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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: jasoncondon



Handout from the 2014-02-20 Regional Cohort Gatherings for church planters on the East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

Special “Full Day” Cohort Gatherings Wed Feb 19, 10:00am - 4:00pm NY/NJ Metro Cohort & Friends Thu Feb 20, 10:00am - 4:00pm New England Cohort & Friends joining in both Wed & Thu Mid-Atlantic Cohort Contact & Quick Info | links are clickable in blog post and pdf at Jason R. Condon Associate Superintendent & Director of Church Planting, East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church • • (860) 479-2020 • (Cohort handouts and resources posted here) • • • Quick-Start Guide to ECConf Church Planting • "Understanding Church Planting on the East Coast Conference" (or handout-understanding-church-planting.html) seminar handout introducing concepts & strategy • "What Are We Looking For in A Church Planter?" (or ) - an overview of what we value in a church planter and his or her ministry • "Church Planter Identification Process" (or - an overview of how we assess church planters and pursue church planting within the East Coast Conference and the Covenant Main Topic | A Discipleship “Mini-Conference” featuring Don Schiewer & Eli Hernandez • The penultimate installment of our in-depth & far-ranging “Discipleship Series” this Cohort Season! (with the capstone happening at our ECConf Church Planters Retreat in May) Welcome! • A Special Welcome to all the pastors, staff, leaders, and guests joining in today! • Our Purpose: “ ncourage, equip, and multiply church planters e for a sustaining church planting movement” • Open in Prayer • Quick Intros: 1) name, 2) ministry setting 3) why you’re here today 4) a person who “discipled” you Gathered Discipleship Resources | • this online shared folder is where we’re hosting the various resources and materials from this entire Cohort “Discipleship Series” and will remain as a permanent link • we’ll add to the folder as the series continues, so continue sending stuff our way! • latest additions: Notes & audio from Sentralized Conference & City Collective Resources QR Code Special “Full Day” Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ • Greater Boston/New England • Mid-Atlantic February 2014 | page 1 of 8

Seasoned Discipler & Planter, Newly Planting on ECConf: Dust Covenant Church, Blacksburg VA Don Schiewer | Part 1: Principles of Discipleship Contact Info • • 540-750-6052 • Notes: Special “Full Day” Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ • Greater Boston/New England • Mid-Atlantic February 2014 | page 2 of 8

Seasoned Discipler & Planter, Newly Planting on ECConf: Charm City Cov. Church, Baltimore MD Eli Hernandez | The Spiritual Discipline of Physical Health Contact Info • • 410-961-4778 • Notes: Special “Full Day” Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ • Greater Boston/New England • Mid-Atlantic February 2014 | page 3 of 8

Don Schiewer | Part 2: Practices of Discipleship Notes: Special “Full Day” Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ • Greater Boston/New England • Mid-Atlantic February 2014 | page 4 of 8

Additional Notes: Special “Full Day” Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ • Greater Boston/New England • Mid-Atlantic February 2014 | page 5 of 8

Wrap-Up | Take-Aways & Next Steps Application | Whole Church Discipleship • Draft an updated “Normal & Natural Pathways” plan for Discipleship in your church • integrate your learning and insights from our entire “Discipleship Series” (including today) • see for simple planning doc • whatever approach you use, create some type of written description for yourself and your leaders • Come prepared to the All-Church Planters Retreat: • Your Church: to share & debrief your Whole Church Discipleship philosophy and plan • Our Family: to offer one or two suggestions of what and how to more faithfully measure this vital area of “healthy missional vitality” across all our church plants Application | Whole Body Discipleship (Team Effort!) This is completely voluntary. If you choose not to opt-in, you won’t need to participate or receive any of the follow-up resources (though obviously it’ll be difficult to completely shield yourself from the conversations, efforts, and mutual support of those involved :) • Initial Commitment: • Start: Ash Wednesday, Feb 5 (two weeks from now) • Duration: Season of Lent, Feb 5 – April 17 Ash Wednesday to Holy Thursday (day before Good Friday) • Initial Expectation • Opt-In: Receive and share relevant resources (which you can then use to make meaningful plans...) • Goal Setting: Your Personal Ones • Create Simple Health Goals • Create Simple Health Plan • Support & Accountability: • Peer Support: be active in sharing, encouraging, and holding one another accountable to each others’ personal goals and plans. See this as a team effort to ensure individual success • Measure Fruitfulness: (based on your personal goals, not someone else’s) • 1st Milestone: ECConf Annual Meeting (includes outing to Jason’s, about 20mins from Trinity) • 2nd Milestone: Church Planters Retreat • Final Milestone (officially): Aug/Sept Cohort Gatherings • with simple check-ins and opportunities to share along the way • “So, what (if anything) could I do today?” ❏ if ready, make the commitment to join in (and also pray for one another in this area) ❏ if not ready (which is fine), make the commitment to genuinely pray and seek counsel • For ECConf Church Planters, there’s be an opt-in survey at our Private FaceBook Group • follow-up resources will begin next week for those who jump in. • “I’m committing to what I checked above”, signed: _______________________________________ Special “Full Day” Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ • Greater Boston/New England • Mid-Atlantic February 2014 | page 6 of 8

