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Published on December 24, 2007

Author: Davidson


Welcome!:  Welcome! Make yourself comfortable. We will start soon. Slide2:  Reminder to instructors: Check the notes pages of this presentation for the text of the Continuing Education for Commissioners This is a “hidden slide” and will not show in the presentation. Commissioner Quiz:  Commissioner Quiz The unit commissioner: (true / false) 1. Reports to the District Executive. 2. Must be an expert in training adults and youth. 3. Is only concerned with reregistering a unit on time. 4. Should be familiar with the official literature used by units for program. 5. Visits the unit committee only, on a regular basis. 6. Must know the unit program planning process. 7. "Sells" the unit leader on district and council functions, as a primary responsibility. 8. Periodically communicates with the chartered organization representative to offer help. Commissioner Quiz:  Commissioner Quiz The unit commissioner: (true / false) - Continued 9. Regularly attends Roundtables to check up on unit leaders. 10. Guides the unit through the annual service plan. 11. May earn the Commissioner’s Key and/or the Cub Scouter Award. 12. Attends monthly meetings of the district committee. 13. Is not involved in the presentation of the unit charter. 14. Must be familiar with the monthly program themes. 15. Encourages assigned packs, troops, teams, and crews to earn the Quality Unit Award. Slide5:  Commissioner Basic Training Slide6:  Commissioner Basic Training Introductions:  Introductions Name Commissioner job Scouting experience Slide8:  Session 1 Why Commissioners? Overview:  Overview Aims and methods Commissioner service role Supporting the unit Unit Program Planning Aims and Methods:  Aims and Methods Aims of Scouting:  Aims of Scouting What are the aims of Scouting? Character development Citizenship training Personal fitness Methods of Scouting:  Methods of Scouting What are some methods of Scouting? Cub Scouts Boy Scouts / Varsity Venturing Council Mission:  Council Mission Promotes Scouting in a geographic area Voluntary association of citizens Representatives of chartered organizations Provides Scouting services Field service Office support Camps District Mission:  District Mission Organize and support successful units Membership Finance Program Unit service Slide15:  Commissioner Service Role The Commissioner Concept:  The Commissioner Concept The commissioner is the liaison between the local council and Scouting units. The commissioner's mission is to Keep units operating at maximum efficiency, Maintain regular contact with unit leaders, Counsel leaders on where to find assistance, Note weaknesses in programs, And suggest remedies. The commissioner is successful when units effectively deliver the ideals of Scouting to their members. Job Description Card:  Job Description Card Job Description Card:  Job Description Card Friend Job Description Card:  Job Description Card Friend + Representative Job Description Card:  Job Description Card Friend Representative + Unit "GP doctor" Job Description Card:  Job Description Card Friend Representative Unit "GP doctor" + Teacher Job Description Card:  Job Description Card Friend Representative Unit "GP doctor" Teacher + Counselor Slide24:  Supporting the Unit Supporting the Unit:  Supporting the Unit Topic: Indicators of unit health Method: Buzz groups Indicators of Unit Health: Pack:  Indicators of Unit Health: Pack Leadership Webelos den Advancement Attendance Adult attendance Den activity Program operations Den chiefs or den aides Membership Planned program Indicators of Unit Health: Troop:  Indicators of Unit Health: Troop Meeting operation Youth leadership Advancement Adult assistance Attendance Outdoor program Patrol activity Budget plan Membership Planned program Indicators of Unit Health: Crew:  Indicators of Unit Health: Crew Adult Leadership Elected Officers Adult assistance Membership Meeting operation Planned program Evaluation Tool:  Evaluation Tool Commissioner Worksheets - pack, troop, crew Do unit leaders like evaluation? What are your resources? Slide30:  Unit Program Planning Cub Scout Program Planning:  Cub Scout Program Planning Unit commissioners should understand process and tools Program Helps and Pack Planning Chart Council calendar Chartered organization needs Annual program planning conference Monthly pack leaders meeting DLC - DL meeting Den Chief - adult meeting Boy Scout Program Planning:  Boy Scout Program Planning Tools Troop Program Features — 4 volumes Program Planning Chart Boy Scout Leader Program Notebook Planning steps Homework (get ready) Find out what Scouts want (patrol leaders) PLC annual planning, SPL presiding Secure troop committee support Pass the word. Publicize. Venturing Crew Program Planning:  Venturing Crew Program Planning Crew plans program Program capability inventory (adult resources) Adult hobbies, interests, skills, careers, and Ideas from PCI to program planning forms Venturing activity interest survey Planning steps Officers brainstorm activities Officers discuss and evaluate each idea Officers select activities and calendarize Officers plan each month in advance Summary:  Summary Aims and methods Commissioner service role Supporting the unit Unit program planning Slide35:  Break! Slide36:  Commissioner Basic Training