Communicating Science to Underserved Communities

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Information about Communicating Science to Underserved Communities

Published on March 1, 2014

Author: moefeliu



Presentation at #scioCONVERGE session (Feb. 27, 2014) at the Science Online Together 2014 conference. I talked about Ciencia Puerto Rico (@CienciaPR) as a model make science and scientists accesible and relavant to underserved and underrepresented communities.

Ciencia Puerto Rico is a non-profit organization and an online community that uses social networking technologies to bring together the geographically dispersed members of the Puerto Rican scientific community to transform the way scientists get involved in science communication and education. Our efforts focus in three areas: public understanding of science, supporting the professional development of young scientists and K-12 education.

In this talk I highlight CienciaPR's science communication efforts and our tri-partite strategy to make science relevant to Spanish speakers (a normally underserved audience): contextualize the story to the audience's local environment; use the audience's every day language (including vocabulary) and have the story be told by someone with whom the audience can identify (someone who looks like them, shares background).

Communica)ng  science  to   underserved  communi)es   Mónica  I.  Feliú-­‐Mójer,  Ph.D.   Ciencia  Puerto  Rico   University  of  Washington   Department  of  Biosta)s)cs     @moefeliu   @CienciaPR   #scio14   #scioCONVERGE    

Tectonic Plates



Puerto Rico was born in the Pacific.

Puerto Rico Pacific Ocean

Context matters.

Scientists can play a key role in contextualizing science.

Ciencia Puerto Rico •  ~7,000 members •  Scientists, students, educators •  48 states, 50 countries •  100+ scientific disciplines

Lack of contextualized science content •  Media  (e.g.  radio,  newspapers)  important   source   •  General  lack  of  science  content     •  Lack  of  contextualized  science  content  in   par)cular   •  Lack  of  access  to  original  sources  for  validity/ accuracy  verifica)on  

 424  lay  science  ar)cles    213  podcasts   Crowd-­‐sourced,  by  scienBsts  

Storyteller Story   Language Context

•  Positive change in students perception of science •  Observed an increase in their interest in •  science essays •  science class •  Puerto Rican science •  scientific discoveries at the local and international level

A model to reach underserved communities •  Leveraging scientific community to reach underserved communities – Outreach  is  facilitated   Storyteller – Visibility •  Relevance and relatability Story   Language Context

CienciaPR Team Daniel A. Colón Ramos (Yale University) Giovanna Guerrero (Ciencia Puerto Rico) Wilson González Espada (Morehead State University) Greetchen Díaz Muñoz (U. of Nebraska) Marcos López Casillas (Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia) Yaihara Fortis Santiago (AAAS/NSF) Samuel Díaz Muñoz (UC-Berkeley) Jacqueline Flores (UPR-Medical Sciences Campus) Francis González (Indep. Consultant) Paola Giusti (UNC-Chapel Hill) Alexis Valentín Vargas (U. of Arizona) Reyna Martínez De Luna (SUNY-Upstate) Edwin Rosado (UPR-Rio Piedras) Uldaeliz Trujillo (UPR-Rio Piedras) Elvin Estrada (Pontifical Catholic University of PR)

Thank  you! @moefeliu @CienciaPR

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