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Published on August 8, 2009

Author: Patjane



Human Capital Investment is more than just Human Resources Management. It is about the strategic acquisition, development, deployment and retention of key human resources of the organization. At Cometsa we take keen interest in all the stages of the talent in the business and public sector.

Cometsa Human Capital Investments (a division of Tsima Cometsa Management , reg. nr: 1997/008310/23) Human Capital Service Offerings Ø Human Capital Investment Planning Ø Recruitment, Professional Placements and Executive Search Ø Work Life Balance Program through “RELEASE Concept” {Recreation; Entertainment; Leisure; Education; Art/Culture/Music; Sport; and Environment/Community Work} Ø Outplacement Services Ø Conference & Seminars Professional Speaking & Presentations Ø Knowledge Management & International Knowledge Exchange Ø Vocational Education Management Ø Career Development, Career Management, and Career Transition Ø Mentoring, Coaching and Advisory Ø Personality Development Programmes Ø Skills Shortage Management, and Skills Development Facilitation Ø Retired Professionals Reinvestment Programmes Ø Transformation, Organization & Community Development Ø Professional & Business Networks Ø Management & Leadership Development CIMA - Certificate in Business Accounting Ø Cometsa Human Capital Investments, a unit of Cometsa Management Services (division of Tsima Cometsa Management) is a listed tuition provider of The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), London, UK, Ø Depending on the number of participants, Cometsa Human Capital Investments is able to offer on site lectures, i.e. at the client's premises; depending on sufficient number of students and the availability of training rooms. Ø A CIMA qualification focuses on accounting for business every aspect of it. And that equips people to rise to any organizational challenge and opportunity that come their way. Ø Because CIMA training is designed to be fit for purpose throughout industry, commerce, not-for- profit and public sector organizations, it produces people with financial prowess who also understand the intricacies of management. Ø Chartered Management Accountants have the ability to work across a variety of senior roles leading to fantastic career prospects and high earning potential. Ø The CIMA Professional Qualification is seen as a passport to global employability because it is portable and highly valued by employers.The certificate in business accounting is made up of the following modules: Ø CO1: Fundamentals of Management Accounting Ø CO2: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting Ø CO3: Fundamentals of Business Mathematics Ø CO4: Fundamentals of Business Economics Ø CO5: Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law The objectives of Cometsa Human Capital Investments as a listed CIMA Tuition Provider: Ø Provide quality tuition Ø Achieve high pass rate Ø Recruit students with high potential to succeed Ø Achieve high participation rate in learnerships by companies and students Ø To be the number one CIMA tuition provider in Sub-Sahara Africa Face to Face lectures schedule Ø Mondays: Fundamentals of Management Accounting , 17h00 19h00 Ø T uesdays: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting, 17h00 19h00 Ø Wednesdays: Fundamentals of Business Mathematics, 17h00 19h00 Ø Thursdays: Fundamentals of Business Economics, 17h00 19h00 Ø Saturdays: Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law, 08h00 10h00

Ø CIMA Training (supporting employer training of CIMA students Day One § CIMA has more members in the public sector than any other UK based body § Cometsa Human Capital Investments, as a listed CIMA tuition provider in South Africa, would like to replicate this representation within the South African public sector § As a CIMA Training employer your students are guaranteed to receive a high standard of training support. The benefits of this include: Ø An enhanced ability to attract and retain the best students will lead to improved staff competence levels Ø Rapid progress of students through the CIMA qualification which means you have trained competent managers delivering relevant business decisions Ø Improved pass rates of your students will also mean a better return on investment on your training and development costs Ø Why the Management Accountant? CIMA refers to professional accountants in business as management accountants. Their role is: § To generate and create value through effective strategic decision making and deployment of resource and formulating business strategy to create wealth and shareholder value § To provide, analyse and interpret management information and then use that data to make essential decisions § To measure organizational performance and including financial and non-financial reporting under generally accepted accounting principles § To apply accounting techniques, budgeting and forecasting to help determine costs and budgets and forecast future performance § To analyse processes and manage costs to reduce waste § To manage risk and provide business assurance Corporate Theatre & Musical Services for Corporates (Cometsa Mafrika Band) Live musical shows, virtual art & performance, audio production at Cometsa Mafrika Studios, video production at Cometsa Mafrika Studios, poetic performance, and theatre performance § Diversity Management & Inclusion education, awareness and messaging § HIV/Aids education, awareness and messaging § Employment Equity and Affirmative Action § Transformation and Change Management facilitation § Corporate management and leadership themes § Customer relationship management & service delivery culture entrenchment § Performance management culture entrenchment and messaging § Productivity enhancement and messaging § Induction and orientation programs § Live performances at staff and/or management functions Human Capital Services offered in partnership with Associates Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Events Management (offerings in partnership with Customised Skills Development, CSD) Ø Providing world-class services in Conferencing, Events Management, Seminars and In-House Training Ø CSD's core areas of speciality include Conferences, Seminars, Training Workshops aimed at skills development as well as Events Management and In-House Training for all sectors. Ø In these specific functions, CSD's main role is the conceptualisation of conference ideas, administrative and coordination of events as well as marketing. Ø We manage these activities through partnerships and working together with other organisations well positioned to deliver Ø CSD strives to become one of the most competitive and innovative conference and training organisers in Southern Africa., Continuously delivering transformational cutting-edge conferences and training programmes.

