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Published on February 18, 2008

Author: Simeone


Slide1:  Die Wilden Fußballkerle – Argstein – Rudi – Santaman – Wild Life Comics Argstein - A Black Forest Saga 64 p, softcover, 4c A humorous and exciting comic adventure consisting of classic horror story elements. It is about a fictitious valley Argstein, inhabited by humans and demons alike. Originally written for the US market, where Dark Horse Comics are planning a summer 2006 release. To be published in Dec 2006 All rights available except U.S.A. Die Wilden Fußballkerle 2 vol (vol. 1 sold 19,000 copies!), 48 p, softcover, 4c Soccer at it’s best! About a group of teenagers with an enormous thirst for adventures and a particular passion for playing soccer. Created a.o. by Joachim Masannek, author and director of the wild-bunch-movies that received 4 awards) Wild Life 60 p, hardcover Funny, perfect consolation for black days. World of Nightlife (House & Trance parties), music and party biz. Out in Oct 2006 Santaman 48 p softcover, vol 1 There are many legends about Santa Claus, but this comic tells the true story in his ironical debut. Santaman is a superhero, who takes on the baddies of this world. Out in Nov 2006 Rudi 3 vol, 48 p, softcover, 4c Rudi is one of the brightest stars in German comic heaven. For 20 years his comic strips were an integral part of fanzines and local magazines. Wherever published, a veritable Rudi frenzy set in. Of the 6 Rudi comic books published in past, 100.000 copies were sold. Rudi stands out for shrewd and nasty humour and his amusing attacks on today’s society. Slide2:  Zappaesk – Sticks & Fingers – Inter View Pop Comics – Wüstensöhne – Hotze Comics Wüstensöhne 64 p, hardcover, 4c, 3 narrations Ambitious comic (both in graphics and words) showing the incomprehensibility of reality and the struggle against fascistic structures as well as the cultural destruction they are causing. The 3 narrations will lead the reader to the abyss of human fate. Zappaesk 240 p, softcover, b/w Music as a comic. An homage to the “mother of invention” – Frank Zappa. Contains underground scene pictures, his ruthless quotations, provocative text and biographic data: impressive musical and pictorial jouney through the life of exceptional artist and enfant terrible Frank Zappa. Sticks & Fingers 48 p, softcover Story about a 3 friends that want to become glorious rock stars. Comic full of absurd situations and slapstick-moments. Franco-belgian style. Inter View Pop Comics 128 p, softcover, 4c Interviews with popular music bands of the alternative scence and mainstream are adapted into comic. Very entertaining, funny, bizarre, realstic, fictive comicstrips. Hotze 48 p, hardcover, 4c Hotze is fighting against the daily insanity and cold reality, first of all by making party! Infectious! 5 friends start living together in a big house. Stories and jokes about living in a city, DJs, friends, sex, drugs, depressions, love, etc. Very popular in Germany. By Bringmann & Kopetzki. Slide3:  Fantasy: Wolfgang Hohlbein and Kai Meyer Comics Chronicles of the Immortals – Comic, 56 pages, hardcover, 4c For this amazing comic strip adaption of Hohlbein’s fantasy-beseller the artists Thomas von Kummant and Benjamin von Eckartsberg received the Sondermann-Award of Frankfurt Book Fair 2005 in the category “Best Comic National”. 10,000 copies sold in Germany, very successful also in France (Editions Pacquet)! Wellenläufer Trilogy Comic adaption of volume 1 + 2 (Shell Magic + The Wisdom of the Worms) 48 pages, softcover, 4c Wonderful fantasy story about two kids, Jolly and Munk with special talents – they are the last survivors of the Quappen and only they can fight the maelstrom. Together with Princess Soledad and blind passenger Griffin they go on a new adventure … Kai Meyer’s Wellenläufer novels have reached great sales figures, the comics won’t stand behind. Slide4:  Kai Meyers: Wellenläufer Fantasy Die Wellenläufer Big format: (21,6 x 28,7 cm) 48 pages, softcover, 4c Comic book adaptation of Kai Meyer’s successful Wellenläufer trilogy! (250,000 copies sold!) Kai Meyer is one of the most admired fantasy writer for children books currently Fantastic adventure in the Caribbean of a girl and a boy, the last survivor of the Quappen, who can walk over water. Target group: reader of the novel trilogy and collectors Volume 1: published March 2006 (2,500 copies sold in 3 months) All Rights Available. Rights of the Wellenläufer novel-trilogy, published at Loewe Verlag, Germany, are sold to: Spain, USA, UK, Russia, Japan, Croatia, France (Du Rocher), Czech Republic, China. New edition of comic in smaller format will be published in October 07, which will then cover vol 1 + 2 of the 1st novel of the trilogy. Slide5:  Wolfgang Hohlbein: Das Blut der Templer Comics Das Blut der Templer Illustration and text: Simon Eckart and Michael Vogt Ca. 96 p Following the big success of the movie and the novels, the comic will be released in December 2007. Thrilling story: David, a 19 year old boy, is being chasen of the mysterious Templar Knights and the Prieure de Sion, another secret society. They are after the Holy Grail, and the key to it is a child... Slide6:  Elvis Comics The illustrated Biography by Reinhard Kleist and Titus 30 years since Elvis has left the building (16. August 2007) – time to set the most famous and most successful singer ever a comic memorial! Target group: Elvis fans and music-fans, comic fans. The Biography will cover Elvis’ whole life. Short episodes will show the most important scenes of his life. Elvis’ last years, his addiction, his tragical and sad death will not be spared, comic tries to follow his real life Comic-strip artists: 9 different illustrators, among others: Titus, Reinhard Kleist, Isabel Kreitz. Production details 128 p., hardcover, 4c Format: 17,5 X 24 cm RP: 19,90 Rights sold to France, negotiations with Netherlands Publishing date: July 07 1st edition: 7 000 copies Slide7:  Mon-Star Attack 2 volumes, 192 p, pocket book, 4 c Funny space comedy, about Dr. K. Nickel, a passionate villain - and rabbit. Shanghai Passion 208 p, pocket book, b/w Young German businessman on his 1st trip to China where he has an extraordinary romance. Without Identity 2 vol, 192 p, pocket book, b/w Thrilling fantasy story about 2 humans without a soul. Ying Zhou-Cheng is the winner of the Connichi-Doujinshi-Competition 2004 Mangas made in Germany Mon-Star Attack – Shanghai Passion – Without Identity All of these mangas have been published originally by VGS, by German or European artists and writers. Slide8:  Orcus Star 176 p, pocket book, b/w + 6c Dark fantasy, about a girl that after death concludes a contract with the Goddess of Death in hell. Catwalk 192 p, pocket book, b/w, 2 volumes Shy Blanche gets the chance to become ”Model of the Year”. German mangaka Alexandra Völker won the 2nd prize at the Connichi-Doujinshi-Competiton 2004. Freaky Angel 176 p, pb, b/w, 2 volumes 3 short stories about Hikari – a cupid who tries to help people with their love life. Winner of the Connichi-Doujinshi-Competition 2003 Mangas made in Germany Orcus Star – Catwalk – Indépendent – Freaky Angel Mangas for Girls! Indépendent 192 p, pocket books, b/w + 4 c, 2 volumes Hip Epicé, shopping addict and daughter of a Mafioso, tries new tricks to have some cash. Mocking the typical manga stereotypes.

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