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Information about COLOUR ANALYSIS

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: marinescnd



Colour Analysis INSEEC 2013
Brand Semiology Course

Learn the different meanings of colours through advertising!

COLOUR ANALYSIS Colours  analysis     1  

RED Aggressiveness Provocativeness Hunger Blood War Passion Love Visceral response Energy Speed 2  



ORANGE Exuberance Fun Happiness Friendliness Joy Pessimism Superficiality Demanding of attention 5  



YELLOW Treason Betrayal Infidelity Cowardise Criticism Impatience Optimism Innovative Light Sweetness Warmth Energy 8  



GREEN Positive Growth Health Nature Environment Youth Jealousy Inexperience Envy Misfortune Money 11  



BLUE Trustworthiness Responsability Security Loyalty Conservatism Frigidity Depression 14  



PURPLE Imagination Creativity Individual Royal BLUE   Impractical Immature Cruelty Arrogance 17  



PINK Unconditional love Nurturing Acceptance Calm Immature Girlish Silly Young 20  



WHITE Perfection Purity Innocence Wholeness Completion Cheap Low quality Cold Clinical 23  




GREY Perspective Future Compromise Dignity Maturity Indecision Old age Sadness Boring 27  


BLACK Unknown Mystery Negative Remorse Anger Class/ Elegance Power Sophistication Wealth 29  



Behaviour’s   influence   32  

Does  Everyone  Have  The  Same   Reac3on?   CULTURE   33  

CONTEXT   34  


•  Things  smell  differently  in  the  presence  of  colors   •  People  eat  less  on  a  Blue  plate  VS  eat  more  and   longer  in  presence  of  red   •  Babies  cry  more  in  a  Yellow  room   •  An  infant's  brain  develops  more  neural  connecPons   as  a  reacPon  to  the  color  red.   SCIENCE   36  


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