People Development (offerings in partnership with CIDA Learning) CIDA learning is a leading high performance learning organisation focussed exclusively on people development at every level within the organisation. We offer an extensive range of unique high performance learning solutions catering for the wider corporate market, as well as the Contact Centre market. Where relevant, products are NQF aligned. Learning solutions are developed to meet the requirements of client's specific organisational needs, and are streamed through two Centres of Excellence: Foundation and Customised. CIDAl earning has built a proud reputation for excellence through innovative and experience-driven quality, scale driven affordability, and independent ROI Corporate University & People Solutions (offerings in partnership with Growth-Link) Ø Vision of Growth-Link: We are the FIRST CHOICE in People Development Ø Mission of Growth-Link: We specialise in People Development through; Occupational Assessment and HR Consulting services; Day Two customized learning design, delivery and competency assessment services; to empower our business partners to implement their strategies, thus ensuring: Competent People, High Performing Teams, Thriving Organizations, and A Prosperous Society Ø Why Cometsa partnered with Growth-Link? Growth Link provides integrated solutions when it comes to Management and Leadership training, Assessments and other Human Resources Consulting Services. This includes: § The assessment of employees in line with the strategic leadership competencies of our clients; § The alignment of supervisory, management and leadership training with these strategic competencies; § The delivering of high standard experiential learning programmes based on national registered unit standards; § The monitoring and reporting of all training intervention through a range of structures; § Assist with the design and implementation of talent and succession planning processes. ØProducts and services of Growth-Link: § Corporate University: Learning Design; Learning Delivery; Learning and Assessment Support § People Solutions: Occupational Assessment; and HR Consulting Facilitators of Investment in Excellence (a program of The Pacific Institute South Africa Pty Ltd) Ø Mission: The Pacific Instituteto improve improve the performanceandindividuals and organizations so profou Mission: The Pacific Institute exists exists to the performance of individuals of organizations so profoundly that it contributes to our our country highly desirable desirable to work, visit and live in. We significantly impact of contributes to country being being highly to work, visit and live in. We significantly impact and enrich the quality and en life inin communities by dynamically enhancing the thinking of their key leaders and, through them individ life communities by dynamically enhancing the thinking of their key leaders and, through them individuals, teams and organisations whether corporate, educational or communitycommunity based. organisations whether corporate, educational or based. Ø The objective of Investment In Excellence which is the flagship process of The Pacific Institute is to get people to embrace moreully the existing drive for excellence with the view to seeking further enhancements. Ø The goal of Investment In Excellence is to constantly invent ways of improving performance and production levels in the short , medium and long term. Capacity Building for Engineering Profession (in partnership with Nkoka Training Pty Ltd) Ø University partnership program Ø Cooperative education advisory Ø Student counselling Ø Graduates development program Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (in partnership with iCap Business Solutions Pty Ltd) Ø Broad-Blased Black Economic Empowernment facilitaion and implementation Ø Employment Equity & Affirmative Action programs facilitation and implementation Recruitment, Professional Placement & Executive Search (in partnership with Africa Search South Africa Pty Ltd) Ø Assignment briefing Ø Talent identification Ø interviews and selection Ø Assessments Ø Induction & orientation

