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Published on February 6, 2014

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Paving comes in a range of colours. have a look to see which one is best for your paving project

paving.o rg http://www.paving.o rg/index.php/co lo urs-o f-blo ck-paving/ Colours of block paving T here is a wide choice of block paving colours available to buy f or paving a driveway or patio. You can create a great looking style and design to your driveway or patio with a little thought on the colours of block paving you use in your installation. To add def inition to the design use borders which combine the colours of block paving. You should consider matching and contrasting the colours of block paving with things like house bricks, f encing etc. Great designs and stunning looks can be created especially if using dif f erent colours of paving blocks f or shapes like diamonds incorporated into the design of the paving. We t ake a look at t he wide choice of colours of block paving available BRINDLE AUT UMN HEAT HER BURNT OKER BUFF GREY RED CHARCOAL If you would like to buy any of the above block paving you can here buy block paving Driveways & Patio Block Paving Colours Autumn A combination of Buf f , Red and Brown. T he Idea of using these colours f or block pavers comes f rom the colour of autumn leaves. Widely used colour in the more expensive make of paving bricks. Brindle A combination of red and charcoal blended colours create what is by f ar the most commonly used colour mix in block paving in the UK today.

Brindle is usually the cheapest of the block paving prices because it is mass produced. Most builders yards stock brindle block paving. Single coloured charcoal and red coloured pavers make great border colours f or the drive or patio as they match well with the red and charcoal of the brindle colour. Block paving that is brindle in colour hides oil spots easier. Dirt and grime does not show up as much as it does with single, light coloured paving blocks such as red, grey and buf f . Buff Yellow in colour. Colours can vary considerably between mixing batches. T his color of regular block paving is great f or using in driveway border perimeters and diamond shapes in the driveway patterns of the block paving. Buf f paving looks bright and can be used to great ef f ect to highlight a f eature of a driveway. Buf f colour paving is sometimes known as marigold or gold. Burnt Oker A combination of charcoal and Brown. A really great driveway block paving colour that combines two colours. T he ef f ects achieved are very similar in look to that of brindle block paving but insted of using a red dye in the manuf acturing process a buf f dye is used. Border colours of buf f or charcoal really bring out the colours of the mixed light to dark brown colours and shades of each individual burnt oker paving blocks. Charcoal Black colour to give a charcoal ef f ect. Can vary considerably in colour between batches of paving. Some of the charcoal paving is very dark, almost black and some colours are almost grey in colour. It is always best to mix the colours of charcoal to ensure an even mix of colours. Grey Pure concrete colour sometimes with a shade of grey. Used mainly in commercial block paving because of its cost. Grey block paving is usually the cheapest of the coloured bock paving. Uncommon colour choice in private driveways today when so many other, shall we say, more cheerf ul colours are available to block pave your driveway or patio with. Heather Browns, Charcoal, Red, Buf f . Sometimes almost purple in colour. Not the most popular choice of paving colour and building yards not normally stock this colour of blocks. Red Great colour if you like red. Sometimes can look almost pink. Red paving blocks are widely used in borders and f or adding designs to paving. Not of ten used f or large stretches of f looring as it easily shows dirt and grime with oil spots standing out like a sore thumb. If you are going to buy block paving f or your driveway or patio then you will want to make sure you choose the right colour of block paving that you like the look of when it is laid. Consider practical points like maintaining you paving. Brindle paving, similar to a busy carpet, won’t show dirt as much as would a single coloured driveway paved in buf f coloured paving.

Many suppliers of block paving have stocks of dif f erent colours in most brands, such as Marshalls, Bradstone and Brett. Although there is variation in shades and blends in the colour, most manuf actures of block paving use the same colours and mixes f or each type of paving colour. So if you buy Marshalls brindle block paving it will look very similar in colour to Plaspave brindle paving. Although we would not recommend using dif f erent brands of block paving. Try to stick to using the same manuf actures type of paving f or the whole project. When considering a colour of paving think about what kind of border to choose. An alternative colour of brick all around the perimeter border will highlight the whole driveway or patio. A slim border, in Buf f , Charcoal or Red will make the paved area look larger, where as a wide border in a combination of colours will make the driveway or patio look smaller.

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