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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: tloughran




Collaborating for Education and Research: Why Forum IV Thomas Loughran Department of Physics Forum IV, January 22, 2011 University of Notre Dame

Our perplexing situation We are part of a very rich collaborative network of educators ● good people, good will ● considerable experience ● a history of collaboration With such a rich network, it's hard to imagine how the news about education is so bad. Yet it is. ● test scores, graduation rates, international rankings all low ● inadequate funding, short supply of qualified teachers ● accelerating change widens gaps, threatens qualifications ● challenge of 21st C skills: working the wrong problem? ● solutions raise as many new questions as they solve ○ high stakes testing, school choice, state mandates...

A remarkable opportunity Yet our resources are substantial ● research on learning advancing, action research growing ● better recognition and characterization of problems ● best practices, exemplary programs disseminated widely ● backward design produces measurable interventions ● increased collaboration around solutions ● new models of professional engagement emerging In the face of such remarkable educational need, these resources present an almost unparalleled opportunity to do a great deal of good At a crucial moment, we are in the right place

Not too heavy Michiana can become a bright light in education, a superb place to live, an economically competitive and socially thriving region This task is no harder than other great tasks ● the American revolution ● our response to Sputnik ● many tasks in science

Consider the CMS detector The Compact Muon Solenoid Detector

A two decade effort, to start with... 1990 first design proposal 2000 HS physics teachers help with design details 2001 HS juniors manufacture over 500 components 2010 signal from first collisions traffics across optical decoding units built by those Michiana students, some now out of graduate school

A two decade effort in Michiana? Human beings can make these kinds of heavy lifts, together We need that kind of effort to revitalize Michiana Collaborators are coming together on the right kind of scale Strategies for transformation are being explored What good alternative do we have? We can't stay here.

NDeRC's strategy: Integrated STEM Community Forecast at last year's Forum, linked here. Three key ideas ● Craft ● Community ● Culture Community is required to sustain the development of a craft around common activities--the STEM disciplines. The craft of education is the effective invitation into that community As the craft advances, culture deepens and guides ● making what is good, seem good ● two requirements: sustainability and connectivity

Sustainability Communities must endure to advance and transmit crafts ● promising approaches abandoned breed cynicism Need flexible stability ● a broad spectrum of engagement ● balanced dinner, every night, with different menu items Stability can be promoted in budgets: "hard money" ● a stabilizing step: ND's Director of Community Engagement ● Stability can be promoted through flexibility ● Forum III : $24K :: Forum IV : $4K

Connectivity Cultures supporting crafts do their work through contact Contact is expensive Expense threatens sustainability ● "lab space" at a premium ● "e" in NDeRC: extended = greater surface area = efficiency Efficient contact can be achieved through online connectivity ● asynchronous contact requires less expensive time ● subscribe once, make contact in least expensive times ● blogs: threads knitting together the fabric of a community Click to say yes: autosubscription to NDeRC Community Blog Read, share, comment, request, write!

Sessions and Tables Research Experiences for Teachers (RET@ND) NDeRC Institutes ● BioEYES, NANO, ASTRO, GENO, ENVIRO, ● Particle Physics Masterclass ● NDeRC Fellows Family and Neighborhood initiatives ● No Parent Left Behind, Parent University ● Home Management Resources ● College Board and other projects NISMEC - ISTEM initiatives

NISMEC and ISTEM Joe Bellina will bring people up to speed on the current state of the Indiana Science Initiative for the adoption of inquiry based instructional materials K-8. Gordon Berry will discuss (1) the State's goals for introducing the "Modeling technque" into high school physics, chemistry and biology classes, and (2) the specific workshops that are being planned by NISMEC and others for the summer of 2011. Other NISMEC teacher and student programs will also be discussed. Through her collaborations with the College Board, Karen Morris has been involved in programs that span middle-to-high school. Today, she is presenting some of the information being developed about how to engage middle school students to become successful in high school - and ultimately in college. Amanda Serenevy, Riverbend Community Mathematics Center

Indiana Recertification of Teachers Joyce Johnstone, Ph.D. ● Ryan Director of Educational Outreach in the Institute for Educational Initiatives (IEI) ● Named Professor of the Year by the Indiana Council for Exceptional Children (INCEC)

Family and Neighborhood No Parent Left Behind ● Stuart Greene and Joyce Long Home Management Resources ● Gwen DeLee, Founder ● Juanita Townsell, graduate, counselor Karen Morris ● Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry Outreach Coordinator Congressman Joe Donnelly, Indiana 2nd District

On to lunch Lunch for everyone Groups set up for elective lunchtime discussion groups Collaboration Opportunities Fair Schmitt Fellows

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