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Published on March 21, 2014

Author: ashwinpatelnz1



Now the commercial air conditioners are a necessity for an office space. To find a proper commercial air conditioner that can circulate the air and provide proper ventilation is difficult.

Air conditioning is the process of altering properties of air such as temperature and humidity to more favourable conditions, in order to distribute the altered air to an occupied space to improve comfort. Now the commercial air conditioners are a necessity for an office space. To find a proper commercial air conditioner that can circulate the air and provide proper ventilation is difficult. To achieve this, well-planned and thoughtful placement of parts is needed. It is a skill to plan out proper ventilation for a closed space. For this one need to have knowledge and experienced hand to choose an appropriate type of air conditioner that are commercially available in the market. To enlighten to onto this subject, kindly read on to following part of the article. This will surely help you to select proper ventilation or conditioning system for your work place. There are following types of air conditioning system available: WINDOW OR THROUGH-WALL AC Air conditioners that are used for a single room are available in two forms: unitary and packaged terminal (PTAC) systems.

Unitary systems, the most common one room air conditioners, placed through the window or wall opening, with interior controls. The system cools the interior air with a fan blower and passes it to evaporator. On the exterior the air is heated as a second fan blows it out. Here in this process, heat is absorbed from the room and discharged to the environment. PTAC systems or wall-split air conditioning systems or ductless systems, these systems have two separate units, the evaporative unit on the interior and the exterior unit consists of a condenser. They are connected by atube passing through the wall. This minimizes the interior system footprint and allows each room to be adjusted independently. These systems can be used to provide heat in cold weather. SPLIT AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM They are available in two forms: central and mini-split. The interior unit’s heat exchanger and fan is separated by some distance from the outside unit’s heat exchanger and fan, in both the forms. When used as a central air conditioning system, the inside heat-exchanger is placed inside the forced air heating system of AC unit which is then used to distribute chilled air throughout a commercial building in summer. One split-system can supply cool air to up to eight indoor units. Today the split AC containing a heat pump are available, such a system can be switched to supply heat instead of cold in winter season.

DUCTLESS AIR CONDITIONER Most ductless systems works on the principle similar to that of PTAC air conditioners. These systems are also designed to cool a single space. The advantage that these ductless system gives you is flexibility of design and installation as the inside wall space required is reduced and moreover the exterior unit can be placed a little away from the inside space, rather than on the other side of the same unit. A much higher efficiency has been seen in ductless systems. Another advantage is availability of flexible exterior hoses lead from the outside unit to the interior one. You may paint the exterior unit to match with the colour of infrastructure. CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS Central air conditioning systems are widely used for cooling large spaces or building. They offer a moderate cooling temperature with a low maintenance cost. They are quite effective in controlling the temperature of a multi- storeyed building.

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