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Published on September 7, 2007

Author: Spidermann


The Finnish Graduate Schools and Centres of Excellence in research- views from the inside:  The Finnish Graduate Schools and Centres of Excellence in research - views from the inside Bjarne Holmbom Coimbra Group Annual Conference, Turku/Åbo, 1 June 2007 GS´s and CoE´s in Finland:  GS´s and CoE´s in Finland Two innovations in Finland Started in 1995 Some personal experiences and views Graduate Schools in Finland:  Graduate Schools in Finland Ministery of Education / Academy of Finland Small scattered groups - National and international networking Old PhD´s – median 37 years Better, more organised supervision Better science in Finland Graduate Schools in Finland:  Graduate Schools in Finland Applications - evaluations Now 124 schools 1458 student positions Twice as many as in 1995 Support for four years, about 1800 €/month Graduate School in Chemical Engineering:  Graduate School in Chemical Engineering Åbo Akademi University Helsinki University of Technology Lappeenranta University of Technology University of Oulu 26 laboratories Slide6:  30 paid student positions Additional students with support from other sources Individual research and study plans Annual individual progress reviews Slide7:  Annual Seminar Yearbook Progress report Annual Prize General Seminar Intensive courses Support for participation in international courses and conferences Development 1995 - 2006:  Development 1995 - 2006 Much more doctors 1985 349 1995 765 2006 1409 49 % women ! Average age still too high median value for 2002: 32.9 (natural sciences) – 42.8 (pedagogical) Has quality improved ? Too many doctors now ? Better doctors ?:  Too many doctors now ? Better doctors ? Generally, not too many now, but – maybe too many in some disciplines Too few, independent entrepreneur-type doctors (?) Ready for work in the private sector, including spin-off enterprises Balance in Education:  Balance in Education Specialised, discipline- related skills General, transferrable skills Graduate School problems:  Graduate School problems Transparent and fair selection of students Too old students taken in Supervision variable – quality too Education mainly for the academics Too high demands in Finland ?:  Too high demands in Finland ? 5 refereed international publications + 40-50 page summary Courses 40 + 20 ECTS PhD degree in 4 years achievable for less than half of the students Quality andgt;andgt;andgt; Quantity Development of Graduate Education 2007-2011 (Min. of Educ.) :  Development of Graduate Education 2007-2011 (Min. of Educ.) Supply and demand of doctors in balance Quality and quality control Larger, but fewer schools International networking - cooperation and mobility Joint degrees 20% foreign students in 2012 Centres of Excellence in research:  Centres of Excellence in research Academy of Finland Raising the goals and quality standards of Finnish research Increase international competitiveness and exposure Increase the esteem of research Promote interdisciplinary research CoE organisation:  Open to all disciplines One or more high-profile research groups 1995-1999 by appointment Open calls National evaluation International evaluation CoE organisation To become a CoE:  To become a CoE At, or very close to the international cutting edge in their own field Share a clear set of objectives Work under the same management University or research institute Centres of Excellence in research:  Centres of Excellence in research 2000 26 2002 16 2006 23 2008 18 Too many for a population of 5.3 million ? CoE Fields:  CoE Fields Recently appointed (2006 and 2008) Biosciences 18 Other Natural and Technical 13 Other 10 Slide19:  Four groups at Åbo Akademi Molecular Process Chemistry Towards understanding of industrial processes and products at the molecular level 2000-2005 2006-2011 Slide20:  CoE Funding:  CoE Funding Academy of Finland Host organisations of units Other sources of national and international funding PCC Funding 2000-2005:  PCC Funding 2000-2005 AoF ÅA Slide23:  Good synergy - broader views More focus on science – much more international publications More visibility and respect Some free money - more innovative research Free money for scientific adventures:  Free money for scientific adventures Science is like adventurous searching in a vast forest Trying to understand Nature´s Wisdom created by the Evolution in the trees - at the molecular level Trying to find treasures - - - Treasures can be found:  Treasures can be found I found a Knots: Nature´s richest source of bioactive polyphenols knot HMR from spruce knots:  HMR from spruce knots Cooperation Univ. of Turku - ÅA Inhibits the growth of breast cancer Strong antioxidant Hormos Medical Inc., Turku 1997 - US-FDA approval as dietary supplement in May 2004 Slide27:  Recent research has shown that plant lignans have a positive influence on the development of breast, prostate and colon cancer which rely specifically on oestrogens in order to progress. On the market In 2006 Slide28:  ÅA PCC appointed Marie Curie Training Site 2002-2006 Research visits to PCC by doctoral students in EU EC funding 240.000 € – 96 visitor months 19 students Poland 6, Romania 6, Spain 2, UK, Sweden, NL, Bulgaria, Czech Rep. Marie Curie Training Site The Johan Gadolin Scholarship:  The Johan Gadolin Scholarship Support to the Process Chemistry Centre from the Åbo Akademi Foundation for three years To sponsor visits to ÅA by PhD students and PostDocs, from all over the world Open call soon - - - Hoping for Coimbra Group students and PostDocs - - - Who was Johan Gadolin ?:  Who was Johan Gadolin ? 1760 – 1852 Professor of Chemistry 1797 – 1822 at The Royal Academy of Turku / Åbo Isolated yttrium oxide, thus finding the first so-called rare earth metal compound The element 64 found in the late 19th century was named Gadolinium Final messages:  Final messages Try to identify and then support ambitious groups / individuals having visions – mission – passion Provide them with space for growth Some free money to do what they like to do Save them from administrative duties

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