Slide37:  Session 2 Units: The Commissioner’s Top Priority Overview:  Overview The Unit Visit Unit Visitation Reports Commissioner Priorities Effective Commissioner Leadership Unit Committee Functions Quality Unit Operations Slide39:  The Unit Visit The First Unit Visit:  The First Unit Visit Make appointment to visit an assigned unit Go with your observer/coach/ADC Worksheet will be filled out later Take your resource kit Observe for the entire meeting Do not participate beyond introductions Both new commissioner and coach fill out independent worksheets Wear your complete uniform as an example Slide41:  Unit Visitation Reports Unit Visitation Reports:  Unit Visitation Reports Using the Commissioner Work Sheet Worksheet:  Worksheet Sample :  Sample Slide45:  Commissioner Priorities Commissioner Priorities:  Commissioner Priorities Remember your job description Stick to your primary responsibility Unit focus Slide47:  Effective Commissioner Leadership Effective Commissioner Leadership:  Effective Commissioner Leadership Evaluate and improve your own performance Maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude Work successfully with adults Guide unit leaders in working successfully with boys Set a good example for the boys and other adults Continue learning and growing in leadership skills Practice good communication Slide49:  Hidden notes slide Slide50:  Unit Committee Functions Unit Committee Functions:  Unit Committee Functions Packs Troops Teams Crews Pack Committee:  Pack Committee Advancement Finance Outings Training Membership & reregistration Record keeping & correspondence Public relations Friends of Scouting Troop Committee:  Troop Committee Advancement Finance Equipment Outdoor program Transportation Leadership Membership & reregistration Friends of Scouting Slide54:  Quality Unit Operation Danger Signals:  Danger Signals Style of leadership Leader wants to keep authority Lacks faith in boys / leaders Leader trains only by mass instruction Leader does not grasp possibilities of patrol method Unit is not meeting Unit is without adult leaders Unit has no committee No new members being added Low attendance at meetings Weak or poorly organized program No advancement No participation in day camp or summer camp No unit budget National Quality Unit Award:  National Quality Unit Award Four mandatory items Trained leader Trained assistant leader Outdoor program Recharter on time Minimum two of six optional items 100% Boy’s Life (or improvement) Advancement Service project Etc., appropriate to the type of unit Summary:  Summary The unit visit Unit visitation reports Commissioner priorities Effective commissioner leadership Unit committee functions Quality Unit operation Slide58:  Open Forum: Questions and Concerns Slide59:  Lunch! Slide60:  Commissioner Basic Training Slide61:  Session 3 How to Help a Unit Overview:  Overview Counseling The District Committee Membership Management Unit Charter Renewal Process Annual Commissioner Service Plan The Lifesaving Commissioner Second and Third Unit Visits Slide63:  Counseling Counseling:  Counseling "Listen to someone in such a way that they will solve their own problems." Discussion:  Discussion What are the fundamentals of good counseling? Fundamentals Of Good Counseling:  Fundamentals Of Good Counseling 1. Time and place with no interruptions 2. Understand what the leader is saying 3. Let the leader know you hear and understand 4. Do not give advice! Guide the discussion through questions Leader solves his/her own problem If they don't solve their own problem: Give information Propose possible alternatives Let leader pick best solution 5. Summarize from time to time to keep on track 6. Support thinking with information Know the difference between information and advice 7. Resources: Commissioner Fieldbook, Counseling Slide67:  District Committee District Committee:  District Committee Four function organization Membership Finance Program Unit service Membership Functions:  Membership Functions 1. Fall Roundup 2. Spring Roundup 3. Special membership rallies 4. Advice and help to units with membership problems Finance Functions:  Finance Functions 1. Sustaining Membership Enrollment / Friends of Scouting 2. Trust Funds (James E. West Award) 3. Advice to units Program Functions:  Program Functions 1. Camping 2. Activities 3. Advancement 4. Training 5. Health & Safety Camping:  Camping Order of the Arrow Where to go camping Summer camp promotion Log Cabin Gateway Philmont Activities:  Activities Scout Expo Scouting for Food Scouting Anniversary Week District Recognition Dinner Cub Day Camp Derbys: Pinewood, Soapbox, etc. Camp-O-Rees Advancement:  Advancement Eagle Boards of Review Merit Badge Counselors Venturing awards Advice / training for units Heroism awards Adult recognition Training:  Training Cub Scout: Fast Start New Leader Essentials Leader Specific Training: Tiger Cub, Cub Scout, Webelos Cubmaster and Assistant Pack Committee Youth Protection Pow Wow, Roundtable Wood Badge Training:  Training Boy Scout: Fast Start New Leader Essentials Leader Specific Training: Scoutmaster and Assistant Intro to Outdoor Leadership Skills Troop Committee Youth Protection Roundtable, High Adventure Wood Badge Training:  Training Venturing Fast Start New Leader Essentials Leader Specific Training: Venturing Crew Advisers / Adults Intro to Outdoor Leadership