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Published on December 6, 2007

Author: Samantha


COINS:  COINS Fighting Illicit Trade of Stolen Coins Background:  Background Importance of coin trade, legal and illegal Internet Google search for “coin trade” gives 15.800.000 hits eBay “Ancient coins” reports 16.635 items (reaching almost 50.000 if the search includes the German, Italian, French and Spanish translations). An American source estimated (New York Times, 17 September 1989) in $1 billion the value of coins traded annually Application of the 1970 UNESCO Convention and of the 1993 UNIDROIT Convention requires the capability of identifying in a doubtless way the object Difficulty of controlling all Internet transactions Difficulty of controlling auction sales Project goal:  Project goal To create a set of tools to facilitate image-based automatic coin recognition, consisting of: A standardized data management tool a standard data model, CIDOC-CRM compliant an Open Source data management system for coins, with provisions to speed up image acquisition a mapping tool from existing data structure to the COINS data model, based on AMA, with a base template for partners’ data structures and guidelines/editing tools to add others a multilingual thesaurus for numismatics, including sentences present in quasi-standardized text descriptions as those currently used by numismatists a domain-specific ontology based on CIDOC-CRM digital reference collections of “abstract” coin types, storing items with features (e.g. preservation status) which make that coin suitable as optimal representative of its class; they will also include for each item the values of relevant parameters defined in the image recognition research as coin “digital signature”. A coin automatic recognition tools, based on images A specialized web search tool A set of guides to good practices Project operational objectives:  Project operational objectives To define a “digital signature” for coins allowing a virtual marking of individual items; To build a domain ontology and a multilingual thesaurus for numismatics; To define a standard for coin inventories, and provide a mapping/conversion scheme from current data structures; To make a coin data management system, based on standards, freely available to interested parties; To set up a reference collections framework, and build sample ones for testing and demonstration in significant cases; To set up image recognition tools tailored for coin classification and identification; To incorporate a web search engine into the system; To assemble the above modules into a turnkey system to be used by police officers for preventing and repressing illicit coin trade, at least in the two identified scenarios; To produce appropriate documentation, guidelines and dissemination material; To disseminate the results of the project beyond its partnership Partners:  Partners PIN - University of Florence (coord.) Technical University of Vienna ARC Soprintendenza Archeologica di Roma Comando Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio Vartec NV Culturale Muzeul National de Istorie a României Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge Duration and funding :  Duration and funding Duration 1 February 2007 - 31 January 2009 Funding 820.000 € First results expected end 2007 All results Open Source Project open to access of new partners GANNT CHART:  GANNT CHART Workpackage 1: Management and Control:  Workpackage 1: Management and Control Lead partner: PIN WP1: Objectives:  WP1: Objectives To guarantee an effective management of the project To guarantee monitoring of the project progress To guarantee timely delivery of products To guarantee high quality standards To guarantee fair participation of partners in decisions To guarantee timely reporting WP1: Description of work:  WP1: Description of work Agree on Consortium Agreement & IPR Nominate the Steering Committee Nominate the Technical Coordinator Implement Internal Review mechanisms Manage internal communication for monitoring and control Assess and deliver reports and deliverables WP1: Tasks:  WP1: Tasks Nomination of Steering Committee and external reviewers (Mo1) Preparation of project management policies: rules of conduct, management committees and positions, reporting policies, quality control policies, risk and contingency policies and IPR policies (Mo6) Summary report of activity transmitted to PO (Mo6 and Mo18) Preparation of reports (Mo12 and Mo24) Review and assessment of project by participants (Mo12 and Mo24) Mid-term assessment involving PO, and check of status of the following tasks (Mo12): Management policies (from WP1) Draft domain ontology, multilingual thesaurus and mapping template. Workshop preparation (WP2) Analysis of users’ needs. Preliminary version of the data management tool (WP3) Design of web search tool (WP4) Design and preliminary version of Image Recognition tool (WP5) (No tasks for WP6 and WP7 to be completed in year 1) Kick-off meeting; web site; project brochure; other presentation/dissemination material; presentation/dissemination activity; mid-term workshop (WP8) WP1: Deliverables:  WP1: Deliverables D2 Interim management report, including updates of Plan for using & disseminating knowledge, and report on raising public participation and awareness (Mo12) D3 Interim report on work, integrating contribution from all workpackages (Mo12) D14 Final management report, including assessment on work including internal evaluation results (Mo24) D15 Final plan for using and disseminating knowledge including plan for raising public participation and awareness (Mo24) WP1: Milestones and expected result :  WP1: Milestones and expected result Milestones M1 Network management policies in force (committees, CA, TC, IPR agreement, referees, etc.) (Mo2) Expected results Effective management of the project. Delivery in time High Quality Timely reporting Partners’ satisfaction w/regard to partnership management WP1: Resources and partners’ effort:  WP1: Resources and partners’ effort Time schedule Workpackage 2: Standards and inventories:  Workpackage 2: Standards and inventories Lead partner: VARTEC WP2: Objectives:  WP2: Objectives To define the domain ontology To define the (onto)-thesaurus To define the mapping of current data management systems to the standard one (based on the domain ontology and CIDOC-CRM compliant) WP2: Description of work:  WP2: Description of work Standardization of numismatic data structures Definition of domain ontology Analysis of terminology Definition of (onto-)thesaurus Mapping of current data structures to the standard CIDOC-CRM compliancy WP2:Tasks:  WP2:Tasks Definition of draft domain ontology (Mo12) Definition of draft multilingual thesaurus (Mo12) Definition of draft mapping template (Mo12) Workshop on the domain ontology and multilingual thesaurus (Mo12) Final version of domain ontology (Mo14) Final version of multilingual thesaurus (Mo14) Final version of mapping template (Mo14) WP2: Deliverables:  WP2: Deliverables D4 Domain ontology Mo14 D5 Multilingual thesaurus Mo14 D6 Mapping template Mo14 WP2: Milestones and expected results:  WP2: Milestones and expected results Milestones: M2 Workshop on the domain ontology and the multilingual thesaurus Mo12 Expected results: Availability of the tools Domain ontology Thesaurus Mapping Good acceptance by the scientific community Ontology Numismatics WP2: Resources and partners’ effort:  WP2: Resources and partners’ effort Time schedule Workpackage 3: Documentation and reference collections:  Workpackage 3: Documentation and reference collections Lead partner: SAR WP3: Objectives:  WP3: Objectives To produce a documentation system scientifically correct and usable by museum to manage coin collections, in view of their traceability and containing all the information to be used in case of theft. To build with the system an initial set of reference collections according to the directions of numismatists (most relevant types of coins) and police (most subject to theft). Such a system will be used as test and for demonstrators. WP3: Description of work:  WP3: Description of work Analyse users’ need in term of functionality Receive in input the results of WP2 & WP5 Create Coins Archive Management tool Create initial reference collections Test the tool Deliver the final version of the tool Open access to reference collections WP3:Tasks:  WP3:Tasks Analysis of users’ needs (Mo6) Preliminary version of the data management tool (Mo12) Working version of data management tool (Mo15) Final revised version of the data management tool (Mo18) Final version of the reference collections (Mo18) WP3: Deliverables:  WP3: Deliverables D7 Tool for coin data management Mo18 D8 Report on reference collections Mo18 WP3: Milestones and expected results:  WP3: Milestones and expected results Milestones M3 Release of data management tool and publication of reference collections Mo18 Expected results Availability of a good and easy to use tool, whose use will be demonstrated in the final part of the project Reference collections accessible on the web WP3: Resources and partners’ effort:  WP3: Resources and partners’ effort Time schedule Workpackage 4: Numismatic web search tool:  Workpackage 4: Numismatic web search tool Lead partner: PIN WP4: Objectives:  WP4: Objectives To prepare a web search tool adapted to the special needs of the project WP4: Description of work:  WP4: Description of work Analyse existing Open Source web search engines Choose the most suitable to project goals Personalise functionality and parameters WP4:Tasks:  WP4:Tasks Design of web search tool (Mo12) Prototype of web search tool (Mo12) Implementation of web search tool (Mo15) Test and revision of web search tool (Mo18) WP4: Deliverables:  WP4: Deliverables Numismatic web search tool (including interface for stand-alone use and results of test) Mo18 WP4: Milestones and expected results:  WP4: Milestones and expected results Milestones M4 Delivery of web search tool Mo18 Expected results a tool tailored to numismatic needs, taking into account current practices for coin trade web advertising, integrating text search and image analysis. Such a tool may be a valuable aid by itself. WP4: Resources and partners’ effort:  WP4: Resources and partners’ effort Time schedule Workpackage 5: Image recognition:  Workpackage 5: Image recognition Lead partner: TU-WIEN WP5: Objectives:  WP5: Objectives To build efficient image-based algorithms