Column Entasis

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Published on March 15, 2009

Author: ozi



Entasis is the slight curve on the profile of a classical style column. This presentation sets out a method of drawing a column entasis.

Column entasis _ Stonemasonry technical skills at SkillsTech Australia












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Entasis columns at Hōryū-ji, Japan. The First Hera temple (so called Basilica) at Paestum. The early Classical builders did not leave an explanation of ...
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entasis en·ta·sis (ĕn′tə-sĭs) n. pl. en·ta·ses (-sēz′) A slight convexity or swelling, as in the shaft of a column, intended to compensate for ...
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Above: Entasis columns built for the White House colonnade in the film “The American President” Entasis columns, which date back to early Greek and ...
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Define entasis: a slight convexity especially in the shaft of a column—entasis in a sentence.
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Entasis definition, a slight convexity given to a column or tower, as to correct an optical illusion. See more.
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entasis (ĕn`təsĭs) [Gr.,=stretching], the slight convex curvature of a classical column column, vertical architectural support, circular or polygonal in ...
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Entasis, in architecture, the convex curve given to a column, spire, or similar upright member, in an attempt to correct the optical illusion of hollowness ...
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The origins of entasis 533 supposedly stops the corner columns appearing isolated); all of the surfaces lean inwards as they rise; and the horizontal lines ...
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