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Published on March 2, 2014

Author: RoboticZamat


鈴 花 COLOURFUL JAPANESE 1 Polite, plain sentences Starter words Réka Tóth Farkas, 2014

ABOUT THESE SLIDES [READ FIRST] • Probably the best way to start learning Japanese is to copy and practice example sentences by changing only one word or grammar at a time and understanding what that changes compared to the original sentence. This will not only help you learn the phonetic alphabets (and kanji) used in Japanese, but also help get a ‘feel’ for how sentences are put together. The best way to do this is by hand. • Each slide has simple example sentences are given in romanji, hiragana / katakana and kanji (Chinese characters). It is a very good idea to start learning all three characters used in the language as soon as possible as going back and learning again is both tedious and horrendously tiring. Also, it is often much easier to remember the words if you know the kanji! • Also, Japanese does NOT USE SPACES BETWEEN WORDS in written form. The change between words is also signified by a change in the type of character used (hiragana, katakana, kanji). This is another important reason why you should learn all three types of character as soon as possible in order to use the language properly. • The parts of the sentences are all colour-coded (and with not correct, but more literal translations) to help facilitate easier and faster comprehension from the reader and to help memorization of sentence patterns.

DEFINING THINGS • ~です This is what is called a ‘copula’. It is used at the end of a sentence and means ‘defined as’. It gives a description of what the subject is like. WARNING! You might see this being translated into the English ‘be’ (am, is, are), but this is not a good translation, as ‘be’ does not mean ‘defined as’, but more ‘existence as’. This can lead to serious confusion in usage later on. 私はレイカです。 わたしはレイカです。 watashi wa reika desu. I am defined as Réka.

EXAMPLE SENTANCES ~です あなたはピーターです。 あなたはピーターです。 anata ha pi-ta- desu. You are defined as Peter この猫はとても大きいです。 このねこはとてもおおきいです。 kono neko wa totemo ookii desu. This cat is defined as very big.

EXAMPLE SENTANCES ~です その犬は小さいです。 そのいぬはちいさいです。 sono inu wa chiisai desu. That dog is defined as small. あそこ本は青いです。 あそこほんはあおいです。 asoko hon wa aoi desu. That book, over there, is defined as blue.

PRACTICE ・練習 れんしゅう RENSHUU • Now it is your turn to further your own progress. • The next step is to use the words and sentence patterns to change the sentences we saw before to make new ones. • Use some of the words in the following, vocabulary slide in order to make things more interesting. • Make sure that when you make new sentences that you are always thinking of what the new sentence actually means. • Post your sentences to have them checked by you fellow learners and Learn Japanese admin! 

EXTRA VOCABULARY 日本語 にほんご nihongo Japanese ペン 町 バッグ 家 いす テーブル ぺん まち ばっぐ いえ いす てーぶる pen machi baggu ie isu Te-buru Pen Town Bag House/home Chair table

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