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Published on November 11, 2016

Author: IKO_Roofing


1. • The correct installation techniques for AquaBarrier AVB • The correct materials required for the installation of AquaBarrier AVB • The required tools for the installation for AquaBarrier AVB This video covers:

2. Tools required: • Utility knife • Tape measure • 10 mm nap paint roller & handle • Pressure roller • Safety glasses • Respirator (enclosed spaces)

3. • All substrates must be primed with IKO S.A.M. adhesive primer, IKO S.A.M. LVC adhesive primer, or IKO Water Based adhesive primer to the application of the membrane products. • IKO S.A.M. Adhesive primer, or other IKO options, are applied using a 10 mm nap roller at an approximate rate of 122 sq. ft. per gallon. • A minimal flash off time of 30 minutes is required prior to the installation of the membrane product.

4. • Measure the height of the wall for coverage. • Cut the AquaBarrier AVB membrane to the appropriate length, leaving a couple of extra inches at the bottom. • Remove approximately 8 inches of the release paper from the back of the membrane prior to installation. • Position the top of the membrane on the wall section, remembering the membrane courses should be installed starting at the bottom of the wall and working upward.

5. • Apply sufficient hand pressure to ensure adhesion to the substrate. • Remove the release paper by pulling from behind, parallel to the membrane. • Complete adhesion by rolling the membrane with a pressure roller being sure to remove any wrinkles or "fish-mouths".

6. • Install successive courses of membrane in the same fashion ensuring all ends are overlapped by a minimum of 6 inches and all sides are overlapped by 3 inches. End and side laps must be primed with IKO S.A.M. Adhesive or IKO S.A.M. LVC Adhesive primer prior to application of the membrane. • Trim the excess membrane at the base of the wall. • The result is an attractive, properly installed IKO AquaBarrier AVB Vapour Barrier membrane for your next vertical wall assembly. A job well done!

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