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Published on February 24, 2008

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Unit 7:  Unit 7 There’s Only Luck 全靠运气 Slide2:  I. Word Study and Word Building 1. annoy vt. (1) 使恼怒:  1. annoy vt. (1) 使恼怒 e.g. Julie was annoyed with / at Joanna for applying for the same job. Julie was annoyed to learn that Joanna had gotten that position. Note: be annoyed with / at sb. for sth. : 为…对某人生气 be annoyed to do sth. (2) disturb; trouble 打扰,干扰:  (2) disturb; trouble 打扰,干扰 e.g. The flies keep annoying me. We were constantly annoyed by the noise outside. 2. release vt. (1) set free 释放,解放,排放:  2. release vt. (1) set free 释放,解放,排放 e.g. He was released from hospital after a week’s treatment. It is hard for someone newly released from prison to find a decent job. Note: release sb. from … cf. relieve sb. of … : 减轻某人… (2) 发布,发行:  (2) 发布,发行 e.g. President Nixon resigned after the Watergate tapes had been released by the press. The film star made a personal appearance at the releasing ceremony of her new film. (3) loosen 松开,放开:  (3) loosen 松开,放开 e.g. In panic he released the handlebar of his bicycle. The train gathering speed, he had to release her hand and say goodbye. 3. specific a. (1) 明确的;具体的:  3. specific a. (1) 明确的;具体的 e.g. His boss left specific instructions as to what he should do next. What are your specific aims in visiting our university? (2) not general 特定的,特有的:  (2) not general 特定的,特有的 e.g. Each painter has his own specific style. The word can only be used in specific situations. 4. stiff a. (1) severe 严厉的:  4. stiff a. (1) severe 严厉的 e.g. Cheaters / Cheats on the exam received a stiff warning /punishment from the university. (2) 硬的,僵直的 (可引申为“不灵活的”):  (2) 硬的,僵直的 (可引申为“不灵活的”) e.g. The principal always keeps a stiff face while at school. Note: keep a stiff face: 板着脸 My legs grew stiff after a long walk. (3) 生硬的,拘谨的:  (3) 生硬的,拘谨的 e.g. Emma was unfavorably impressed by the man who gave her a stiff bow. The old lady was quite stiff with her new neighbors. (4) 艰难的,费劲的:  (4) 艰难的,费劲的 e.g. They were stiff all over from the stiff climbing. The book is stiff reading. 5. rage n. great anger 狂怒:  5. rage n. great anger 狂怒 e.g. The father flew / fell into a rage when he learned his son had failed again in the math exam. She turned her rage on the family cat. Note: fly / fall into a rage: 勃然大怒 turn one’s rage on: 把愤怒发泄在…上 be in a rage with sb. : 对某人大发脾气 be hot with rage: 气得发火 6. detail n. (1) 细节:  6. detail n. (1) 细节 e.g. After a cup of hot tea, she was able to tell what had happened in greater detail. I won’t go into details in the aspect because you can find all about it in your textbooks. Note: in detail: 详细地 go into details: 详细叙述,逐一说明 (v.) describe fully 祥述,详细说明:  (v.) describe fully 祥述,详细说明 e.g. She detailed in her letter every piece of furniture in her new apartment. 7. security n. safety 安全,平安,保障:  7. security n. safety 安全,平安,保障 e.g. It is the duty of the United Nations Security Council to maintain peace and order in the world. Ancient people had no security from / against natural disasters. 8. security n. :  8. security n. Suffix: -ity / -ty: “the quality or condition of being _____” adj. + ~ = n. Ex. 7 P 135 Slide19:  II. Language Points (Reference背景知识) go: become; get to be 变为,成为:  go: become; get to be 变为,成为 e.g. Father went red with anger. The milk has gone sour. You see, my hair has gone gray. 2. numb a. 麻木的,失去感觉的:  2. numb a. 麻木的,失去感觉的 e.g. The mother was numb with fear. The little Match Girl’s fingers went numb with cold. Note: numb with fear: 吓呆 numb with shock: 惊呆 numb with cold: 冻僵 3. pull out (of): (车,船等)驶出:  3. pull out (of): (车,船等)驶出 e.g. The train pulled out of the station. The driver of the car pulled out from behind the truck. cf. pull in / into: 进站,停站;到岸,靠岸 4. can’t be / couldn’t be: 不可能:  4. can’t be / couldn’t be: 不可能 e.g. It can’t be true. She must be mistaken. He can’t / couldn’t be still reading the book. I gave it to him ages ago and it’s a quite short book. Note: 表示对现在事实的否定推断 5. vague a. 模糊的,含糊的,不明确的:  5. vague a. 模糊的,含糊的,不明确的 e.g. The girl looked up, gave me a vague answer, and went back to the fashion magazines she was reading. The mountain peak is seen vaguely in the fog. 6. split (split, split) v. (1) (使)分裂,分离:  6. split (split, split) v. (1) (使)分裂,分离 e.g. She split with him after a bitter quarrel. The party was split into several small groups. Note: split with sb. : 和某人分裂或分手 split into: (使)分裂,分离 (2) 劈开,撕裂:  (2) 劈开,撕裂 e.g. My father is out splitting logs. His pants were split at the seams. (n.) 裂口;分裂:  (n.) 裂口;分裂 e.g. He has no wife to sew up the split in the trousers for him, so he asks the landlady for help. The split in the party was soon disclosed by the press. 7. bring back: restore 恢复:  7. bring back: restore 恢复 e.g. The fresh air in the mountains would bring back her strength. The doctor has brought him back to health. cf. bring back: 带回来; bring back (to sb.): (使某人)回忆起 8. contented a. 满足的,满意的,心满意足的:  8. contented a. 满足的,满意的,心满意足的 e.g. How can you be contented with such a life? He leads a contented life among his four walls of books. Note: be contented with: 满足于,以…为满足 contented a. 满足的,满意的,心满意足的:  contented a. 