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Published on December 18, 2008

Author: drmmislam


Common Health Problems of Bangladesh : Common Health Problems of Bangladesh Dr Islam Common Health Problems Bangladesh- Rural : Common Health Problems Bangladesh- Rural Malnutrition, Worm infestation, Skin infections, Diarrhoea, Acute respiratory infections (ARIs), Anaemia Tuberculosis, Malaria, Kala-azar, Leprosy, etc. Lack of health care services. Poor housing, Poor sanitation. Common Health Problems Bangladesh- Urban : Common Health Problems Bangladesh- Urban Hypertension, Air pollution, Sound pollution, Heart diseases, Diabetes, Cancer, Dengue fever, Drug addiction, STD (sexually transmitted diseases, etc.) Measures For Maintaining Good Health : Measures For Maintaining Good Health Personal hygiene, Daily bath, Use clean dresses, Taking balanced diet, Regular exercise & rest, Avoiding smoking, Avoiding alcohol, Avoiding drugs, Good housing, Proper sanitation, Seek treatment if any ailment, Practicing prayer. Multi-sectoral Responsibility Of Health : Multi-sectoral Responsibility Of Health Health is multi-factorial. Various factors in the environment are directly or indirectly related to health. Thereby, health sector & other health-related sectors such as agriculture, education, animal husbandry, nutrition, communication, housing, sanitation, water supply, etc. together have the responsibility to maintain health of a community. New Philosophy Of Health : New Philosophy Of Health Health is a fundamental human right, Health is essence of productive life, Health is intersectoral, Health is an integral part of development, New Philosophy Of Health : New Philosophy Of Health Health is central to the concept of quality life, Health involves individual, state & international responsibility, Health & its maintenance is a major investment, Health is a world-wide goal. Slide 8: Thanks

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