Colorado DHSEM: Understanding Social Media and Using it to Your Advantage

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Published on October 23, 2014

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This presentation was delivered by the DHSEM Communications Specialist at the 2014 Colorado Safe Schools Summit. It discussing using social media to response and monitor in the school setting.

1. Understanding Social Media and Using it to Your Advantage Nathan C. Hunerwadel Communications Specialist Colorado Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management @hunerwadel nathan.hunerwadel@state.cous

2. Agenda Introduction Social Media Statistics Persistent & Emerging Concerns Anonymous Trends Specific Platform Review Using it to Your Advantage Questions

3. Nathan C. Hunerwadel Communications Specialist Manage @ReadyColorado Blog and Social Media accounts Colorado Virtual Operations Support Team Manager Reserve Deputy Sheriff, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office PIO with the Jefferson County Type III IMT @Hunerwadel ~

4. Social Media 101 Published on Apr 16, 2014 #Socialnomics 2014 by Erik Qualman is the fifth version of the most watched video series on Social Media. Qualman is a #1 best selling author and keynote speaker on digital leadership. The video was produced by Equalman Studios. Source data for the statistics in the video is available in the book Socialnomics (sold on Amazon) | @equalman (Text taken from You-Tube video description) #Socialnomics 2014 Teens are among the leaders of Internet trends. The world is advancing so quickly that many of today's teens will find future careers in technologies that haven't been invented yet. Through the Think Time videos, you'll see why it's time for them to become more cyber savvy. By MySecureCyberSpace (Text taken from You-Tube video description) Think Time – Teens and Social Networks

5. Social Media Statistics 10 Things to Know About How Teens Use Technology – Pew Research Internet Project

6. Social Media Statistics Teens, Social Media, and Privacy – Pew Research 3/

7. Persistent & Emerging Concerns Norton Online Family Report

8. Persistent & Emerging Concerns Infographic – How to Keep Students Safe Online

9. Persistent & Emerging Concerns McAfee The Secret Online Lives of Teens US/PDF/lives_of_teens.pdf

10. Persistent & Emerging Concerns McAfee The Secret Online Lives of Teens US/PDF/lives_of_teens.pdf

11. Persistent & Emerging Concerns 2011 AP-MTV Digital Abuse Study • Three-quarters of youth believe that digital abuse is a serious problem, and intervention is on the rise from 2009 • Digital abuse isn’t generally the act of strangers – perpetrators are usually people known well • Youth are aware that sexting can be a serious problem, but still 1 in 3 have engaged in some form of sexting. • Many who “sext” do so as a result of pressure. • Additionally, 41% of those in a relationship have experienced some form of digital dating abuse, with about a quarter feeling pressure to constantly “check in” with their partner. • Slurs are common online, and young people regularly encounter words like “slut” “that’s so gay” “fag” and “retard” on social networks. • Youth know digital discrimination is a serious issue, yet many don’t fully grasp the weight of discriminatory language. • Youth point to some tactics as helpful in ameliorating digital abuse, particularly limiting the perpetrator’s access to their social network accounts, passwords and digital contact info. • Compared to two years ago, young people today are more aware of the potential negative impacts of posting information online and more likely to intervene when they see peers experiencing digital abuse. • Digital Abuse is not something to be dismissed as “no big deal.” Most (53%) of those who have encountered abuse online say the experience was deeply upsetting. • Association seen between digital abuse and mental health. • Other risky behaviors are associated with digital abuse. • Students engaged in sexting or who are victims of digital dating abuse are more likely to consider dropping out of school. • Whether rich or poor, black or white, digital abuse touches young people from all parts of society

12. Persistent & Emerging Concerns 2013 AP-MTV Digital Abuse Study

13. Persistent & Emerging Concerns National School Safety & Security Services says/

14. Persistent & Emerging Concerns ducation/index.ssf/2014 /10/ebola-related_ social_media_ho a.html

15. Persistent & Emerging Concerns SWATTING – Dangerous New Trend, More Than Just A Prank http://www.ivecla new-trend- fraught-dangers/

