students on improving communication, developing inter professional collaborations, and managing conflict

Communication, Collaboration and Conflict Systems Based Healthcare November 5 & 7, 2013 (Path 1) November 19 &21, 2013 (Path 2)

Review of Confidentiality

Listening The foundation of successful communication is the ability to listen. It's not about the nail

Small Group Discussion Please take 15 minutes to share some of your thoughts from the reflective writing homework.

Communication and Collaboration Activity • The Human Knot • It’s time to get up and move around!


Communication Styles • • • • Thinking/Planning Doing/Directing Supporting/Collaborating Visioning/Creating Discuss a clinical scenario in which having team members with different styles helped create an effective interaction.

Communication Fundamentals Being aware of your personal communication style provides important insight into how you perform basic communication skills.

Communication Assumptions Fatigue Distractions HIPAA ™

JCAHO: Importance of Communication Ineffective communication is a root cause for nearly 66 percent of all sentinel events reported* * (JCAHO Root Causes and Percentages for Sentinel Events (All Categories) January 1995−December 2005) 11

Communication is… • The process by which information is exchanged between individuals, departments, or organizations • The lifeline of the Core Team • Effective when it permeates every aspect of an organization Assumptions Fatigue Distractions HIPAA 12

Standards of Effective Communication • Complete – Communicate all relevant information • Clear – Convey information that is plainly understood • Brief – Communicate the information in a concise manner • Timely – Offer and request information in an appropriate timeframe – Verify authenticity – Validate or acknowledge information 13

Clear Brief Timely 14

Information Exchange Strategies • Situation–Background– Assessment– Recommendation (SBAR) • Call-Out • Check-Back • Handoff 15

SBAR provides… • A framework for team members to effectively communicate information to one another • Communicate the following information: – Situation―What is going on with the patient? – Background―What is the clinical background or context? – Assessment―What do I think the problem is? – Recommendation―What would I recommend? Remember to introduce yourself… 16

SBAR Example 17

SBAR Discussion Share an SBAR example based on your role. 18

Call-Out is… A strategy used to communicate important or critical information – It informs all team members simultaneously during emergency situations – It helps team members anticipate next steps 19

Check-Back is… 20

Handoff The transfer of information (along with authority and responsibility) during transitions in care across the continuum; to include an opportunity to ask questions, clarify, and confirm.

Handoff • • • • • • • Optimized Information Responsibility– Accountability Uncertainty Verbal Structure Checklists IT Support Acknowledgement Great opportunity for quality and safety

Communication Challenges • • • • • • • • • Language barrier Distractions Physical proximity Personalities Workload Varying communication styles Conflict Lack of information verification Shift change Great Opportunity for Quality and Safety 23


Conflict Styles • Collaborating • Competing • Avoiding • Harmonizing • Compromising Discuss the most recent conflict you observed or experienced on the wards. Which styles were in play? What was your role? What was the outcome?

Team Collaboration What will you do to ensure that your team collaborates effectively and efficiently?

The End

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