Common Water Problems Cheat Sheet

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Information about Common Water Problems Cheat Sheet

Published on March 16, 2016

Author: Culligan_Water


Common Water Problems Cheat Sheet: Common Water Problems Cheat Sheet ©2016 Culligan Water Hard Water Spots Hard water minerals accumulate and stick to bathroom fixtures, dishes, glassware, and clothing, leaving unsightly spots and from dingy residue. A water softener Culligan can filter hard water minerals out of your water supply, eliminating spots, and lime scale, and allowing your detergents to work more efficiently. Excess Iron in Water High iron levels in water can lead to rusty faucets and drains, and unsightly red stains. If not treated, water with high iron content will stain almost everything it touches. Culligan offers special iron filtration equipment that is specifically designed to remove iron from water. Bad Tasting or Smelly Water Bad tasting or smelly water is often caused by high levels of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), such as: iron, sulfur, chlorine, or manganese. High levels of TDS can cause your water to taste or smell like chorine, fish, and even rotten eggs. A Culligan reverse osmosis system or whole house carbon filter can help solve this water problem. Acid Staining Acidic water can leave behind blue and/or green stains on fixtures, faucets, and other surfaces around the home. These stains can be hard to get rid of and are only the beginning of the problems that can be caused by acidic water. If left un-treated, acid water can corrode plumbing and lead to leaky pipes. Your local Culligan Man can help you balance the pH of your water and neutralize acidity. Here are some of the most common water problems faced by homeowners. These water problems and more can be corrected with the right water treatment system from Culligan. For more detailed information, visit:

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