满足的,满意的,心满意足的 cf. be content with / to do sth. (content 满足的,满意的;甘愿的,只能做表语) contented 既可以做定语,也可以做表语。 9. cozy a. warm and comfortable 暖和舒适的:  9. cozy a. warm and comfortable 暖和舒适的 e.g. I miss the cozy evenings beside the fireplace. The fur coat will keep you cozy in winter. 10. What good is …? / … 有什么用呢?:  10. What good is …? / … 有什么用呢? e.g. What good is money to a person when he is dying? What is the good of explaining the matter to him if he turns a deaf ear to you? Note: What’s the good of …? What is the use / purpose of …? Note::  Note: be no / not much / any / some good (doing sth.): 做某事没有/ 有些用(价值);没有(有些)用(价值) 11. turn out: 出来,出动:  11. turn out: 出来,出动 e.g. The whole city turned out to welcome the Olympic heroes and heroines. The weather prevented people from turning out to watch the sports meet. cf. turn out 5,000 cars a month; He turned out to be a friend of my father’s. 12. hopeless a. 没有希望的;无能的:  12. hopeless a. 没有希望的;无能的 Note: hopeful a. 希望的 hopelessness n. 绝望 hopelessly adv. 绝望地 e.g. Their position is hopeless. With scientific progress, AIDS / SARS will stop being a hopeless disease. 13. come to: “when it comes to”) 谈到(某一点):  13. come to: “when it comes to”) 谈到(某一点) e.g. When it comes to politics, I know I’d better shut up. When it comes to repairing cars, I know nothing. Joe is not good at sports, but when it comes to arithmetic he is the best in the class. Note: to 是介词。 14. trail off: (声音等)逐渐变弱:  14. trail off: (声音等)逐渐变弱 e.g. The sound of the motorboat trailed off in the distance. Her voice trailed off to (or. into) a whisper. Before the intimidating glare of the headmaster, the young boy’s words trailed off into silence. 15. last v. 持续;耐久;够…之用,使得以维持下去:  15. last v. 持续;耐久;够…之用,使得以维持下去 e.g. How long will the rain season last? Our water won’t last long. We must find a way out of the desert. cf. – Would you like to go and see the new exhibit with us? --That’s the last thing in the world I ever want to do. (对我来说,那是不可能的事情。) 16. relive vt. 重新过…的生活;再体验,重温:  16. relive vt. 重新过…的生活;再体验,重温 e.g. She relived the scene of their good-by. She relived her school days in conversation with an old friend whom she encountered at the airport. 17. response n. (1) 反应:  17. response n. (1) 反应 e.g. The Government acts quickly in response to inflation / SARS. The medical student observed closely the response of ailing white rats to specific drugs. Note: in response to: 作为对…的反映 respond vi. respond to (2) answer 回答:  (2) answer 回答 e.g. His response to his critics was silence. My letter of complaint brought no response. 18. end up: finish; come to an end 结束,告终:  18. end up: finish; come to an end 结束,告终 e.g. He ended up (as) head of the firm. Each time she tried to argue with her husband, she ended up crying her eyes out. If you continue stealing, you will surely end up in prison. He made an attempt to work out the operating principle of the toy bird, but he ended up unsuccessful. Note: end up + n. / adj. / in/ v-ing 19. illusion n. 错觉;幻觉:  19. illusion n. 错觉;幻觉 e.g. The mirrors produce an optical illusion. She is under the illusion that a prince of charm will take her away on a white horse. III. Group Discussion:  III. Group Discussion Topics: (Analyze) the neighbors’ reaction to the mugging. Chinese-English Translation:  Chinese-English Translation 1. The local people’s response to the new security measures was enthusiastic. 2. What good will it do to argue with him if takes a negative attitude toward the whole thing? Chinese-English Translation:  Chinese-English Translation 3. Just before he was released from jail, Vingo wrote a letter to his wife asking if he would have him back. 4. The criminal was given a stiff sentence of fifteen years. Chinese-English Translation:  Chinese-English Translation 5. The door told Mrs. Nolen that her decision to move to the countryside was an intelligent one and probably had helped to a certain degree to bring back her health. 6. His room was small but quite cozy, with a fireplace, a soft chair and a sofa. He seemed contented with it. Chinese-English Translation:  Chinese-English Translation 7. The policeman asked the driver to describe the accident in greater detail. 8. Peter is not good at maths, but when it comes to sports, he is the best in the class. English-Chinese Translation:  English-Chinese Translation 1. 关于凌晨3点20分开始发生在绿树成荫、受人尊敬的中产阶级住宅区的这起事件,警方作了如下描述。 2. 她一直走到一家书店前的路灯那儿,那人才一把将她抓住。 English-Chinese Translation:  English-Chinese Translation 3. 此时,吉诺维斯小姐已拖着身子爬到公寓大楼后面。新漆过的公寓大门展现出安全的希望。 4. 他先打电话给一个朋友征询意见,然后越过楼顶到了那位老太太的公寓房间,让她打了那个电话。 English-Chinese Translation:  English-Chinese Translation 5. 警方强调指出,要跟他们取得联系再容易不过了。一位警探说:“当时只要打个电话就行了”。 Dictation::  Dictation: That night I could not fall asleep. I kept thinking over the moment when those black gloves came up to the car window. I could not remember now long all this lasted and how I escaped death. Now I know there is no way to prepare for the next time. Dictation::  Dictation: There is, after all, no intelligent response to a gun. There is only luck. The next time I might end up dead. I’m sure there will be a next time and it can happen to me at any time and at any place.

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