16. Anonymous Trends “A funny thing happened on the way to an authentic internet: Anonymity came back into vogue. Today, there are literally dozens of anonymous apps that allow you to vent, confess, or share secrets with strangers while going incognito. These apps are so popular, in fact, that it’s hard to keep track of them all.” ~ Kevin Roose ~ Daily Intelligencer ~ “The Secret’s Out “Critics maintain that anonymity is a double-edged sword. While it lets the public frankly discuss issues they might not otherwise in an open forum, cloaking one’s identity leads some to believe they can tease and troll others at will. “This is especially true among kids, teens and adults in their early 20s—groups not known for their restraint and self-control. (The penetration of these apps is high among young people. Nine percent of Internet users ages 10-18 in the U.S. use on a daily basis, while about 5 percent utilize Secret, Whisper and Yik Yak every day, according to research data from McAfee.) ‘“They may be feeling power for the first time,” says anti-bullying activist Mike Dreiblatt, co-author of the book How to Stop Bullying and Social Aggression. “For some young people, that can be intoxicating. They don’t know when to stop. Cyberbulling and anonymous apps go hand in hand.”’ ~ David Gianatasio ~

17. Anonymous Trends “These apps are demonized because they’re new,” adds Lee Tien, senior staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit that supports digital rights. “There’s a tendency to blame the technology or the modality.” Working through issues like bullying and abuse, he says, “are part of the free-speech bargain. Those costs are something that we deal with. No right-thinking person says free speech has no cost.” Quoted by David Gianatasio in Whisper Secret Yik Yak Gossup Babbly Cloaq Viper Insider Mood Local Anonymous ButterflyEffect Matter Ether Steams Bamtboo WUT Impulses ShareWhere Confidly Shrtwv Truth Erodr Sneeky Backchat rumr

18. Specific Platform Review Badoo Burn Note Creepypasta Dropbox Facebook Facebook Messenger Fess FireChat Foursquare Google+ Google Drive Grom Social Instagram Keek Kik Leak Meet Me Myspace OKCupid Omegle Oovoo Path PhotoSwap Plenty Of Fish “POF” Reddit Forums Secret Slingshot SnapChat Streetchat Tinder Truth Tumblr Twitter Viber Vine Voxer WhatsApp Whisper Yik Yak

19. Using it to Your Advantage

20. Using it to Your Advantage Listen to the Conversation and Engage A Maryland school district will be one of only four in the nation to use special software to track students' social media posts. The idea is to keep students safe. FOX 5's Lauren DeMarco has more. NKVef_A Use of Geolocation Services There is notable growth in the number of social media users who are now setting their accounts to include location in their posts. Among adult social media users ages 18 and older, 30% say that at least one of their accounts is currently set up to include their location in their posts, up from 14% who said they had ever done this in 2011.2 This trend is also showing up among younger users. An earlier Pew Internet survey of teens ages 12-17 found that 16% of teen social media users have their accounts set up to automatically include their location in posts.3

21. Using it to Your Advantage Listen to the Conversation and Engage Resource-Officer-HobartIN/138999636114920 4719858297&fref=ts

22. Using it to Your Advantage Update Policies “What was clarified in this specific case was referring Facebook and Twitter and some of the other social media sites by name,” says the district’s communication director, Jarret Peterson. “We also clarified teachers can use social media to push information out and that students should not be followed or ‘friended’ on social media.” media-policies/

23. Using it to Your Advantage Communicate and Train Resource-Officer-HobartIN/138999636114920 on-social-media-for-parents/article_dac58a20- 5975-11e4-b92e-97ba37c57da6.html urnorthhillsmore/6931594-74/parents-presentation-media# axzz3GtYu8m00

24. Using it to Your Advantage Communicate, Communicate, Communicate Many school districts now use social media to communicate with parents. News 8 looks into one district taking social media to the next level.

25. Using it to Your Advantage Use it in the Classroom -media-in-the-classroom/Content?oid=2506272 But in Loyola's social media classes, and within the university's newly minted social media minor, it's not about teaching students how to use the technology with which they are intimately familiar. Instead, it's focused on teaching them how to use social media strategically and get the most out of what the various platforms offer. "It's a question of what is good content — when do you post and thinking about how you post strategically," Nelson says. "How do you work together across platforms?" In Nelson's social media class, the School of Mass Communication is the students' client. Students represent the school by operating its social media presence. Content is produced with a purpose and students get a real life connection between the classroom and the world beyond its walls. Nelson says one of the major challenges students face is how to find a dynamic voice that appeals to a variety of audiences. "Trying to reach high school students, who are increasingly straying from Facebook because their parents are on it, that could be Instagram and Tumblr," he says. "Alumni like Facebook. Everybody loves Twitter, so the thrust of the semester is being able to direct [students'] messaging."

26. Using it to Your Advantage Watch and Learn! 66275848192

27. Using it to Your Advantage Beware of the dangers. Embrace the positive potential.

28. Questions? Nathan C. Hunerwadel Communications Specialist Colorado Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management @hunerwadel

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