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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: danhops888


Commercial Radio Show Review By Daniel Hopkins As part of my assignment on music based programming, I created three music-based shows: one internet, one commercial and one in-store. The third and final show I recorded was for a commercial radio, with the theme being a national variety show for a national station. In my analysis of the show I will be reviewing it in depth through means of looking at my strengths and weaknesses while presenting and controlling the radio equipment. Firstly, I believe the song choices were appropriate for the type of show I was recording. The theme for my show was that it was a variety radio station covering “the best of the 80‟s, 90‟s and 00‟s”-which was one of the opening lines of our show. This immediately established the show as a variety radio show as they now know that the songs are from various decades, while the line also teases the range of songs that are coming up. I believe there was a good mix of songs from different years and genres to compliment the variety style of the station. Some of the songs included were Empire State Of Mind (RnB, 2009), Wonderwall (Indie Rock, 1995) and Don‟t Stop Believin‟ (Rock, 1981). As a variety radio station I needed to cater for a wide range of people with different tastes and interests in music and I think my song selection was excellent for this purpose. The songs I picked were all mainstream and though old were chart toppers at the time of their respective releases, with many still in the general interest of the listening public. They were not obscure songs as the more popular they were meant more people would be interested in listening to them. I presented the show with Daniel Harrison and we took turns announcing songs and telling facts about them along with regularly engaging in conversation with eachother. I believe as presenters we worked really well together, as we were both relaxed and talked to each other in a laid back, conservative manner. In our previous shows (internet and in-store) we rarely spoke to each other and when we did it seemed forced and unnatural as some of it was partially-scripted. We talked about many things ranging from football to the songs we were playing. We joked with each other and there was a lot of light-hearted banter between us. I feel this suited the commercial radio show as listeners of this type of radio would generally want funny and enthusiastic presenters. I have previously looked at two commercial radio stations (Capital and Smooth) as part of one of my assignments and though aimed at different audiences the presenters were enthusiastic and often made jokes, so I wanted to fit the general theme of this as it seems to be a popular way of presenting by professional radio hosts. Our technical quality was generally very good as we made transitions between speech, jingles and songs very smoothly. There were a couple of instances where we made some mistakes,

such as speaking before the end of a jingle and then allowing it to play before starting to speak again. The other times came when we hesitated before playing the songs after speaking, resulting in small amount of dead air. However, we managed to play all of our scripted content (songs and jingles) and the failed instantaneous transitions were very rare. There were some instances where me and Daniel stuttered or were confused about what we had to say, resulting in brief dead air. One example of this is when I ad-libbed our pre- prepared speech and asked Daniel what John Newman‟s first number one was. The answer was the song we were about to play and Daniel genuinely acts confused, so I had to point it out and you can hear the tone in his voice change as he realizes. It did slow down the flowing nature of our conversation but, it was only a minor blip and nothing like that occurred again. This was because after this incident we discussed what we were going to talk about beforehand, so there was no confusion. Daniel and I stuttered several times but, I think this was due to nerves at the time of recording and at other times they were general conversational pauses. Daniel and I often joked to each other about various things. For example we talked about the reason why Daniel supported his football team (he “liked the wolf on the badge” of Roma). I then went on to tease about how he had never been to Italy and Daniel jokily said he was a “football genius”. The segment was unscripted apart from our decision to talk about the reason. I think it went very well as it was unscripted and was naturally funny. There was another time when we discussed a comment about one of the songs we played, where a user on a website said “If this was a potato, it would be a really good potato”. We then laughed and joked about it, having a genuine humorous conversation. I believe unscripted conversations like this are more attractive to the listener and are usually funnier. We had a segment of our show entitled „funny stories‟ where Daniel and I discussed amusing news stories we had found from the previous few days. We joked about them and told the stories as if we were directly speaking to them, using phrases such as “can you believe this?” or “you‟ll love this one”. We spoke in-depth about each story and joked about what and who was involved. One story was about a mistake from some Google software, which says that there are trillions of countries in the world. I then joked “so if you need help with a geography test, don‟t go to google”. I think speaking directly to a listener is more appealing for them because it opens up the show on a personal level for them. Once we had finished we told the audience to go to our twitter account to find out the full news stories. This link opens up the show on a multi-media platform, which can be beneficial for listeners and presenters alike. I presented a short news segment during the hour, with several national news stories that were relevant and new at that time. The stories included: Nationwide flooding (and the address of the met office), 5 lions destroyed at a zoo due to inbreeding, a sinkhole opening up near a motorway and the previous day‟s premier league scores. The stories were all different and of

general interest to the listener. I chose to do a variety of news stories due to the show being a variety radio show, so the mix of stories would cater for many people. At the end of our show we were presenting our final song and Daniel messed up the name of one of the singers, so I stood in and helped. Daniel then quickly said “yeah, that”. We couldn‟t have joked about it or Daniel couldn‟t have corrected his mistake as the song had already begun playing. This wasn‟t as professional as our previous song presenting and I believe we could have handled the situation better. We finished off our show by talking about a video we had just come across on the web and we talked about it briefly before telling the audience to have a look at the video on our twitter account. We then said goodbye to the listeners and told them one final time to head over to our twitter account to “check out our lovely radio stuff”. We finished it off well and naturally as in our previous shows we finished them abruptly. Overall, I believe our show was very good and Daniel and I presented the show professionally and to a high standard. We were natural and for the most part unscripted, which I think was a contributing factor to the overall quality of our show. The only thing I think could have made the show better was if we had a bit more confidence as we stuttered a lot which sounded strange at times and resulted in dead air. However, it was a huge improvement on our previous shows, technically and content wise.

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