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Published on April 7, 2008

Author: Lindon



Itai-Itai: Doctors, Women and Cadmium :  Itai-Itai: Doctors, Women and Cadmium Yi-Ping Lin, PhD College of Public Health, National Taiwan University Background and Significance:  Background and Significance Environmental Movement 1960s-1970s In the name of “health” Lawsuit, compensation, clean-ups, Pollution Control Agreement Public Health Policies Cadmium in soil and rice STS East Asian case study A Perfect Story:  A Perfect Story Environmental epidemiological evidence Cadmium concentration and Itai-Itai prevalence were highly correlated Responsible Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co. Compensation, pollution control, environmental clean-ups Disappearing of Itai-Itai disease No more cases reported No major environmental pollution reported in the mining industry Environmental Epidemiological Evidence:  Environmental Epidemiological Evidence Cadmium Pollution Prevalence of Itai-Itai of women over 50 Doctors, Women and Cadmium:  Doctors, Women and Cadmium Why didn’t the medical community recognize the disease earlier? Why did old women get sick? Where have all the cadmium gone? Country Doctors and City Doctors:  Country Doctors and City Doctors Shigejiro Hagino (1935) Researchers in a local medical college (after WWII) Rheumatic disease Doctors form a rheumatology institute in Tokyo (1955) Osteomalacia (vitamin D deficiency) Noboru Hagino (1957) Kin-ichi Yoshioka & Noboru Hagino (1961) Lay, Lay Experts, and Experts:  Lay, Lay Experts, and Experts London choleras John Snow and the Broad Street Pump (1854) Coal-miners’ pneumoconiosis Smith BE. Black lung: the social production of disease. Inter J Health Services 1981;11:343-59. Itai-Itai: Old Women in Severe Pain:  Itai-Itai: Old Women in Severe Pain World War II Increased zinc production Poverty Malnutrition, food shortage More women in the villages Gender differences Biological: hormone Osteoporosis, breast cancer Behavioral: women and water Women’s Environmental Health:  Women’s Environmental Health Women in Environmental Movement:  Women in Environmental Movement USA Love Canal, NY; Woburn, MA Mothers of sick children Taiwan Female RCA workers Japan Adult children of sick elderly mothers? Cadmium: A Co-product of Zinc Smelting :  Cadmium: A Co-product of Zinc Smelting Cadmium Markets and Trends:  Cadmium Markets and Trends Cadmium Production:  Cadmium Production Cadmium Consumption:  Cadmium Consumption The Application of Cadmium:  The Application of Cadmium Nickel Cadmium Batteries:  Nickel Cadmium Batteries Mitsui Kinzoku:  Mitsui Kinzoku Ray of Hope in the Land of the Rising Sun:  Ray of Hope in the Land of the Rising Sun Japanese Women: World’s Longest Life Expectancy:  Japanese Women: World’s Longest Life Expectancy Cadmium Rice in Taiwan (1984):  Cadmium Rice in Taiwan (1984) Irrigation System, Rice Paddy, & Electric Plating Factories:  Irrigation System, Rice Paddy, & Electric Plating Factories 污染農地(和美鎮嘉安段地號1166)旁的排水溝。 Cadmium and Health: New Challenges:  Cadmium and Health: New Challenges Sources of pollution Multiple sources: factories Consumer products: batteries Pathways Food: rice (from the supermarket) Inhalation: factories Exposed population Workers and residents Men and women Diseases Cancers Lung, prostate, breast Osteoporosis Thank you for your attention!:  Thank you for your attention!

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