Skills Youth Protection Roundtable, High Adventure Wood Badge Powder Horn Training:  Training Youth: Den Chief Council Courses: Junior Leader Training Junior Leader Backpack Training Venturing Leadership Skills Course Health & Safety :  Health & Safety Monitor district events Slide80:  Membership Management Membership Management:  Membership Management Buzz groups for 10 minutes Topics: Unit with mostly older boys Inventories of active boys Year-round recruiting Preventing dropped units 1 minute reports Membership Management:  Membership Management Unit with mostly older boys Recruit Inventories of active boys Committee Involvement for inactive boys Program or Administrative issue Membership Management:  Membership Management Year-round recruiting Birthday greetings Phone Invitations Personal Invitations Webelos-Scout transition Preventing dropped units Assigned to unit Assigned while organizing new units Slide84:  Charter Renewal Charter Renewal:  Charter Renewal "If commissioners are providing regular visitation and doing their job as in the Annual Service Plan, then rechartering becomes a minor paperwork exercise." George Crowl, 1982 Objective::  Objective: Reregister unit On time Maximum membership Good leadership The Plan:  The Plan -90 -60 -45 -15 +60 The Plan:  The Plan 90 days before: District Executive visit Institution Head Printout available (to right person!) 60 days before: Membership inventory Recruit to make up loss 100% Boy's Life? 45 days before: Charter renewal meeting Boys Adults Fees Approvals Plans for the next year (Quality Unit) 15 days before: Charter turn-in night 60 days after: Charter presentation Ninety Days Before: :  Ninety Days Before: District Executive visits Institution Head Friendly visit or "How can I help" Sixty Days Before::  Sixty Days Before: Membership inventory Set review meeting Uniform inspection? Forty-Five Days Before::  Forty-Five Days Before: Charter review meeting Youth Adults Fees Approvals Quality Unit status Plans Fifteen Days Before::  Fifteen Days Before: Charter turn-in night Sixty Days After::  Sixty Days After: Charter presentation Chartered partner and The unit Sample presentation in Commissioner Fieldbook Some Techniques:  Some Techniques Talk about 100% Boy's Life early and often Committee members do membership follow-up Discuss Quality Unit with the whole committee (several times a year) Commissioner (the expert) fills out clean copy of charter renewal form Charter renewal checklist (available) Slide95:  Annual Commissioner Service Plan Annual Commissioner Service Plan :  Annual Commissioner Service Plan Gives specific purpose to regular and supportive contact with units. Annual Plan:  Annual Plan April - Unit leadership inventory May - Membership inventory - Troop uniform inspection June - Check on Quality Unit progress August - Unit program planning October - Troop/pack uniform inspection November - Youth Protection Training December - Membership inventory - Recharter - Quality Unit Measurement February - Charter presentation Slide98:  Annual Plan coupled with regular visitation provides good commissioner service. Slide99:  Lifesaving Commissioner Slide100:  Lifesaving Commissioner!!! Vital Signs:  Vital Signs What are they? Vital Signs:  Vital Signs Youth dropping out No youth recruiting or poor recruiting methods No adult leader No planned program No youth leaders No discipline Unit stops meeting Charter lapses / drops Chartered org. leader unhappy with the unit Only one active adult No parents involved Adult conflicts / poor communications TAKE ACTION:  TAKE ACTION Consult ADC / DC Ask some basic questions What are the problems? What are possible solutions? What do we do first? Who do we involve? How do we know when unit is saved? What is “plan B”? Be enthusiastic Apply "first aid“ Apply “second aid” Promote teamwork Hurry Cases:  Hurry Cases Unit not meeting No leader No committee No new members Conflict with chartered organization New untrained leader Weak leadership Lifesaving Team:  Lifesaving Team Ad hoc, or organized Bring appropriate skills to bear on the problem Adapt to the individual problems Slide106:  The Second and Third Unit Visits Second / Third Unit Visits:  Second / Third Unit Visits Second visit — unit meeting Go by yourself Stay only 15 minutes (drop-in) Take your resource kit Make worksheet (or changes) Third visit — committee meeting Visit with chartered organization representative Be prepared with ways to help Give everyone your phone and address Wear your complete uniform as an example Summary:  Summary Counseling District committee Membership management Charter renewal process Annual commissioner service plan Lifesaving commissioner Second and third unit visits Slide109:  Open Forum: Questions and Concerns Slide110:  Early Graduation (If you have a current Youth Protection card) Slide111:  Break! Slide112:  Commissioner Basic Training Slide113:  Youth Protection Training Commissioner and Youth Protection:  Commissioner and Youth Protection Annual Youth Protection visit in the fall Encourage proper leader selection procedures Coach unit people if child abuse occurs Promote the youth videos It Happened to Me A Time to Tell Personal Safety Awareness Explain how to use Youth Protection inserts Complete Youth Protection Training yourself Slide115:  Graduation

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