Common Concerns in Hiring Web Developers

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Information about Common Concerns in Hiring Web Developers

Published on February 24, 2014

Author: rahulxsingh



You're thinking of hiring a new web developer or a web designer, but don't know where to start. Start here. Check this presentation out to find out some tips on how to figure out who is the right web developer to hire for your next project.

The inspiration for this presentation came from the concerns of many of clients who have little to no understanding of web IT, web development, or web design. This is a great resource for those of you who may be reading this who are not as familiar with IT.

Anant Corporation Leadership & Management : Hiring Competent Developers Anant Corporation

Hiring – 7 Red Flags •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Aren’t “professional” Don’t understand what you need. Are in over their head. Have one “hammer” for everything. Aren’t continuously learning. Hate source control. Always reinventing the wheel. Anant Corporation

1. Unprofessional •  No Show at Meetings •  If you are scheduling meetings with them and they are missing these meetings, you should consider why you hired them. •  No Organization Skills •  We understand what “Agile” is all about, but every project needs documentation and organization. •  Negative Attitude •  Anant Corporation We’ve encountered several extremely intelligent people, but they lack the basic attitude of gratitude. Why waste time trying to save a sinking ship?

2. Unclear Expectations •  Inability to Communicate •  As a professional, it’s their job to understand and set expectations. This way you aren’t surprised when you don’t get what you said you wanted. •  Can’t Prioritize your Expectations •  Anant Corporation You may have a good idea of what you want, but good developers will push back and help you prioritize what’s “important,” not necessarily what’s “urgent.”

3. Unqualified for the Work •  Not Enough Experience •  Experience is a funny thing. Some people with a lot of experience won’t be your best match. Others have experience solving the type of problem you are in. •  Not Enough Knowledge •  Knowledge is abundant today. If someone doesn’t have the knowledge, they really don’t have a good reason why they can’t learn it. •  Not Asking for Help •  Anant Corporation There are several communities online and offline that offer a place for developers to interact and learn together. If they don’t think its okay to ask for help, you’re in a bad situation.

4. One Hammer for All Nails •  Great at One Thing •  Being a master of what you do is very important. I understand why certain web developers ALWAYS recommend the same tool, system, software, whatever. It’s because that is what they are good at. That can be a good AND bad thing. Bad At Everything Else •  •  Anant Corporation Along side super focused skills, each person should understand hat they are not good at. Instead of trying to make their one “hammer” work on everything, they should consider alternatives when they start to hit the proverbial brick wall with their choice.

5. Unteachable •  Not learning new tools and skills. •  •  One of the problems with “specialists” is that they can’t bear to see what else is out there. At the very least, they should consider reading about other tools and systems. •  Not interacting with other professionals. •  •  Anant Corporation One of the best way to be in the know is to interact with other professionals in the industry These can be people who have more experience, and knowledge, or those that work with a different set of tools.

6. Hate Source Control •  They Don’t “Get” Source Control •  •  Not using source control today is going to hurt your business. The developer may have different reasons for why they don’t or haven’t used source control. You need to draw the line and make them. •  They Don’t Want to Get Source Control. •  Anant Corporation Some developers say “it’s too much overhead” or “it adds time to my development.” Insurance costs money, and source control is a form of insurance. Don’t listen to their lies.

7. Reinventing the Wheel •  Out of Ignorance •  •  Most people that reinvent the wheel in web development do it out of ignorance They don’t take the 5 minutes it could take for them to learn what is currently out there. •  Out of Pride •  •  •  Others reinvent the wheel out of pride. They feel that they truly have a better solution because they are good. Sometimes that’s not going to help you. •  Out of perceived cost. •  Anant Corporation There are a lot of free and paid components out there. Some developers want to “save you money” by doing it on their own. It’s more expensive. Trust me.

Next Actions Implement Source Control Determine if the person is a right fit, still. Ask if there are existing Tools Fire the person who doesn’t want to grow and hire someone else Clarify a roadmap of tasks Anant Corporation

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