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Published on January 5, 2009

Author: jjstclair



Top ten ways to combat global warming

Top Ten Global Warming Solutions

Carbon biological 1. capture Remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it in biomass or soil.

Carbon geological 2. capture Capture carbon and store it in underground geologic formations.

3. Bio products Produce products that reduce greenhouse gases by serving as substitutes for fossil fuels.

4. Methane Contain methane emissions landfill recovery, bio digesters, cattle & feed efficiency, coal mine methane recovery, and natural gas facilities.

Greenhouse gas 5. markets Buy or sell credits that represent reduction or offset of greenhouse gases.

Electric & heating 6. efficiency Use electric and heating efficiency strategies to reduce greenhouse gases and save money.

7. Vehicle efficiency Implement efficiency improvements in engines, transmissions, aero- dynamics, and tire drag in light-duty vehicles.

8. Wind & solar power A short-term solution - wind and solar produce virtually no greenhouse gases as a byproduct of power production.

Low or no-carbon 9. energy systems Develop hydrogen and electric as energy sources.

10. Cleaner diesel Retrofit with pollution controls… Refuel with cleaner fuels… Replace older vehicles… Reduce idling.

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