for coin classification and identification To implement such algorithms building software modules WP5: Description of work:  WP5: Description of work Analysis of current research on Image Recognition Definition of effective algorithms for Coin Recognition Creation of tools for Classification Identification Tentative directions for coin digital signature WP5:Tasks:  WP5:Tasks Design of Image Recognition (IR) tools (Mo6) Preliminary version of IR tool (Mo12) Test of IR tool (Mo15) Completion of IR tool (Mo18) WP5: Deliverables:  WP5: Deliverables D10 Image recognition tools (classification and identification) as software modules, including user interface for stand-alone use. Mo18 WP5: Milestones and expected results:  WP5: Milestones and expected results Milestones M5 Availability of IR tools Mo18 Expected results Availability of a recognition tool providing substantial help in coin recognition classification identification WP5: Resources and partners’ effort:  WP5: Resources and partners’ effort Time schedule Workpackage 6: Integration of modules:  Workpackage 6: Integration of modules Lead partner: PIN WP6: Objectives:  WP6: Objectives To create packages with a friendly user interface for current use in the relevant use scenarios WP6: Description of work:  WP6: Description of work Assembling different modules: Classification of an unknown coin Identification of a coin comparing it with those of an inventory; in particular, with an inventory of stolen ones Searching datasets for a given, known coin; in particular, searching the Internet (as opposed to searching, e.g., digital auction catalogues) Study the conditions to use such integrated packages on portable devices and in difficult work conditions Make the above available with a user-friendly interface and in several languages Consider integration with relevant existing archives WP6:Tasks:  WP6:Tasks Activity will start since the beginning and continue through year 1 The tasks may be summarized as: Package integration (Mo21) WP6: Deliverables:  WP6: Deliverables D11 Integrated Image-based Coin Recognition package Mo21 WP6: Milestones and expected results:  WP6: Milestones and expected results Milestones M5 Availability of integrated CR packages Mo21 Expected results a set of integrated packages corresponding to the needs of law enforcing institutions museum collection curators and facilitating the search of stolen coins the identification of suspect ones WP6: Resources and partners’ effort:  WP6: Resources and partners’ effort Time schedule Workpackage 7: Best Practice Guidelines:  Workpackage 7: Best Practice Guidelines Lead partner: UCAM-FITZ WP7: Objectives:  WP7: Objectives To provide directions for the community of law enforcement organizations and collection curators for best use of the tools created by the project WP7: Description of work:  WP7: Description of work Creation of “Guides to good practice”, i.e. documents explaining how to carry on current activities and use the project tools effectively Preliminary tentative list: Managing inventories Traceability of items How to search stolen coins How to ascertain the source of a coin WP7:Tasks:  WP7:Tasks Design of guides (final list, format, typesetting, table of contents, etc.) (Mo14) Preparation of guides (Mo20) Revision and publication of guides (Mo21) WP7: Deliverables:  WP7: Deliverables D12 Complete set of “Guides to good practice” Mo21 WP7: Milestones and expected results:  WP7: Milestones and expected results Milestones M7 Publication of guides Mo21 Expected results Availability of a a set of “light” handbooks for dissemination and for raising awareness in the stakeholders community WP7: Resources and partners’ effort:  WP7: Resources and partners’ effort Time schedule Workpackage 8: Dissemination and demonstrators:  Workpackage 8: Dissemination and demonstrators Lead partner: PIN WP8: Objectives:  WP8: Objectives To disseminate the project results To setup and use a demonstrator for dissemination and for continuation of the activity beyond the project temporal scope WP8: Description of work:  WP8: Description of work Dissemination Organize events Kick-off Public presentation to media Mid-term workshop Final event Attend events Create a demonstrator WP8:Tasks:  WP8:Tasks Kick-off meeting (Mo1) Preparation of the project web site (Mo3) Preparation of project brochure (Mo3) Preparation of other presentations & dissemination material (Mo3) Dissemination at various external events (Mo12) Mid-term workshop (Mo12) Preparation of demo (Mo22) Dissemination activity (lectures, papers, presentations etc.) according to dissemination plan and/or emerging opportunities (Mo23) Final event (Mo23) WP8: Deliverables:  WP8: Deliverables D1 Project Presentation (including report on web and brochure) Mo3 D13 Demonstrator (as web service and/or off-line demo) Mo22 WP8: Milestones and expected results:  WP8: Milestones and expected results Milestones M8 Availability of the demonstrator M22 Expected results Increased awareness of the relevant community and, in general, of the public Stimulation to adoption and support for take-over WP8: Resources and partners’ effort:  WP8: Resources and partners’ effort Time schedule

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