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Published on March 8, 2014

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Colostrum weight loss benefits are talked of a lot. Colostrum weight loss supplements like the ones manufactured by ImmuneTree Inc. have been known to give long lasting weight loss benefits. Colostrum helps the body make use of fat present in the body instead of protein. This increases lean muscle mass and increases weight loss. For more information, refer to the book

COLOSTRUM WEIGHT LOSS How colostrum can help you significantly lose weight

Colostrum is the early milk that mammals produce after they give birth to their young. Colostrum,as a supplement, possess various antibodies as well as nutrition that help the body in fighting various diseases and improving the immune systems. Colostrum is rich in protein and also comprises of substances that fend of bacteria and other harmful germs. It contains various growth factors, including the IGF-1 family along with some important bioactive components. As a source of high quality protein supplement, colostrum’s growth factors and immune boosting components benefit the body in many ways. Colostrum’s weight loss and anti aging benefits are countless. A lot of weight loss enthusiasts take it to colostrum supplements for long lasting weight loss effect. Colostrum can increase the lean muscle mass and metabolic rate, which are very important for weight loss. Bovine colostrum weight loss benefits are popular not only among people suffering from excessive weight gain but also among athletes. The components contained in colostrum that bring about weight loss also help in increasing lean muscle mass, which athelets and bodybuilders covet. Athletes use it to

boost their strength and endurance. Bovine colostrum has such elements that improve the immune system, increase gastrointestinal activity, and improve neuroendocrine system parameters that may be taxed as a result of intensive training. Colostrum supplements also help in the recovery from high intensity training. It makes the body utilize more fat than protein during workouts, which is essential for lean muscle mass maintenance and growth process. Colostrum weight loss and strength Colostrum’s effects have been studied by many scientists across the world. In many studies conducted worldwide on a group administered with colostrum and another test group, the ones that were given colostrum showed high level of physical strength. Bovine colostrum supplements like the ones manufactured by ImmuneTree Inc. can help you significantly increase your strength and workout abilities. Colostrum mainly helps the body consume fat as opposed to protein for energy. Due to this reason, the excess fat in the body is consumed leading to weight loss. Colostrum weight loss and lean muscle mass

A research on colostrum was done by Antonio, Sanders and Gammeren in 2001, as reported in the journal "Nutrition". The effects of bovine colostrum supplementation on body composition was examined in the process. In the stud In the study, there were two groups a placebo(whey protein) group and a bovine colostrum group. Each participant in either group were made to participate in heavy exercise and training for at least three times a week for eight weeks in a row. After the time, the effects of colostrum supplement on the colostrum group was studied and compared to the other placebo group. The bovine colostrum group experienced a greater increase in lean body mass in active men and women than the whey protein group. This corroborates the fact that colostrum weight loss benefits expand as far as to increasing lean muscle mass in the body. ImmuneTree’s LeptiTrim6 is a powerful weight loss supplement and one of the best ones out there. Buy Now Colostrum weight loss and increase in lean body mass

Colostrum weight loss benefits have been known to many. It helps in increasing lean muscle mass in the body. Lean body mass ultimately leads to the increment in the basal metabolic rate and also the energy required by your body to perform its essential functions like breathing blood circulation, maintenance of hormone level and more. Colostrum increases the energy required by your body which leads to increase in weight loss. Thus colostrum’s weight loss roles are very important. Colostrum Dosage for weight loss Colostrum dosage can differ from person to person. If you are just beginning to gain weight and want to take colostrum weight loss supplements, taking 2 tablets a day would be good. You can also take colostrum as a whole food. However, it is suggested that you take 2050 grams of colostrum per day but this should be combined with high protein diets like whey, casein and others. Colostrum weight loss supplement by ImmuneTree ImmuneTree’s LeptiTrim is a top bovine colostrum based weight loss supplement manufactured by ImmuneTree, the leading manufacturer of colostrum

supplements for weight loss, anti aging and more. Colostrum weight loss supplement called LeptiTrim6 by ImmuneTree is one of the best one out there and it works by overcoming the five underlying factors that prevent successful weight loss. LeptiTrim6 has been used by people all over the world from USA to New Zealand. Colostrum products by ImmuneTree Inc, have been known to contain only TRUE colostrum by University of Cornell, NY. For best weight loss results, click here to learn more about LeptiTrim6 . Buy Now

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