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Published on November 15, 2016

Author: TaejinYiCFACAIAFRM


1. CoinluckCoinluck Smarter assets. Intelligent money.

2. Coinluck is a financial technology company focused on empowering the individual and opening the financial industry. We see your phone, your home. everyday devices you own, together will form a single network that’s fast, efficient and flexible and between it all is smart money applications that enable your money to do what it does best — getting things done. Making money work

3. A new generation means a new way of doing things but how we use money remains the same. At Coinluck we believe this is changing as we speak with the rise of affordable technology. This means more access to affordable and smart money services through the internet and mobile devices. Financial inclusion is what the tide has brought in and we are here creating software to better serve you. Turning the Tides

4. Coinluck is a tech company that is dedicated to creating innovative and practical financial products for everybody. We focus on unmet demand and provide access to sound financial services in a clear and timely manner. Swift & Simple Software

5. Money should be distributed. That is why we’ve created systems that run on a peer-to-peer system rather then a centralized service model. We want you to be your own bank and seemlessly and directly connect to your financial network, creating a more flexiable and efficent asset market. Distributed Financial Systems

6. With our backgrounds in finance, engineering and design we hold the products we craft to the highest standard. We believe that in financial innovation — not marble office buildings on Wall St — are the cornerstones of establishing trust. Finovation

7. We want to empower everybody financially. At Coinluck, we work everyday to build game-changing financial tools that empower you to play on the same turf as the big players. We do it with simple and easy- to-use intuitive tools that cut out the fat. We’re a new type of bank - and proud of it. Because in our world, your in control of your assets. Cutting out the middlemen

8. Open access to a more fair financial market could be one of the best available tools for individual wealth creation, with potential annual returns of around 10%. Our mission is to empower this new generation to take greater ownership in their financial future, which we believe can help shrink the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots” and lead to a healthier, more robust global economy. Democratize Financial Services

9. Borrowing and lending money is simple with Kemoim. Create and join circles of people and be your own bank. We take all the complication out of money. Find better rates than credit cards and invest in groups you trust. Make it easy to make money out of your assets. If you have anything of value you can easily assess the amount you can borrow against it from a real-time marketplace. Simply borrow & lend Monitize your assets

10. First meeting in Singapore at a fintech competition, they began to see a shift in how people use money — and thus the idea to form Coinluck was born. They soon ventured back to South Korea to begin working on democratizing financial services. Their goal has always been to serve the underserved and to fill the market where there is a need, Our Story Taejin Yi Myunghoon Kang Adrian Pollard CEO Development Design

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