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Published on November 25, 2016

Author: gioskitchen



2. We at Gio's Kitchen; Truly understands all your needs from start to finish, starting or upgrading all your commercial kitchen equipments. Either pizza or restaurant or bakery.......... businesses? We got you all covered. We are capable of providing you with large commercial kitchen equipment, such as cooking equipment, smoke exhausting facility, food mixers, food processing machines, dishwashers, refrigeration equipment, stainless steel products (such as work bench, shelves, sinks etc). We can also provide small facilities used in the front of house, like tables, chairs, ceramics, glass products, cash registers and so on. Important kitchen implements, like cooking equipment, s. s. products, refrigeration equipment, and especially s. s. products, refrigeration equipment, can all be custom made to suit your needs.

3. You will able to buy new or used commercial kitchen equipment in Vancouver, BC from Gio’s Kitchen at the best price. We are one of the trustworthy one stop suppliers cum dealers of commercial kitchen equipments that have gained a great reputation in food and hospitality industry in Vancouver, BC. Contact us today at 778-885-9142 to get a certified and functional kitchen appliance or equipment at the best price.

4. Our ShowRoom Gio's Kitchen Commercial Food Equipments 642 Kingsway Vancouver, BC V5T 3K4 Canada email: 778-8859142

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