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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: JavierBenitez8



Colt IPv6 for Business Customers Case Study presented at the Swiss IPv6 Council in Zurich in June 2013

IPv6 for Business Customers – Colt’s Case Study Javier Benitez, 11 June 2013 Network and Platform, Strategy & Architecture © 2010 Colt Technology Services Group Limited. All rights reserved.

Agenda 1 2 Colt’s IPv6 Strategy – Dual Stack 3 Colt’s IPv6 Project Case Study 4 What Next After Dual-Stack? 5 2 About Colt Summary

Colt – The Information Delivery Platform • 44,000km EU high capacity long distance network, 27,000 transatlantic • Connecting 22 countries, 39 metro networks and >150 cities • 20 data centres and 19,000 connected buildings • 500+ NNIs, customers in 77 countries 3

Colt’s IP Network Overview • Business customers only • Coverage: Focus on EU (13 countries, 44 cities); extensive EU IP peerings and US East Coast presence completed by E-NNIs and MPLS-NNIs • • • • • • • 4 Data Centres: 20 DCs in 14 cities in 10 EU countries (30,000 +sqm) Routing: AS (8220); ISIS (single area, 2-level); MPLS (LDP) Size: 350+ PE; 60+ P; 20+ PR; 30K+ CPEs Core Links: n*10GE Services: Internet Access (and Transit); MPLS IPVPN, VoIP Integrated network: same PE/P for Internet & VPN Access connectivity: Ethernet (on-net & off-net); DSL (Ethernet ULL & ATM/L2TP wholesale DSL); MPLS-NNI (type A/B); TDM (offnet)

Colt IPv6 Strategy for Business Customers • Business customer requirements led to Dual-Stack – Same IP services/features delivered over native & parallel IPv4/IPv6 • The sooner it can be offered the earlier customers will be able to start their own learning and transition – Customer education is key! • Colt’s short to mid term strategy: Dual-Stack – 6PE & 6VPE (MPLS transport) – IP services & features seamlessly developed for IPv4/IPv6 – Colt’s IPv4 address pool at current allocation rate: 3+ years 5

Colt IPv6 Case Study • Colt is hopefully a representative use case for IPv6 business-only service provider – Typically the focus is still on residential SPs (due to IPv4 address exhaustion) • It can also be of interest to enterprises when planning for their internal projects • Colt IPv6 Project phases: – Internal business case – Infrastructure design & implementation – Product development 6

Colt IPv6 CS (I) : Internal Business Case • First IPv6 conference attended: 2nd Global IPv6 Summit (Madrid 2002) – “IPv6 is a reality: It's not an illusion, it's a need”  • Architecture & design teams tried to raise an IPv6 project several times in the period 2002-2008, but: – – – There were no customer demand IPv4 exhaustion was still not critical Therefore: It was not possible to build the business case for IPv6 • 2009 was the inflexion point in Colt: – – – – – 7 IPv4 exhaustion started to have more external visibility A new business case was built accounting for all IP product revenue at risk Intensive IPv6 internal education campaign (product & management) IPv6 infrastructure project was approved to start in 2010 IPv6 product development approved to start in 2011

Colt IPv6 CS (II) : Infrastructure Design & Implementation • IPv6 Infrastructure project started in Q1 2010 • Scope: IPv4/IPv6 Dual-stack across Network & OSS – – • • • • • Network: MPLS transport in the core (IPv4 IS-IS/LDP) 6PE (Internet), 6VPE (IPVPN) in the access Full network upgrade completed Q3 2012 OSS: Dual-Stack across all major OSS systems (monitoring, performance, provisioning, Syslog, Mail, DNS, Radius, NTP, etc. Just completed Q2 2013 • First alpha Internet transit service: V6WC Paris 2011 – Early setup based on limited 6PE deployment • World IPv6 Day ( 8 June 2011 – 8 Use case on how to quickly bring IPv6 web content online

V6 World Congress – IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack IPv6 Transit (Paris, Frankfurt,Amsterdam Zurich) IPv4/IPv6 PE/6PE (Paris) IPv4/ IPv6 Transit (New York) IP/MPLS Core AS 8220 IPv6 Network 2001:920:7000::/48 Carrier Ethernet Metro Access (Paris) 100Mbps IPv4/IPv6 Dual-stack CPE EU/US IPv4/IPv6 Peerings 9 IPv4 Network

World IPv6 Day – Colt Setup Topology IPv6 Transit (Paris, Frankfurt,Amsterdam Zurich) Colt IT Network c7200 NAT64 IPv4 Sar17.LON (KJC) IPv4/ IPv6 Transit (New York) cASR1K IPv4 IP/MPLS Core AS 8220 Sar18.LON (PGT) cASR1K IPv4 IPv6 IPv4 C7200 NAT64 EU/US IPv4/IPv6 Peerings 10 FW LB

Colt IPv6 CS (III) : Product Strategy • No commercial distinction between v4/v6 traffic • Enable all existing IP products and features for IPv6 • Deliver the required flexibility to support customer’s own transition plans • Eventual (long-term) withdrawal of all products and features not compatible with IPv6 • Business Customer – IPv6 Reality assessment: – – – 11 Interest restricted to early-adopters & large corporations The greater mass of smaller customers are being very reactive, not considering IPv6 at the moment Questions about Colt’s IPv6 support & roadmap in RFPs have significantly increased

Colt IPv6 CS (III) : Product Development • Basic IPv6 product development project – – – – Basic Internet Access service (“wires-only”, i.e., unmanaged service) started in Q1 2011 Learning approach Beta trial started June 2011 with 19 customers all around Europe Service officially launched Q4 2012 • Full IPv6 product development project – – – – 12 Dual-Stack full feature parity for Internet Access & IPVPN (started Q3 2011) 3 phase approach (feature prioritisation) Phase 1 about to be launched. Phase 2/3 Q4 2013 Tactical transition techniques analysed in Phase 3

What Next After Dual-Stack? • Dual-Stack is good but … – – – it is quite likely that it will not be enough and customers will request tactical transition tools what are the other techniques that could help and are suited for business customers? • Colt’s plans beyond Dual-stack : – – • • • IPv4 address preservation techniques (short term) NAT64 “in the cloud” IPv4 customer content visible in IPv6 Internet (short term) IPv6 customer content visible in IPv4 Internet (mid/long term) IPv6 customer end user access to IPv4 Internet (long term) • Transition techniques will be implemented in existing PE devices (using available service cards), local to each IP PoP 13

Summary • Dual-Stack is Colt’s IPv6 strategy for business customers • Lessons learnt – – – – • • • • Internal business case is always difficult to sell Internal education a must Training is fundamental Well spent money OSS is where we have found most of the issues The network was much easier Customer education should be done in early stages Periodic sessions with customers • No magic solution (unfortunately) for business customers – Every customer will have to go through its own migration • Don’t panic, but do start your own project now (if you haven’t already) 14

Thank you. Questions? © 2010 Colt Technology Services Group Limited. All rights reserved.

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