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Published on October 6, 2008

Author: colonhealthcleanse

Source: : Colon Health Cleanse Cleanse Your System, Detox Your Body, Improve Your Health Slide 2: ID email Campaign Names Hidden Nuphedragen retails for $137.00 USD per bottle!!! : Nuphedragen retails for $137.00 USD per bottle!!! You have disgusting plaque and horrible little creatures living inside your guts. : You have disgusting plaque and horrible little creatures living inside your guts. Actual customer photos : Actual customer photos Harmful parasites : Harmful parasites Parasite Ascaris Bolus Discover Magazine : Discover Magazine “Every living thing has at least one parasite, and… humans, have far more…therein lies the peculiar and precise horror of parasites.” Discover They have teeth… : They have teeth… …but no eyes. This is what they leave behind, : This is what they leave behind, Until it’s too late. and you won’t even know it… Common Ailments Disappear : Common Ailments Disappear Bad breath Joint pain Abdominal pain Body odor Sound like you? : Sound like you? Bad breath Body odor Joint pain Constipation Discolored skin Acne Colon cancer Fatigue Gas Stomach pain Bloating Weight gain Headaches Hemorroids Indigestion Insomnia Parasites varicose veins :

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