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Information about colonial slavery

Published on January 10, 2008

Author: Sigismondo


African Capture:  African Capture 1)Where are these people? What is happening to them? 2)Who has captured these people? 3)Why would they capture Africans for the slave trade? Slave Ships:  Slave Ships 1)Where were the slaves held on a slave ship? 2)When a slave ship was built, what was the main goal? 3)What do you think it was like in the hull of a slave ship? Thrown Overboard:  Thrown Overboard 1)What is happening in this picture? 2)Why would the slave traders be throwing their merchandise overboard? 3)How did the slave traders view African Life? Slave Auctions and Smallpox:  Slave Auctions and Smallpox 1) What is this poster advertising? 2)Why would potential slave owners be concerned about small pox? 3)What disease might concern and modern owner of cattle? Why? The Iron Muzzle:  The Iron Muzzle 1)What is this man wearing? 2)Why do you think he is wearing it? 3)What other creatures wear this type of device? 4)What does this say about the legal rights of slaves? Slave Rebellion:  Slave Rebellion 1)Who placed this advertisement in the newspaper? 2)Why do you think Jem ran away? 3)What else did colonial slaves do to protest slavery? Colonial Slavery Quiz:  Colonial Slavery Quiz 1)Who often assisted white slave traders in capturing African Slaves? Why? 2)What were conditions like on a slave ship? 3)What was the name of the disease that potential slave owners were concerned about? Why were they concerned? 4)What might a slave who talked rudely or ate too much have been force to wear? 5)What did the slaves do to protest slavery? Writing Activity:  Writing Activity Imagine that you are an African recently captured and placed on a slave ship. What are you going to do? Use your knowledge of the conditions on a slave ship. The final product must be at least 10 sentences long. Format is student determined.

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