Colors of Galicia - Celtic Northern Atlantic Spain

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Information about Colors of Galicia - Celtic Northern Atlantic Spain

Published on October 31, 2018

Author: JerryDaperro


1. Colours of Galicia First created 25 Oct 2018. Version 1.0 - 31 Oct 2018. Daperro. London. Misty island in the Rai de Pontevedra. Galicia. Spain. Celtic Northern Atlantic Spain

2. Market place with traditional stone horreo huts. Combarro. Combarro

3. Horreo is traditional food storage huts. They stand on legs for storage of grain, from damp and pests. Horreo

4. Hollow Bricks Why hollow brick? These hollow bricks are very popular in Mediterranean countries. They are found from Greece to Spain. It took sometimes to realize that hollow bricks are for insulation. They do not retain the heat from the hot day sun.

5. Between Horreos

6. Abandoned Fishing Boat

7. Fishing Net

8. Fishing Traps

9. Fishing Boat

10. Mussel Aquaculture Ria de Pontevedra.Mussels are grown on a rope hanging beneath the platform. The mussels are harvested after two to three years. In Galicia they use platforms for mussel farming. Ria de Pontevedra.

11. Mussels The top grade mussels are over 3 inches long.

12. Fishing for clams Clams fishing

13. Sea Fishes

14. Paella

15. Grilled Sardines

16. Yachts in Marina

17. Port of the Atlantic A Coruna is a busy port, providing a distribution point for agricultural goods from the regions. It is Galicia economic engine.

18. Picturesque coastal town Sanxenxo. Ria de Pontevedra.

19. To the open Atlantic A Carabuxeira

20. Rio de Pontevedra. Sea Mist

21. Misty Sunrise Rio de Pontevedra.

22. Before Sunrise Rio de Pontevedra.

23. Sunset Rio de Pontevedra.

24. Morning lights in the garden Rio de Pontevedra.

25. A touch of Autumn colours Rio de Pontevedra.

26. Reflections on the pool

27. As Catedrals (Cathedrals Beach) The coast is called Costa Morte, because there were so many shipwrecks along its treacherous rocky shore. In 1992, the oil spill by the Aegean Sea wrecked took years to clean up.

28. As Catedrals (Cathedrals Beach) This is called Ulva, a green sea weed. It is also called sea hair or gut weed or sea lettuce. It is an edible green alga.

29. As Catedrals (Cathedrals Beach) Mussels attached to rock.

30. The cliff is made of slate and schist. As Catedrals (Cathedrals Beach)

31. As Catedrals (Cathedrals Beach)

32. As Catedrals (Cathedrals Beach)

33. The Tradition Music and Costume The costume and the music reflect the Celtic roots of Galicia.

34. Santiago Cathedral The cathedral was built in the 11C-13C. Santiago is St James, the patron saint of Spain. It is the Baroque facade.

35. Santiago Cathedral St James is one of the Apostles. Sometimes he is portrayed as a knight, because he miraculously appeared in a battle between the Christian and the Moors.

36. Santiago Cathedral The golden high altar of the cathedral.

37. Santiago Cathedral The cathedral is also a place of pilgrimage.

38. Santiago Cathedral The inner golden high altar of the cathedral, with its blue Botafumeiro, which is an incense burner, used to purify the atmosphere in the cathedral by swing in the air.

39. Santiago Cathedral

40. Santiago Cathedral The top of the Obradoiro Baroque façade, which began construction in 1738.

41. Santiago Cathedral Journey end for this pilgrim. The entire route is 780 km or 500 miles and took 30 to 35 days. That is about 25-30 km a day.

42. Santiago Cathedral This group of pilgrims performed medieval music on arrival to the cathedral.

43. Santiago Cathedral

44. Pontevedra The history of the city dates back to Roman time. A Roman bridge, was replaced in the 12C by Ponte do Burgo.

45. Pontevedra This the greatest Renaissance facade of the 16C Santa Maria La Mayor.

46. Pontevedra Street fountain at the Santa Maria Square, Pontevedra.

47. Lugo The wall city of Lugo. It is a Roman wall built is 263 and 276 AD.

48. All rights reserved. Rights belong to their respective owners. Available free for non-commercial and personal use. The End Music – Francis Lai - Bilitis . Cabo Faro Tourinan Lighthouse, Muxia. Costa Morte. Galicia. Spain.

49. Powerpoints on Places

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