Colin King - Unintended Conesquences in Traditional Buildings 06/03/2014

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Information about Colin King - Unintended Conesquences in Traditional Buildings 06/03/2014

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: BREGroup



Colin King of BRE Wales gave this presentation at a session with the Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance (STBA) at the Ecobuild Retrofit Theatre on 6 March 2014

Unintended consequences in Traditional Buildings EcoBuild 6th March 2014 Part of the BRE Trust

#brelive Content – Unintended consequences classification – The current state of the industry – The risks of not changing current practice

#brelive Treated the same - when it should be different Courtesy of J Edwards CADW Treated differently - when it should be the same

#brelive Treated the same - when it should be different Courtesy of J Edwards CADW Treated differently - when it should be the same

Classification of Unintended Consequences

#brelive Classification – Systemic - created by the current approach to surveys, testing, and material choice – Design – the introduction of cold bridges, failure to consider ventilation requirements, wrong selection of materials. – Behaviour – the influence of the occupant on internal environments

#brelive Unintended consequences – Current assessment indicates up to 74 unintended consequences probable. – Ranging across the spectrum from health, decay I materials, lack of performance, increased risk of problems where none previously existed.

#brelive Current calculation procedure – Steady state – General weather data – No consideration for wind driven rain – No measurement of Rh of the existing wall – Limited evaluation of the actual wall construction.

#brelive Water content and hygrothermal performance

#brelive Glaser profile through wall

#brelive Three winter days 10 Temperature : C 5 Surface temperature Air Temperature 0 -5 -10 -15 -20 31-Dec 1-Jan 2-Jan

#brelive Three summer days

Current state of the industry

#brelive Workmanship issues

#brelive Industry standard details



#brelive Quality control on site

The risks of not changing

#brelive Analysis of previous projects – The properties within this original work consisted of a number of construction types, but all of solid wall, and a 3 build forms, houses, bungalows and flats, with 45% (75) being bungalows, 20% flats (32) and 35% (60) houses. – All off gas, all social housing

#brelive Roof ventilation restricted – Condensation where none existed before, no consideration of ventilation provided. – Buildings more air tight than before – Work poorly sequenced – Lack of detailed surveying before work undertaken

#brelive One scheme results – Total of 37 properties analysed, only EWI

#brelive Assessment – Process to decide that insulation is the right measure. Understanding risk, exposure, condition of wall. – Collection of the right data for the installers – Choosing the right system – moisture, condensation, wind driven rain, pollution, aesthetics including heritage

#brelive Systematic / Workmanship – Weakness in the system , over reliance on sealant – Insufficient checking of key stages – Poor installation – Lack of understanding on correct application

#brelive Final thoughts – Careful consideration of context – Whole house surveying, not just the element to be improved – Improved thought process on the links and connectivity between actions – Point of responsibility, Moisture or Thermal performance professional – The risks are too high to continue as normal

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