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Information about COMM 106 MMJ - LECTURE #2 (BASICS OF MMJ) PP #2

Published on January 26, 2014

Author: ericluther355


MASS MEDIA CHANNELS: MASS MEDIA CHANNELS Print from the late 1400s books, pamphlets, newspapers, magazines… Recordings from the late 1800s records, tapes, cassettes, 8-track cartridges, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray… Cinema/Film from about 1900 feature films, short films, documentaries – all shown in theaters MASS MEDIA CHANNELS: MASS MEDIA CHANNELS Radio from about 1910 news/talk shows, music programs, live concerts…(BROADCAST MEDIA) Television from about 1950 news, dramas, sitcoms, educational, reality… (BROADCAST MEDIA) MASS MEDIA CHANNELS: MASS MEDIA CHANNELS Internet from about 1990 websites, email, webisodes, chat rooms, streaming audio/video, online newspapers/magazines… (DIGITAL MEDIA) Mobile from about 2000 text messaging, video, photos, music - cell phone transmissions of all kinds… (DIGITAL MEDIA) MANY NAMES…SAME THING: Multimedia Journalism Cross-platform Journalism Multiplatform Journalism New Media Journalism Convergence Journalism MANY NAMES…SAME THING WHAT IS “CONVERGENCE MEDIA”?: WHAT IS “CONVERGENCE MEDIA”? The combining of traditional broadcast avenues like Television and Radio with aspects of print and digital media found in Internet and Mobile technology CONVERGE vs. MERGE: CONVERGE vs. MERGE CONVERGE = To tend toward or approach an intersecting point MERGE = To combine or unite Subtle but important difference between the two… CONVERGE vs. MERGE: CONVERGE vs. MERGE BASICS OF JOURNALISM: BASICS OF JOURNALISM Who What When Where Why Also, How are you getting it? VIDEO EXAMPLES: VIDEO EXAMPLES 60 Minutes Television Pieces on technology and/or communication The use of facts and emotion to tell story While primarily video-pieces, they are still very well written and involve multimedia Pay attention to all the video elements – be aware of how many of them come together to make one piece VIDEO EXAMPLES: VIDEO EXAMPLES BRAIN POWER BREAKTHROUGH – ROBOTIC LIMBS MEMORY WIZARDS OVERVIEW: OVERVIEW Start thinking about the details of communication of all types, but especially journalism - the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY of it all. Plus, HOW are you being given you the story? Start identifying the multimedia aspects of journalism you consume. Please bring any examples in you would like. LOOKING AHEAD: LOOKING AHEAD Blog authorship confirmation Identifying Multimedia Journalism Pitching Your Own Multimedia Journalism Story

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