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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: tegeltijajm



Learn color words and how to spell them by singing songs.

My color words songs! Mrs. Tegeltija Kindergarten

Red • • • • R-E-D spells red. R-E-D spells red. Apples and tomatoes, too. R-E-D spells red.

Yellow • • • • • • Yellow, yellow, is the sun. It shines down on everyone. Y-E-L-L-O-W Y-E-L-L-O-W Yellow, yellow, is the sun. Shine on me so I have fun.

Blue • • • • • • • • B-L-U-E B-L-U-E That spells blue, that spells blue. Blue’s the color of the sky. Blue’s the color of the sea. B-L-U-E B-L-U-E

Orange • • • • O-R-A-N-G-E What color can the be? O-R-A-N-G-E Spells orange, yes sir-ree. • • • • Orange-just like my juice. Orange-just like my fruit. O-R-A-N-G-E Spells orange, yes sir-ree.

Black • • • • • • • • B-L-A-C-K B-L-A-C-K B-L-A-C-K spells black. B-L-A-C-K B-L-A-C-K B-L-A-C-K like the smoke from a smoke stack!

Brown • • • • • B-R-O-W-N that spells brown now listen my friend. Cows are brown. Mud is brown. Chocolate Milk, I’ll drink it down.

Purple • • • • P-U-R-P-L-E Purple as can be. Purple grapes and purple skies, Oh what a sight to see.

Green • • • • • • • • • There is a color, green’s its name, the color of the trees, OH! G-R-E-E-N G-R-E-E-N G-R-E-E-N And that’s how you spell green, OH!

• W-H-I-T-E W-H-I-T-E • Snow and popcorn are both white. • W-H-I-T-E

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