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Information about Comdex2002

Published on May 7, 2008

Author: Jeremiah


Bo Dahlbom 2002 —  Bo Dahlbom 2002 — President of the Swedish Research Institute for Information Technology — Professor of Informatics at Göteborg University Advisor to mobile service provider companies Bo Dahlbom –  Bo Dahlbom – All Business is Show Business Techology as Life Form:  Techology as Life Form People are what they do and they do it with technology A society is a technology, the use of technology, and ideas about technology and its use Technology changes the conditions of life Archeology and Future Archeology Factory Life:  Factory Life Work is a place that you go to in the morning, come home from at night To work in a factory, with machines, to be on time, find your place and stay there Work hours and time off, vacation, employed, unemployed, education, working life, retirement First there was data processing:  First there was data processing Computing machines (45-65) Information systems and robots (65-85) Personal computing and copiers (85-90) Networks and workflow (90-95) Then there was...:  Then there was... IT ...and work became just TALK!:  ...and work became just TALK! From work dominated by machines and production to work dominated by people and conversation. To work is to meet. Communicative capacity, personal initiative, availability, flexibility, tempo, and networking. Work, education and entertainment are mixed. Work goes on anywhere, anytime, on the market. Working places become meeting places. Technical Development:  Technical Development Machines emptied the country, gave us work in the factories in the city Computers emptied factories, gave us work in the offices Internet is emptying offices, giving us work on the market The IT Revolution in Sweden:  The IT Revolution in Sweden Customer Hunting :  Customer Hunting When we produce much more than we can sell even on a global market, then competition becomes fierce, and we must go customer hunting From Factory to Market:  From Factory to Market Technical development has taken us from production to administration to services and sales A fantastic competence for production now forces us to focus on sales, marketing, design, brand Sales is interaction, working places become meeting places, we become nomads, technology becomes mobile e-society with e-service:  e-society with e-service In factory society, organizations were buildings. Commerce, sales, education, care were all produced in factories. In market society, organizations become networking. Commerce, sales, education, care will all be available anywhere, anytime. The Old Company:  The Old Company A society of its own, a well organized centre for production and distribution, a factory A well defined, autonomous organization, with its own goals, values, and quality control The New Company:  The New Company A losely connected, distributed and mobile sales force, with a web site A service network, adapting to market and customer movements and demands Factory Society:  Factory Society Organizations built on production A society of production units A society of factories and offices A society of work places Market Society:  Market Society Organizations built on business A society of market places A society of meeting places Virtual and physical meeting places Focus on Sales:  Focus on Sales From Process to Situations From Organization to Initiatives From Hands to Whole People From Control to Attention Business by Attention:  Business by Attention Ha!, HaHa, Aha, Ahh, Ouch! Emotions, Excitement, Entertainment Meaning and Engagement Leadership by Attention A 24 Hour Society:  A 24 Hour Society Anytime, anywhere, anyone computing Everything always open everywhere Online guardian angels watching you Always available, running faster and faster Mobile nomads renting their lives A Consumer Society:  A Consumer Society Meetings: cocktails, shows, events Travel: adventure, work, education, health Experience: exotic food, sex, drugs, rock ’n’ roll Body: make up, gym, massage, surgery Service Society:  Service Society Education, care, entertainment, sales, councelling, management, public service From offices with reception and opening hours and focus on administration to services on a mobile, distributed market Services follow you:  Services follow you Services are new dimensions in society Services are like light, heat, music Services watch over you In service society you are never alone A Nomadic Society:  A Nomadic Society Nomadic, networking enterprises, living off the land, company parasites, open source and global epidemic consumption Mobile operations, services, health care, education, sales Anywhere, anytime, always on-line, ready when opportunity knocks A New Economy:  A New Economy A digital, global, flexible, competitive, alliance prone, fast, revolutionary, winner takes all, venture economy A mobile, online, consumer, service, media, marketing, electronic, rock ’n’ roll economy The Body Factor:  The Body Factor Nomads need bodies – young and beautiful Cosmetics, gymnastics, plastics, relaxics Live forever, forever young and beautiful The Bio Revolution (2010) Life is a :  Life is a cocktail-party Mobile Internet Society:  Mobile Internet Society A sales oriented, networking society built on top of the old production and distribution infrastructure An open society, a global market place, with nomads engaged in sales and services A vulnerable global production and distribution infrastructure – do we have to make it more secure? A Childish Society:  A Childish Society Casual affairs, competition, playful, epidemic, consumtion, entertainment Children are consumers, as consumers we are like children In consumer society there are no adults – there are only small and big children Now we all say... :  Now we all say... Not another winter here!

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