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Published on December 23, 2008

Author: saminerenberg



Satisfaction and good morale within
the workforce is interdependent with
feeling successful. Success for the
workers in the Women’s Center of
Rhode Island is connected to the
self suffi ciency and attitude of the
residents they serve.
The mission of this project is to
create an experience that aids
the success of the residents of the Women’s Center of RI, refl ect this
success to the workers, and in turn lead to a higher quality of service
and perpetuate a tradition of achievement, dialogue and empowerment.

success = safety safety = independence

Common Ties: A Tradition of Women’s Empowerment

make the cut. commitment.

set goals. foresight. planning. self sufficiency.

keep it with you. remind. reflect. dialogue.

tie it up. success. leave behind.

reflect. fulfillment. inspiration.

Common Ties project higher success rate better inspire service workers

gallery exhibition {V-DAY} event to end violence againt women

Thank you

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