Recruitment, Professional Placement & Executive Search (in partnership with Equal Access Global Pty Ltd) Ø Assignment briefing Ø Talent identification Ø Interviews and selection Ø Assessments Ø Induction & orientation Ø Call Centre Management Ø Public Sector Capacity development Ø Public Sector Recruitment, Professional Placement and Executive Search Corporate Social Investment Program (in partnership with iCap Business Solutions) Ø Corporate Social Investment projects identification (Sam Tsima Foundation 2007) Ø Corporate Social Investment Planning and Implementation Facilitation (Sam Tsima Foundation 2007) Ø Education and Capacity Development (Cometsa Capacity Development Agency) Ø Art, Culture & Music Development (Cometsa Mafrika Development Agency) Ø Sport Development (Cometsa Sports Development Agency) Ø Corporate outreach & sponsorship opportunities (Cometsa Friends & Supporters Agency, and Cometsa Friends & Supporters Club) Enterprise Development Program (in partnership with Business Skills South Africa Foundation, BSSA) Ø Enterprise Development Program Ø Owner Manager Training Programme Ø rocess Training Programme Ø Facilitators Training Programme Business Management & Leadership consulting (in partnership with Phillips Consulting South Africa Pty Ltd) Ø Strategic Planning Facilitation Ø Management & leadership development interventions Ø People management effectiveness programs Ø Total quality management programs Environmental Awarrness,Learning,Development,Conferences and break-away sessions at Ezemvelo Nature Reserve Ezemvelo NatureRreserve is situated on the Bankenveld, which is the transition ecotone between the grassland and savanna biomes. Ecologically this is very valuable as elements of both biomes occur within the reserve, creating a very rich biological diversity. The 4000 hectare reserve is naturally divided into well preserved grasslands and associated rocky outcrops and wetlands. The clear water of the Wilge River is the boundary and forms beautiful gorges and valleys of colourful Wilge River sandstones. The bushy river valleys are home to extensive animal and birdlife. The savanna area of 1000 hectares has many tree species. The lovely open vistas of the grassland plains teeming with game are a reminder of times gone by. The wetlands old rocky areas are home to many specialized bird and insect species and predators. The hikes and trails have been developed in these areas to acquaint the visitors with the best opportunity to observe nature closely. Naturally occurring species include: Ø Black wildebeest Ø Mountain reedbuck Ø White rhino Ø Grey duiker Ø Vervet monkey Ø Oribi Ø Kudu Ø Waterbuck Ø Eland Ø Giraffe

Ø Aardvark Ø Blesbok Ø Zebra Ø Steenbok Ø Baboons Ø Aardwolf The predators are: Ø Brown hyena Ø Leopard Ø Caracal Ø Civet Introduced game includes: Ø Red hartebeest Ø Gemsbok Ø Springbok Ø Blue wildebeest 268 bird species have been identified and the list is growing: Ø Blue and crowned crane Ø Denham's (Stanley's) bustard Ø Barrow's (white bellied) Korhaan are regulars in the grass wetlands. Ø Grassland specialists include Ø Black Marshall ØFish eagle Ø the melodious cark and six other cork species, five francolin species and African grass owl, grey hornbill. Black, marshalll and fish eagle are seen in the savanna and Wilge River valley Insect diversity is particularly impressive: Research into the exact numbers and species richness is still underway, with a completely new species already found. Plant diversity is just as extraordinary, with springtime being especially beautiful with an explosion of colour when many wild flowers are in bloom and the trees budding. Short Learning Programmes on site Ø Environmental Awareness Ø Horseback safari Ø Team building and leadership camps Ø e co-tourism management CIDA Learning programmes on site(in Partnership With Cometsa Human Capital Investments) Ø Study Skills Ø Problem Solving Ø Negotiation Skills Ø Time Management Ø Business Language Ø Service Excellence Ø Presentation Skills Ø Managing Meetings Ø Interpersonal Skills Ø Stress Management Ø Conflict Management Ø Business Writing Skills Ø Emotional Intelligence Ø PA Learning Programme Ø Financial Self Management Ø Coaching for High Performance ØBasic Business Skills and Entrepreneurship

Cometsa Sport Consultants sessions on site Ø Sport coaching workshop Ø Sport management workshop Ø Sport administration workshop Ø Sport leadership workshop What you could do while learning on site: Ø Short and long trails up to three-day hikes Ø Guided walks to archeological sites Ø Day game drives Ø Night game drives Ø Bird watching Ø Mountain biking Ø Sparkling swimming pool Ø Foofie slide Ø Volleyball Ø Game viewing in your own vehicle Horse Safaris at Ezemvelo Nature Reserve: Ø Amidst the rapid urbanisation it is rare for the general public to have access to a major nature reserve only one hour’s drive from the Gauteng economic hub,also offering horseback safaris. Ø The horses are bred to be appropriate for the terrain and are very well schooled for adventure tourism activities. Ø From Ezemvelo’s stable yard,guests have the opportunity to explore the reserve and move between the game in an eco- friendly manner. Ø Ezemvelo horseback safaris offer: § 1 x hour rides § 3 x hour safaris § 2 x day safaris § team building on horseback Hiking trails at Ezemvelo: Self guided hikes of 4km, 6km, 14km and 23km through open grasslands(and the rocky outcrops for the enegetic) The shorter trails overlook and go through the picturesque Wilge River valley. Cometsa Nexus Enterprises offers logistical support to Ezemvelo Nature Reserve: Ø Sport Services Ø Transport Services Ø Travel & Tourism Ø Hospitality Services (incl. Catering Services) Ø Events Managemen Ø Facilities Brokers Ø Entertainment Contacts: +27 79 468 8881 (Thabiso Mamaro); +27 (0) 73 559 2955 (Chris Koatale); Tel. +27 (0) 11 974 9308;; ; ;

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