Common Advertising Strategies

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Information about Common Advertising Strategies

Published on October 28, 2009

Author: jlmoore


Common Advertising Strategies : Common Advertising Strategies Buyer Beware! Ideal Kids : Ideal Kids The kids in the commercials are a little older and more perfect than the target audience of the ad. A commercial that is targeting eight year-olds will show 11 or 12 year-old models playing with the toy. Heart Strings : Heart Strings Commercials create an emotional connection that draws you into the advertisement and makes you feel good. We are more attracted by products that make us feel good. Amazing Toys : Amazing Toys Many toy commercials show their toys in life-like fashion, doing incredible things. Airplanes do loops and cars do wheelies. Advertisers make a product look bigger than it actually is. (Scale) Life-like Settings : Life-like Settings Barbie relaxes on the beach with waves crashing in the background, space aliens fly through dark outer space and all-terrain vehicles leap over rivers and trenches. These dramatic settings do not come with the toys, however. Sounds Good : Sounds Good Music and other sound effects add to the excitement of the commercial. Sound can make toys seem more life-like. Cute Celebrities : Cute Celebrities Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pillsbury Doughboy, Tony the Tiger. All these characters are ways of helping children identify with products. Bandwagon : Bandwagon Join the crowd! Don’t be left out! Family Fun : Family Fun This is something the whole family can do together. This toy will bring more family togetherness. Excitement : Excitement Watch the expressions on children’s faces. Never a dull moment, never boring. Selective Editing/Omission : Selective Editing/Omission Commercials only show brilliant catches and perfect throws. This technique is mainly used in commercials for athletic toys. Advertisers don’t give you the full story about their product. Star Power : Star Power Sports heroes, movie stars, and teenage heart throbs endorse the products. Children listen, not realizing the star is paid well for the endorsement. Facts and Figures : Facts and Figures Statistics are used to prove the superiority of the product. For example, this cereal contains 9 essential vitamins. 100 % Organic Weasel Words : Weasel Words Words are used to suggest a positive meaning without actually making a guarantee. Some examples: natural, organic, homemade. Part of this nutritious breakfast Summary of Techniques : Summary of Techniques Ideal Kids Heart Strings Amazing Toys Life-like settings Sounds Good Cute Celebrities Bandwagon Selective Editing/Omission Family Fun Excitement Star Power Facts and Figures Weasel Words Advertisers Target the Audience : Advertisers Target the Audience What is the age of the target audience? What is the gender of the target audience? What is the social status of the target audience? Buyer Beware! : Buyer Beware!

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