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Published on March 6, 2009

Author: OthonielOmnza


Combining Sentences : Combining Sentences Why combine sentences? : Why combine sentences? Why not write like this? : Why not write like this? See Spot run. Spot chases Mitten. See Mittens run. Mittens runs fast. See Mittens climb a tree. Two Ways to Combine Sentences : Two Ways to Combine Sentences Coordination Subordination What is coordination : What is coordination Co-ordination is the pairing of similar elements – words, phrases, or clauses – to give equal weight to each. Use Coordination when : Use Coordination when you have two sentences that contain ideas of equal importance. Combining SentencesUsing Co-ordination : Combining SentencesUsing Co-ordination You can combine sentences by using punctuation and/or connecting words called conjunctions. What is co-ordination? : What is co-ordination? Co-ordination can link two independent clauses to form a compound sentence. There are three ways to combine sentences. What is a compound sentence? : What is a compound sentence? It has two (or more) independent clauses How to combine sentences to produce a compound sentence : How to combine sentences to produce a compound sentence 1.Use a comma & a coordinating conjunction Everyone needs what the farmers produce, so we should be concerned about their problems. A conjunction is a connecting or joining word. What is the conjunction in this sentence? Name the seven co-ordinating conjunctions. Do I have to have a comma? : Do I have to have a comma? You can leave it out in a short compound sentence but it is never wrong to include it Caution : Caution When using a comma in this type of compound sentence, be sure it truly is a compound sentence. IC , conjunction IC I left early, for the bus is often late. Caution : Caution Don’t use a comma if the second part of the sentence is not an independent clause. I left early, for work. WRONG I left early for work . RIGHT Identifying co-ordinating conjunctions : Identifying co-ordinating conjunctions Identify the subject and verb for each independent clause. Then circle the comma and coordinating conjunction. The speaker rose to his feet, and the room became quiet. The audience was packed, for this was a man with an international reputation. How to combine sentences : How to combine sentences 2. Use a semicolon, an adverbial conjunction, and a comma I worked hard; therefore, I expected results. What is the adverbial conjunction in this sentence? How to combine sentences : How to combine sentences What is another name for an adverbial conjunction? Name some other common adverbial conjunctions. Identifying adverbial conjunctions : Identifying adverbial conjunctions Identify the subject and verb for each independent clause. Then circle the semicolon, adverbial conjunction, and comma. The jet was the fastest way to get there; moreover, it was the most comfortable. The land was not for sale; however, the house could be rented. Caution : Caution Don’t use a comma instead of a semicolon. The land was not for sale, however, the house could be rented. WRONG The land was not for sale; however, the house could be rented. RIGHT Caution : Caution The land was not for sale; however the house could be rented. WRONG The land was not for sale; however, the house could be rented. RIGHT How to combine sentences : How to combine sentences 3. Use a semicolon I used to watch the Toronto Blue Jays play baseball at Exhibition Stadium; tonight I’m going to watch them play in the Skydome. Here the semicolon takes the place of a conjunction. Semicolons (continued) : Semicolons (continued) Use a semicolon only when the content of two clauses is closely related. When sentences are combined using a semicolon, the grammatical structure of each sentence should be similar (parallel). The women pitched the tents; the men cooked dinner. Review : Review As a writer, why would you want to use co-ordination? When do you use co-ordination? Name the three ways to combine sentences using co-ordination.

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