Together & On Your Own | Over-Determine Success for Your Physical Health Discipleship • Rough Ideas: Let’s do our own brainstorming, then refine as a group through online conversation • For more info, see: & Motivation Ability 1. Make the Undesirable Desirable 2. Over-Invest in Skill Building (Surpass Your Limits) 3. Harness Peer Pressure 4. Find Strength in Numbers 5. Design Rewards and Demand Accountability 6. Change the Environment Per son al Soc ial Str uct ural Special “Full Day” Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ • Greater Boston/New England • Mid-Atlantic February 2014 | page 7 of 8

Mark Your Calendar Coming Events | subscribe now at MARCH | NO Cohort Gatherings March 1 Deadline: Spring COMS Paperwork MAY (continued) 2014 All-Church Planters Retreat: • Contact Alicia: • Committee on Ministerial Standing (COMS) is necessary for entering credentialing process, 3 year check-ins, and final-prep for ordination Church Planter Training Intensive • Wed March 11, 6pm – Mon March 16, 12pm • Location: Chicago • for new Covenant Church Planters (“Recommended”, still pre-Launch Stage) COMS Interviews • Tue March 18 – Wed Mar 19, 2 hours in Berlin CT (only attend for small time block on 1 day) • Committee on Ministerial Standing (COMS) is necessary for entering credentialing process, 3 year check-ins, final-prep for ordination APRIL | MAY | NO Cohort Gatherings NO “Regular” Cohort Gatherings ECConf Annual Meeting • Thu-Sat, May 1-3 • Trinity Covenant Church, Manchester CT • All Church Planters expected to attend Assessment Center (Hartford, CT) • Thu May 15, 12pm – Sat May 17, 12pm • Invitation Only: for church planter candidates sufficiently advancing in assessment process • Next AC: Thu Sept 18, 12pm – Sat Sept 20, 12pm. Candidates should be engaged in assessment process at least six months prior to be considered for an invite Coaching Calls • We’ll send specific reminders, but feel free to schedule as needed: • there are always times available for 2-3 months out Full Calendar for East Coast Conference • Visit, subscribe through Google Cal, iCal, or other app • Entries labeled “Church Planting” are specifically for church planters, rest for ECConf pastors in general • “Programmed” Retreat Time: • Tue Lunch, May 20 – Fri Lunch, May 23 • this is the priority time to be fully present (covers originally reserved Cohort Dates) • Location: Resort in the Berkshire Mountains • Cost: approx. $300-400 per pastor • Covers lodging, on-site meals, snacks, materials • Spouses: free option at end of the week • Sabbath & Recreation Options (Highly Rec’d): • Come Early, Stay Late! Have units Sun May 18, 4pm – Sun May 25, 10am (Mem. Day Weekend) JUNE | NO Cohort Gatherings Gather 2014 (Cov. Annual Meeting), Chicago IL • Mon June 23 – Sat June 28 (come for some or all) SUMMER FELLOWSHIP & FUN Pilgrim Pines Kids & Family Camps Lake Swanzey NH, • Take advantage of this unique & powerful ECConf evangelism, discipleship, and renewal resource! • Wide variety of programming. Can join in with other churches and church plants for shared experience • Scholarships available, including full scholarships for first-time church planter families at Family Camp • “Magnet Weeks”: Enjoy Camp Together! • Jason’s family will be at Family Camp for Week Two, July 5-12, Speaker: Judy Peterson • Others?: Anyone already have a week? Feel free to share if you’d like others to overlap with you! IDEA: Aug 1-2, Backyard Camping at Jason’s Special “Full Day” Cohort Gatherings | NY/NJ • Greater Boston/New England • Mid-Atlantic February 2014 | page 8 of 8

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