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Published on August 7, 2007

Author: Nickel


Global Water Stewardship and The Coca-Cola Company:  Global Water Stewardship and The Coca-Cola Company GEF International Waters Conference Salvador, Brazil June 24, 2005 Dr.Daniel Vermeer Director, Global Water Initiative The Coca-Cola Company The Coca-Cola Company:  The Coca-Cola Company Headlines to the Bottom Line:  Nine million Chinese Face Drinking-Water Shortage April 3, 2005 Bottled Water Plant Runs into Opposition April 7, 2005 -Central Coast, Australia Headlines to the Bottom Line Slide4:  Water Availability: 1975 Water Availability: 2000 Water Availability: 2025 Sub-national Water Availability: 2003 Slide5:  'As we enter the Twenty-First Century a global water crisis is threatening the security, stability and environmental sustainability of all nations, particularly those in the developing world.' - UN World Water Development Report, 2003. Freshwater in Crisis 'Water is the main ingredient in every product… and is also a limited natural resource facing unprecedented challenges from over-exploitation, increasing pollution and poor management.' - The Coca Cola Company SEC 10-K Report, 2004. Our Global Water Initiative :  Our Global Water Initiative Assess and mitigate current system risks Build collaborative water strategy for the system Design andamp; implement solutions Establish platforms for leadership Risk Assessment methodology:  3 kinds of outputs Customized maps Risk profiles Risk Reports Risk Assessment methodology 3 lines of analysis Geo-spatial analysis Comprehensive water survey and quantitative risk modelling Holistic assessment Slide8:  Geospatial Analysis – E.g. Africa Divisions Plant Locations, Production, and Water Use Ratio Relative to Annual Renewable Freshwater Supply Per Capita Sources: ISciences, LLC; University of New Hampshire; and, Oak Ridge National Laboratory South Africa Namibia Botswana Angola Zambia Mozambique Madagascar Zimbabwe Comoros Tanzania Dem. Rep. of the Congo Rep of the Congo Kenya Ethiopia Sudan Egypt C. A. R. Chad Niger Nigeria Cameroon Gabon Mali Ghana Côte D’Ivoire Liberia Sierra Leone Guinea Mauritania Morocco Algeria Tunisia Libya Senegal Eritrea Djibouti Process inputs - 2005 Water Risk Survey:  Process inputs - 2005 Water Risk Survey Survey – Table of Contents 1.0 Production Facility Location and Management 2.0 Water Supply 3.0 Water Infrastructure Issues 4.0 Water Use and Production 5.0 Water Quality and Treatment 6.0 Wastewater 7.0 Environment and Social Context 8.0 Conclusion and Feedback Background on risk categories:  Background on risk categories Watershed –sustainability and quality of water resources for the region. Supply Reliability – region’s institutional capacity to provide water to the industrial, agricultural, and domestic users. Efficiency – ability to sufficiently maximize the available water resources in meeting the needs of all users. Supply Economics – direct costs of water, including municipal water cost, fees, taxes, treatment, penalties, and related loss of production/revenue. Trends in water pricing are noted where readily identifiable. Compliance –compliance with Company and external standards and regulations are analyzed. Trends in water regulation and key legislation are noted where readily available. Social/Competitive – awareness of and conflict regarding water issues in a specified region, including the likelihood of targeted TCCC activity. Slide11:  Division #1 Risk Profile – risk contributors Sample Output – to be validated Our Water Stewardship Destination:  Our Water Stewardship Destination Improve Plant Performance Launch Community Initiatives Help Protect Watersheds Make a Global Difference Support the protection of watersheds in water-stressed regions where we operate. Help enable access to clean drinking water in underserved communities where we operate. Be the most efficient industrial water user in our peer class. Work with others to mobilize the International Community. Illustrative Community & Watershed Projects:  Illustrative Community andamp; Watershed Projects African Devt Bank/TCCC projects (TBD) USAID/GDA - Global Partnership TSUNAMI RECOVERY - WATER SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT & REHABILITATION Indonesia/Maldives/Sri Lanka/Thailand:  TSUNAMI RECOVERY - WATER SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT andamp; REHABILITATION Indonesia/Maldives/Sri Lanka/Thailand PARTNERS: UN Foundation UN Agencies (UNDP, UNICEF) Coca-Cola Divisions and Bottlers Local/National Governments Local Communities and Stakeholders PILOT PROJECTS (Under development): Thailand: Water Resources Management on Lanta Island Construction of check dams and irrigation ponds Household wastewater treatment Upgrade reservoir to distribute potable metered water Indonesia: Hydrological survey of freshwater resources followed by holistic water/sanitation initiatives in select communities Sri Lanka: Water/sanitation initiatives in Sustainable Communities program in conflict north and eastern regions affected by tsunami Maldives: Water/sanitation projects as part of Adopt an Island program RAINWATER HARVESTINGIndia:  RAINWATER HARVESTING India PARTNERS: Central andamp; State Groundwater Authority Local Municipal government Village Committees Local NGOs PROGRAM ELEMENTS: Rainwater harvesting – NGO specialists execute project Surface runoff: Check dams, Johads (ponds), Wells, Roads, storm water drains etc Rooftop runoff: with or without catching surface run offs BENEFICIARIES: Over 100,000 people benefit by either increased availability of ground water or reduced decline in ground water level. Many villagers/ community also benefit from awareness campaigns Rainwater Harvesting BAWADI RECONSTRUCTION (Step Well, Surface Water Reservoir) India:  BAWADI RECONSTRUCTION (Step Well, Surface Water Reservoir) India PARTNERS: Rajasthan Ground Water Dept. Village Committee Local community NGOs PROGRAM ELEMENTS: Repairing embankments Reworking catchments Restoring civil structures Desilting over 4 underground floors BENEFICIARIES: 3000 local villagers directly benefit from using water for daily needs Thousands more indirectly benefit Before After Baawdi Reconstruction During COMMUNITY WATER & SANITATIONMali:  COMMUNITY WATER andamp; SANITATION Mali PARTNERS: USAID Local Bottler Minister for Environment andamp; Sanitation West Africa Water Initiative Local community PROGRAM ELEMENTS: System investment in wastewater treatment Provision of community access to clean water for drinking and household garden irrigation Education and awareness raising programs on water, hygiene, sanitation, health BENEFICIARIES: Residents of Bamako, Mali WATERSHED PROTECTIONBolivia:  WATERSHED PROTECTION Bolivia PARTNERS: USAID Coca-Cola Bottling partners Protección del Medio Ambiente Tarija Centrode Promocion de Tacnologias Sostenibles Local community PROGRAM ELEMENTS: Support local conservation efforts Introduce best management practices in agriculture and clean production options in industry Develop new local policy initiatives Increase stakeholder participation BENEFICIARIES: City of Tarija and nearby communities serviced by the Sama Biological Reserve (~145,000 people) Potential Partnership Opportunities:  Potential Partnership Opportunities Get to know each other and build trust. Identify and evaluate specific regional projects for collaboration. Understand and leverage each other’s assets around shared objectives. Slide20:  Aspiring to be a responsible global citizen that makes a difference

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