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Published on January 3, 2008

Author: Pravez


Slide1:  “USNORTHCOM 101” DETER  PREVENT  DEFEAT  MITIGATE Protecting Americans Where they Live and Work COL Andy Cohen Acting Director USNORTHCOM Washington Office Overview:  Overview Where we’ve come from Who we are What we do What we don’t do Where we’re headed Summary Questions Where we’ve come from – a look back:  Where we’ve come from – a look back Slide4:  Where we are now Who we are - U.S. Northern Command:  Who we are - U.S. Northern Command Gen. Eberhart A regional unified command for homeland defense ARNORTH NORTHAF MARFORNORTH NAVNORTH JOINT TASK FORCE CIVIL SUPPORT JOINT TASK FORCE 6 CMOC ACC FORSCOM MARFORLANT CFFC/LANTFLT NORTHCOM’s Mission:  NORTHCOM’s Mission Conduct operations to deter, prevent and defeat threats and aggression aimed at the United States, its territories, and interests within the assigned area of responsibility; As directed by the President or Secretary of Defense, provide military assistance to civil authorities including consequence management operations. Homeland security & Homeland defense:  Homeland security & Homeland defense Homeland Security National, team effort Fights against terrorism Homeland Defense Protects territory, sovereignty, population and infrastructure. Interagency coordination:  Interagency coordination Federal Military Who-does-what – and when:  Who-does-what – and when FEDERAL STATE LOCAL Actions since October 1, 2002:  Actions since October 1, 2002 Hurricanes Lili and Isabel Washington, D.C. Sniper 2 State of the Union Addresses Space Shuttle Columbia Various Multi-agency Exercises Wildland Firefighting Winter Talon and Capital Hill Ricin Incident Current Actions:  Current Actions Homeland Defense Ground Based Missile Defense Maritime Interdiction Operations CONPLAN 2002 Homeland Security Interagency Security Planning Effort National Security Special Event Support Military Assistance Wildland Firefighting Hurricane Season Summary:  Summary Regional Combatant Command Homeland Defense MACA NORTHCOM FOC 11 Sept 03 11 Sept 03 FOC is not the Endstate Establishing and maturing relationships New and expanding mission sets DETER  PREVENT  DEFEAT  MITIGATE Protecting Americans Where they Live and Work Slide14:  In the forefront is the American eagle, symbolizing our great nation and our commitment to national security. Representing peace and war are the olive branch and arrows held in the eagle’s talons. There are 13 leaves on the branch and 13 arrows, signifying the first thirteen states. The eagle's head is turned toward the olive branch, indicating our desire for peace. On the eagle's chest is a shield, a warrior’s primary piece of defensive equipment. The 13 alternating red (courage and fortitude) and white (peace and sincerity) bars on the shield represent the 13 original colonies. The chief (the upper part of the shield), in blue, embodies the colonies’ strength, vigilance and perseverance. The chief holds 13 six-pointed stars, a reference to the six-pointed design from General George Washington's personal flag. This flag was flown during his winter encampment at Valley Forge. General Washington had a personal protection force, which consisted of a few hand-picked men from each of the colonies. This special guard carried these colors. The symbols from the Washington flag are a reminder of the efforts of the Continental Army, who served as our nation's first military organization to free and protect our homeland.  The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, provided the impetus for the formation of United States Northern Command to defend our homeland. A depiction of United States Northern Command’s area of responsibility is in the background, shielded by the eagle. On the area of responsibility are three gold stars, signifying each of the attack sites of September 11, 2001. These gold stars pay tribute to those who lost their lives, reminiscent of the Gold Star Mothers and Widows who lost family members in service to our nation. The "gold star" tradition began in World War I when white service flags were displayed from homes, businesses, schools and churches. These flags contained blue stars, representing loved ones serving in the military. Gold stars stitched over blue stars subsequently showed those who gave their lives for our country, and the devotion and pride of their family. The five stars at the top of the crest represent the five services: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. The stars are eight-pointed, signifying the eight points on a compass, and symbolizing our mission to counter the global threat of terrorism. The stars are lined up over the area of responsibility, depicting the umbrella of protection that United States Northern Command provides North America. The outside rings of red, blue and red with the white lettering of the Command's name are representative of the colors of the Nation and our national flag.

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