Cole M-R: Your New PPT Specialist Brochure

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Information about Cole M-R: Your New PPT Specialist Brochure

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: ColeMR


welcome ThisisCole,modelXXVI: AmultifunctionalUnit;includedamongthebuilt-inabilitiesYouwillfind: GraphicDesigner Illustrator Film&FXEditor Storyteller Adventurer

Functionality Unlikemostjack-of-all-tradevarieties, wemadesuretoincludeahighdegreeof proficiencyinallaspects,withthe capacitytocontinuouslyupgradeskill versionswitheachsubsequentmodel. Keynote Photoshop Final Cut Pro After Effects Branding Pitch Presentation Communication 0 25 50 75 100 FUNFACT:

Default Configuration Ahigh-funcitoningsystem,wemadesuretodomorethanjustmakeColecompatibleanduserfriendlywithawide varietyofunitsandapplications,butactuallyconfiguredthehardwaretousethemintandemwhereapplicable- creatingresultsgreaterthanthesumoftheirparts. SoWhensettotask,modelXXVIdoesn'tjustcreateaproject,butwillcraftanentireEXPERIENCEemployingresources fromallavailableutilities. ! (Unlessgivenspecificinstructionstothecontrary,whichwillbefollowedperrequest.)

Internal Clock Imbeddedintothehardwiringisadeeprespectfortime(hersand others'),whichwillcommonlytakestheformofpunctuality, excellenttimemanagement,andproductivity. FUNFACT: Itwasrecentlydiscoveredthatgoingfrom0-110%(the+10being nearpanicandbewilderment)everymorningispossibletothis sound! [Availableinfull.PptVersion] ! Thechemicalrushfromadrenalinevoidsthebuilt-insnooze function.

Viewfinder Despitethesub-parzoomontheopticalunits,thesoftware compensateswithanextremeattentiontodetailupclose. (Idealforprojectsthatdon'tinvolvefalconry!) Colealsocomeswithadd-onlenses,toimprovethe originalhardware'slackofdistance.

Language Packs CurrentlyavailableinEnglish(CDN/UK) ! ! andactivelyintheprocessofaddingSpanish(EU)andFrenchlanguageversions. comingsoon comingsoon

Version XIX Version XXI Version XXIII Version XXIV Version XXVI Finetunedvirtualmotorskillsand cognitivethinkingprotocol includedexploratoryandeducational searchengine Developedmulti-platformandunit compatibility,independentlyandwith otherunits Passed4-yearStresstest AddedonextraRAMandincreasedHDDto allowmoreuserfunctionalityandtask capacity Focusedonbrandingandmarketing improvements,withpackaging plug-ins PolishedCreativeDirectorInitiative Updatedallsoftwareplug-ins StreamlinedChasisandImprovedAnti- virus Model Update History BymodelXXVI,we'vehadover9yearsexperienceintheindustry,allofwhichhasbeen constantlyfine-tunedandstreamlinedforthebestpossibleoutput.

Misc. PATCH Notes • Forsomereasonbeyondtheprogramers'understandingXXVIhasapenchantforshinyand/orglowythings. Thisquirkhasbeen persistentthroughoutallmodels,andservesnomajorfunction. ! • ThoughproudlymadeinCanada,builtontheoldDESERTarchitecture,Coleisbeststoredatadry28ºC-36ºC. ! • Haspassedvariousdurabilitytestsincludingfallingofacliff,submittedtojellyfishpoison,beingimpaled;takingabarbell totheface(theexternaladd-onopticsatthetimeshatteredthough. Theyhavesincebeenreplaced)andhavingalotofbrothers. WeareproudtosayXXVIstillmovesand(mostly)lookslikenew! ! • Wehavenotbeenabletosolvetheissuewiththisunit'ssatiationalwaysbeingsettohungry. ! • ModelXXVIknowswhatthefoxsays.

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