Common Misconceptions of the Animation Industry

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Information about Common Misconceptions of the Animation Industry
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Published on May 14, 2014

Author: powerhouseanima



Over the last few decades, the animation industry has evolved into a thriving and successful business with production studios all over the world, each creating unique content for media, companies, and organizations.

Common Misconceptions of the Animation Industry Over the last few decades, the animation industry has evolved into a thriving and successful business with production studios all over the world, each creating unique content for media, companies, and organizations. However, misconceptions have formed as a result and have led some people to have questionable views about the industry and its ability to be successful. To help clear up some issues and ideas, here are some popular misconceptions about the animation industry. Animation is for Children Perhaps the most popular misconception of the industry is that animation is only suitable for children, not for adults, and there is no way a great story can be told in such a flashy and colorful medium. It is easy to see why some would believe this. Quite a lot of animation tends to be aimed at children and the younger audience. Many popular children’s programs, like Dora the Explorer or SpongeBob SquarePants, are animated. The movies aimed at a younger and family-friendly audience are also animated, such as the recent hit Frozen. However, to say that animation is exclusively for children would be completely ignoring the success of animated cartoons and movies aimed at adult audiences. South Park, for all its wacky and childish humor, is not something a child would watch, and the majority of any animated content on Adult Swim would not be recommended for children either. Other content, like the film Avatar, is aimed at audiences of many ages, and was the most successful box office hit of all time. Animation does not have to be for children. Animation is just a style of art that can be used to tell any story, whether it be for children, adults, or both.

There’s No Room for Animation in Business While it’s true that Disney movies and The Simpsons can rake in millions, this is not relevant to most businesses. Unless a business is in the industry, it is not out to produce the next feature- length animated film or a hit television program. These companies want something that can help bring in clients or spread their brand. That is exactly what animation can offer. Animation can increase profits and attract new clients to a business, large or small. With animated explainer videos, companies can introduce and elucidate a service or product in an accessible and simple manner. Animated advertising is also a method to generate success and promote a brand, with the Coca Cola bears and Apple’s iPod commercials as popular examples. When used properly, animation becomes an invaluable tool for success. More companies and organizations are seeing this and implementing animation into their campaigns. There’s No Room for Job Advancement The idea with this misconception is that the only positions for animation production are ‘artist’ or ‘animator,’ a fact that would apparently never change. An artist simply remains an artist and makes the same salary. Like any other field, the ability to advance a career is very possible. Many artists are pioneering new animation methods, creating more life-like graphics for video games and movies. An employee may also start as an artist and work their way up the ladder, perhaps to a manager position, consultant, or even production studio director. Advancing in the animation production world is no different than any other career; it takes is hard work, determination, and patience. The animation world, contrary to some misconceptions, is a vibrant, thriving, and successful field with a very bright future ahead. Those holding on to the misconceptions will certainly miss out on all the imaginative content the animation industry has to offer. Author's Bio Powerhouse Animation is a traditional 2d animation studio based in Austin, Texas. Since 2001, Powerhouse has been making ideas come to life through animation, illustration, and motion graphics. With a staff of 35 in-house artists, animators, videographers and designers, Powerhouse works on a wide variety of projects and has created animation for companies including Disney, Sony, Marvel, DC, Old Spice, Coca Cola, Miramax, the USO and more.

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